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5-Bedroom Homey and Modern Texas Barndominium by Ryan Cobb

Barndominiums have gained popularity because they are stylish, efficient, and economical. These metal buildings with living quarters have many advantages over traditional stick-built homes.

Moreover, turning a barn into a home can be significantly cheaper than conventional houses due to the lower cost of materials and construction. Barndominiums are typically built with steel framing and metal siding, which is much cheaper than wood.

Of course, the total cost still depends on the other materials used for interior and exterior finishes. Nonetheless, many people are seeing the potential of barndominiums as an affordable housing option.

Today, we’ll look at Ryan Cobb’s modern and homey barndominium and get inspired by its chic and contemporary design.

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Modern TexasBarndominium Exterior

Ryan Cobb’s barndominium features a gray metal exterior with a corrugated roof. This look emits an industrial feel, while the stone details on the lower part of the exterior give it a more natural look. The front yard also has plenty of potential for landscaping to boost curb appeal.

Exterior with unfinished wainscot

The upper rooms have fixed windows allowing for natural lighting and ventilation. Aesthetically, these add to the sleek look of the building. Meanwhile, the ground floor has cottage-type windows, which allow homeowners to let in more air if they want to.

Close-up of black barndominium

The exterior of the barndominium is further enhanced by its clean, simple lines and lack of embellishments. This creates an elegant and modern look that Cobb can further customize to suit his taste.

Far shot of Modern Tennessee Barndominium

Ryan Cobb’s modern barndominium is framed with steel, which makes for a very sturdy construction. One of the top benefits of barndominiums is their durability. They can withstand heavy rains and high winds, which is why they’re ideal for those who live in hurricane-prone areas.

Another great thing about their exteriors is that they don’t require much maintenance. You won’t have to worry about repainting or re-shingling the roof every few years.

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Modern Texas Barndominium Interior

Living Area

Barndominium Living Room with white painted walls and high ceiling

Don’t let the industrial exterior fool you. Once you’re inside, this barndominium treats you to a modern and sleek home.

The neutral colors give a homey feel that would make anyone feel at ease. The living room area has a fireplace for a cozy night in, or you can watch your favorite show on the mounted flat-screen television.

Living Room

Barndominiums offer more space than conventional homes. The living area in a barndominium is often an open concept design, giving the feeling of having more space. This type of floor plan is ideal for entertaining guests or spending time with family.

Barndominiums also typically have high ceilings, making the space even more open and airy.

Ryan Cobb’s barndominium even has enough space for a piano and other decorations. This is one of the best things about this type of home – you can have a lot of space for different purposes.

Unfinished Fireplace
Electric fireplace

You have the option to put a traditional or electric fireplace in your living room. It all depends on your personal preference. You can also put a bar in this part of the room for entertaining guests.


Open concept living room and kitchen

The kitchen is usually open to the living area so you can cook and socialize at the same time. The Ryan Cobb barndominium has plenty of room for a dining table, or you can use the breakfast bar for quick meals.

Kitchen and dining area
Dining area

The kitchen is equipped with stainless appliances and granite countertops. The wooden floor, tables, and chairs perfectly complement the industrial aesthetic of these furnishings.

Kitchen, island and dining table

The wooden X near the ceiling reveals the humble beginnings of Ryan Cobb’s modern and homey barndominium. On the plus side, we think it gives the space a unique personality. We also appreciate the use of classic white subway tile on the backsplash and around the stove area.

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Master bedroom

When it’s time to retire for the evening, you have your choice of five bedrooms. The master bedroom has a cozier feel with its plush carpet floor and king-sized bed.

Guest room

The second bedroom is perfect for guests. It’s equipped with its own little kitchen as well as living and dining areas. As such, you can invite relatives to stay with you for an extended vacation or open your barndominium for paid accommodation.



The bathroom has a standard-sized tub where you can relax after a long day. Its matted, tiled floor matches the sink’s granite countertop to give the room a modern and luxurious feel.

Double sink bathroom vanity

The double-sink is convenient for more than one person to get ready in the morning, and there’s plenty of storage space for toiletries.

Build Your Own

This homey modern Texas barndominium by Ryan Cobb is a beautiful example of how these unique properties can be both stylish and functional. Barndominiums are becoming increasingly popular, especially in rural areas that offer a more affordable option for those looking to build their own home.

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