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Summertown Tennessee Barndominium | 3-Bedroom Home with Incredibly Amazing Elements

Today’s featured Tennessee Barndominium is designed by Keri and Adam Daugherty. This barndo is an incredibly well-put-together piece of American architecture and we can’t wait to show you some of the amazing elements that have come together to create this home. If there was ever a home that showed what was possible with a barndominium, this is the one.

Summertown Tennessee Barndominium Exterior

Summertown Tennessee Barndominium Exterior

View with Garage
Barndominium Front View

The exterior of this Tennessee Barndominium is incredibly striking right off the bat. The amazing wraparound porches and entryway are accented by the natural wood of the supporting pillars. Right away, these give off a feeling of organic warmth that can be missing from a steel building. With this one, though, it works incredibly well.

Barndominium Entrance

The large designer windows that adorn the front entrance are another very unique feature that we haven’t seen used anywhere else. The interesting angles that these windows sit at give off a feeling of grandeur and expansiveness that lends itself very well to the barndominium look. Not only that, they let in so much beautiful natural light and really help to warm up the inside of this Summertown Tennessee barndominium.

Main Entrance with Kitchen View

Awning Woodwork with Antler Chandelier

While the porch is interesting enough from the outside, as soon as you get under the awnings, that is when they really take your breath away. The beautiful woodwork of the porch pillars and ceilings work so well with the light and airy white paint job on the exterior facade. They have that natural charm of a country cabin while still maintaining a modern, luxurious feel.

Before we have even entered this Tennessee barndominium, we are noticing little design touches that make this home so unique. The antler chandelier that marks the entryway is such a unique element and we think it says a lot about who designed this home and what their entire aesthetic is all about.

Barndominium Exterior White Walls

Summertown Tennessee Barndominium Interior

Living Area

Summertown Tennessee Barndominium Open Space Area with Fireplace

The outside of this Tennessee barndominium is incredibly exciting, but the inside is a work of art. The large, grand fireplace features beautiful stonework that carries on that organic touch that begins on the exterior. It also helps accent just how tall the ceilings are and gives this front living area an amazingly extravagant feel.


If there is one thing this Tennessee barndominium does well, it’s getting a lot out of small details. The stained and finished wood that lines the ceiling of this hallway does so much to add to the look and feel of these smaller parts of the home. The designers of this barndo really understand the importance of attention to detail.

Fireplace view from the mezzanine
Barndominium Interior view of entrance and staircase

That same wood finish carries through to the second-floor balcony as well. The doors on the interior also feature that same heavy and ornate finish that looks so beautifully at home in this Tennessee barndominium. By having these touches throughout the otherwise light and airy living space, it gives these areas a cozy, homey feel without making it feel small.

Stairs to second floor and pantry


Summertown Tennessee Barndominium Kitchen

Just like the rest of this Tennessee barndominium, the kitchen is incredibly well-designed and appointed. One of the most incredible elements, though, is the recessed lighting underneath the balcony for the second floor. This is such an elegant and clever way to get lighting on top of the kitchen itself. Plus, there is recessed lighting under all the cabinetry, giving the entire kitchen a warm glow that matches this home so well.

Kitchen with overhead cabinets and stainless appliances

All the appliances in this Tennessee barndominium are stainless steel and beautifully polished for a modern, contemporary feel that is a perfect offset to the classy, opulent feel of the rest of the home. This is a kitchen that is meant to be used and it shows in the heavy-duty feel of the equipment.



Upstairs bedroom
Master bedroom

The bedrooms feature a lot of that same finished wood on the ceiling that matches with the hardwood flooring and offsets the pristine white shiplap walls. Everything in this Tennessee barndominium is meticulously designed and the Daughertys clearly understand how to make a room feel large and comfortable at the same time.

Master Bedroom

The bedrooms also have incredibly well done sliding barn doors on the entrances to the bedrooms that add so much charm and character. Not only are they a space-saving device that is meant to hold on to more usable space in a room, they are also incredibly interesting features that we think work so well with the overall look of this Tennessee barndominium.


Master bathtub

Master bathroom sink, closet, and shower
Master bathroom tub, shower, and sink
Master shower

The bathrooms are also wonderfully appointed with hardwood flooring and more of that fresh white paint on the walls. One of the most incredible things about the bathrooms in this Tennessee barndominium, though, is the stained wood printed tile in the shower. This mirrors the wood on the ceilings and second-floor balcony and does such a great job of bringing everything in this home together and onto the same page.

While the owners of this home knew what they wanted, most people who decide to build their dream barndominium never know where to start. And those who are already building commit mistakes that cost them more time, money, and other resources repairing. The great thing is you can get the Barndominium Life Program to guide your barndominium journey, from planning until the time you move in.