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Building a Barndominium in South Dakota | Your Ultimate Guide

A custom home built from the ground up is one of the biggest projects you can take on as a DIY enthusiast. The idea of building your own home from scratch is something that everyone considers at some point in their lives and a few even go on to actually do it. While it might seem like building your own home should be something that you could accomplish, you may have looked into it a little bit more and hit a few roadblocks. The cost of a project like this can be huge and there are so many things you have to take into consideration. If you’re not fully prepared to deal with all the costs and challenges, your home project could be dead in the water before it even begins. That’s why building a barndominium in South Dakota might be the perfect project for you.

barndominium in south dakota exterior

Whereas building a traditional home can be extremely expensive, a barndominium is much more affordable and accessible for people who are perhaps not as wealthy or don’t have the resources that other people might have. With alternative housing like tiny homes and vans becoming more and more popular, a barndominium in South Dakota could be the solution you have been looking for. 

In this article, we have laid out everything you need to know to get started on your barndominium in South Dakota. If you finish this guide and you want even more insider information from the pros, check out the ebook, Build Your Dream Barndominium by Don Howe.

What Is a Barndominium and What Are Some of the Advantages? 

A barndominium is a home that is built from the structure of a metal pole barn. While these types of structures are usually reserved for agricultural or storage purposes, they make a great shell for a home and can be built into almost any style that you want. A barndominium in South Dakota can have as many modern additions as any other home and has a lot of different advantages. 

One of the main advantages of building a barndominium in South Dakota is the ease of it. Barndominiums can be much simpler to build than a traditional home and can take a much shorter amount of time. While many traditional homes can sometimes take years to be built, a barndominium in South Dakota can usually be built in around 6 months. This takes the strain off you for a number of reasons and makes the whole process more accessible. 

barndominium in south dakota exterior

One of the other benefits of building a barndominium in South Dakota is the fact that it is much cheaper. Because of the aforementioned ease of construction, you can save a lot of money on the actual build itself. This opens up room in the budget for all kinds of things that you want to include in your custom dream home. Your barndominium in South Dakota could have all the designer elements you want like granite countertops and custom cabinetry, which you might not otherwise be able to afford. 

Cost of Building a Barndominium in South Dakota

When you are budgeting out the price for your barndominium in South Dakota, it is important to understand how it is done. A home is usually priced by the square foot as a way of figuring out what the cost is going to be. Luckily, you will know this number from building the metal pole structure to begin with. By understanding just how much your barndominium in South Dakota will cost per square foot, you can budget for things you want to include like appliances, electronics, and more. 

The cost of building a traditional home in South Dakota will vary on a few different factors. However, on average it will be around $330 per square foot. It is important to remember that this price only includes the cost of the initial construction. It will not include things like wiring, insulation, or any of the things that make a shell of a house into an actual home. Because of this, you will have to have some room in your budget for these essential tasks. 

barndominium in south dakota exterior

The cost of building a barndominium in South Dakota, on the other hand, is quite a bit less. On average a barndominium will cost around $210 per square foot to build. This is quite a bit cheaper at around 35% less to build this kind of home. This is one of the reasons why building a barndominium in South Dakota might be a better option for people who are first-time home builders or buyers. 

Barndominium Builders in South Dakota

One of the most important things you will have to consider when building a barndominium in South Dakota is who you are going to hire to do the actual construction. Finding the right builder is going to be a key decision and make all the difference in how your home building project is going to go. The construction industry is such a wide ranging and varied business that it can be difficult to know who you should go with. Luckily, there are a few things you can look out for that will be indicators of who will be a good choice. 

One of the number one things to look for is a builder who has experience. Not everyone has built a metal pole barn before, so this is something that you should always look out for. In fact, there are a number of construction companies that specialize in this specific type of building. Those are the companies that you will want to hire when building a barndominium in South Dakota. 

You will also want to find a builder that has a good relationship with their previous clients. Building a barndominium in South Dakota as a home is an incredibly personal and important job. You will want to find a builder that understands this and wants to help you build the best possible home for you and your family. That’s why we have put together a short list of some of the best barndominium builders in South Dakota.

Reaves Buildings

Reaves Buildings specializes in building barndominiums specifically. This is a fantastic feature for any barndominium builder to have. They will be able to help you out with any possible questions and really know the ins and outs of this type of project. 

Rigid Global Buildings

Rigid Global Buildings have been building steel structures in South Dakota for many years and they know everything there is to know about this type of building. If you want to work with a builder that has the kind of knowledge and experience to ensure that your project runs smoothly, they could be a great choice. 

Lester Buildings 

Lester Buildings have been in business since 1947 and since then, they have built structures all across the United States as well as South Dakota. If you want a company that will be able to work with you to create something truly unique, their experience is second to none. 

Barndominium Kit Providers in South Dakota

Not everyone is interested in the idea of building a barndominium in South Dakota completely from scratch. If this describes you, a barndominium kit provider may be the answer you are looking for. A barndominium kit is a great way to get everything you need in one convenient package. If you don’t want to spend time sourcing materials and getting everything together, this could be a great option for you. 

Barndominium Financing in South Dakota

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Plains Commerce Bank

Plains Commerce Bank offers financing for all kinds of agricultural projects and hobby farm builds. They have the knowledge and skills to help you find the lending you need for your barndominium in South Dakota. If you want to work with a bank that has dealt with projects like your before, they could be a good choice. 

BankWest South Dakota

BankWest South Dakota is an agricultural bank that does lending for all kinds of projects such as a barndominium in South Dakota. Their lenders know what it’s like to be taking on a building project like this and will be able to help you get everything together for it. That can be a huge help when you are already taking care of so many things at once. 

Where to Find Land for a Barndominium in South Dakota

One of the things you will have to look for before you even start thinking about building a barndominium in South Dakota is the piece of land you are going to build on. The land you get will be integral to how your barndo turns out and it should be in a place where you want to live and a good location for integrating into your life. 

Make sure you find a piece of land that is zoned for residential purposes. You should also ensure that it is accessible to things like utilities and emergency services as well. Having these things in place first is highly recommended and will help speed the entire process along. 

Barndominium Floor Plans in South Dakota

Barndominiums for Sale in South Dakota

Don’t want all the hassle of building a barndominium from the ground up? Then you may want to buy an existing barndominium in South Dakota! With our Barndominiums for Sale Marketplace, you can browse to your state and find a barndominium for sale near you.

The beauty of buying an existing barndominium is that it can be really easy to customize the floor plan to your liking. The previous owners’ setup is just a starting point! Also, by buying a barndominium in South Dakota, you bypass the potential troubles of the building process – delays, dealing with contractors and subcontractors, and city or county bureaucrats trying to make your build process a nightmare.

Don’t delay – find a barndominium for sale in South Dakota now!


Now that you have read this guide, you should have a better understanding of what it takes to build a barndominium in South Dakota. By getting a handle on the whole process, you can move forward on your own armed with the correct knowledge. If you would like even more information from the experts, be sure to check out the ebook, Build Your Dream Barndominium by Don Howe.

If you would like more guides like this one, check out the rest of There, you will find more helpful tips and tricks from the pros. You will also find featured barndominiums, barndominium floor plans, and information on financing and insurance. Knowing as much as you can will help you get the best results for your dream home.