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Stylish, Functional Glen Rose, Texas Barndominium

This stylish, functional Glen Rose, Texas Barndominium covers 11 acres in the country and is composed of a house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a shop that any handyman or hobbyist would surely drool over. It does a superb job of combining lovely furnishings and decorations with a highly functional home.

Images were posted by Tammy Perry McCoy


Stylish, Functional Glen Rose, Texas Barndominium  exterior

There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles on this barndominium, but nevertheless, it has a very attractive look. It has a simple rectangle barn shape with a peaked roof. A porch wraps around the front and side of the house to present a cozy look as you approach. 

Stylish, Functional Glen Rose, Texas Barndominium  at night

Both the house and porch trim have a simple white and green color scheme that look great. Green on the bottom few feet of the house really draws the look together. Double doors and a wide picture window along with plenty of charming porch decor and little tables make this home look very inviting. 

Stylish, Functional Glen Rose, Texas Barndominium  lake

At night, porch lights draw you in and make this space incredibly charming. It is grassy in front and backs up onto a grassy field surrounded by forest. In front of the house is a pretty little lake.

Living Area

This home features an open concept living area with a bar dividing the kitchen from the living room.

Absolutely gorgeous ceilings take advantage of the full height of the peaked roof and create a lovely rustic effect. Recessed lighting in the ceiling help to spread light throughout the large space.

Imitation wood floors also draw the rustic feel and colors from the ceiling down. White trim and light grey walls contrast against the darker ceilings and floors to make this space seem bigger. A gorgeous ceiling fan with white fan blades serves as a signature piece in the lovely ceiling. 

It is in the living room that the picture window visible from the porch creates a centerpiece. From it, you have a lovely view of the forest. In the corner, a TV sits over a charming natural stone fireplace. A large area rug ties the entire space together. 


The same grey walls and imitation wooden flooring from the living space extend into the lovely kitchen. A simple bar with black bar stools divides the kitchen from the living area. 

Bright light wood countertops work well with the white cabinets to offer contrast and style to the space. Plenty of cabinets provide lots of storage despite this not being a particularly large kitchen. 

An old-fashioned pantry door makes even the pantry into a lovely showpiece. The cabinets end just short of the ceiling, offering room for decorations to draw the eye up. Plenty of light is provided by the recessed lighting in the ceiling and a large window over the sink. 


The bathrooms aren’t complicated, but they draw in the same sense of style that can be found in the rest of the house. In the guest bathroom, white tile with black grout really pops against the shower wall. 

The floor is an elaborate tile pattern that works with the white of the walls and the black accent pieces in the shelving, mirror, and faucet.

Natural wood cabinets under the sink and gently whitewashed siding along the wall help to draw texture and a rustic feel from the rest of the home into the bathroom.

The other bathroom, the master bathroom, features his and her sinks and medicine cabinets. The sinks are sunk into a gorgeous marble countertop.

Gently whitewashed grey cabinets and medicine cabinets create a lovely synchronized effect. The walk-in shower features beautiful natural wood-imitation tile on the walls and a pebble-style tile on the floor and on the built-in seat. 


The bedrooms are simple, cozy, and comfortable. The guest bedroom utilizes a large cowhide rug as a signature piece for the room.

Pillows are black and white with a lovely floral design while the sheets and blanket are yellow, creating a pretty contrast that works perfectly with the black and white cowhide rug. 

The master bedroom also takes advantage of a large area rug to create definition for the room. This area rug is an ornate pattern rather than a hide. This bed also features a gorgeous design on the comforter, and the color scheme is navy and white.

A cute hutch between the two windows features family photos as well as storage. The natural wood of the hutch and the bedstands match the floor and draw a rustic feel from the rest of the house into the master bedroom. 

Closet and Laundry Room

This clever barndominium features a large walk-in closet that is around 8 ft by 8 ft, off of the master bedroom.

The huge patterned area rug covers the entire floor. Directly off of the closet, a laundry room can be accessed from a pocket door. This is a wonderfully practical idea that allows the homeowners to go from laundry to closet in one smooth step. 

Work Area

The work area in this barndominium would be the envy of any craftsman. Two large garage-style doors provide plenty of access for any kind of equipment. 

The work area takes advantage of the full high of the ceiling and length of the building, offering a huge amount of room for all kinds of storage and ongoing projects. 

Stylish, Functional Glen Rose, Texas Barndominium Has it All

This lovely barndominium offers the best of all worlds, with plenty of function built into the design to make it a dream home as well as plenty of style to make it the envy of any guests who happen to come over. If you are looking for ideas to create your own practical, stylish barndo home, the Barndolife ebook is packed with ideas.