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The Absolute Best 5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans

If you’re looking for a place where you can stretch out and relax with all the room you need for you and your family, these 5 bedroom barndominium floor plans are a perfect choice. These barndos will give you plenty of space for playtime, entertaining, family gatherings, and even a home office.

Even if you’re relying on a professional to develop barndominium floor plans for your home, it’s still important to ensure that it works for the needs of your lifestyle. You’re the one who knows best how you live your everyday life, and your input is crucial to ensure you end up with the home of your dreams.

5 bedroom barndominium
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We find that many couples prefer to take the reins and design their own floor plan. This gives them much better control over the process, and today’s programs make it easier than ever to create a layout that you’ll love for your forever home.

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Five Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan – Things to Consider

Before you dive in and commit to a floor plan, make sure that you’ve taken the time to think about how you plan to use the home. Here are a few important things you might want to consider.


Whether you’re hosting a birthday party for your kids, a cocktail night for your friends, or a lavish sit-down dinner for the holidays, many people need ample space for entertaining. But more than that, they need the space to be able to function in a way that makes their guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Make sure you have guest bathrooms available off the common areas of your house so that your visitors don’t have to walk through too many private rooms to use the facilities.

two woman standing beside woman sitting in front of table

Many floor plans have an open concept design, which is great for allowing you to still spend time with your guests while putting the finishing touches on your meals in the kitchen.

However, it can also be hard during times like Thanksgiving or Superbowl Sunday when the lack of separation between rooms can make it difficult to carry on multiple conversations. There are certainly ways to work around this type of situation, but it’s something to be aware of regardless.

Business Needs and Hobbies

One fantastic thing about many of these floor plans is that they’re perfect for people who have home businesses or hobbies that require a lot of space.

Depending on your needs, you may want to add a large garage or workshop to your design plans if you like to tinker around with cars or if you have a passion for woodworking.

man sawing in room

Similarly, if you need an indoor crafting space or a spot for a home office, make sure you have a room that can be used just for that in a quiet area of the house. It can be an extra bedroom that’s been repurposed or a dedicated office that’s all yours, but you want to make sure it has everything you need to function for your lifestyle.

How to Build Your Own Barndominium & 200+ Floor Plans

Get started today with our program "Barndominiums Made Easy: How to Build Your Own Barndominium" and get 200+ barndominium floor plans included!

Play Areas

If you’re interested in layouts for 5-bedroom barndominiums, chances are your family is on the larger side. To ensure that everyone is happy in the new home, consider having a dedicated space for the kids to play.

This may be a loft area that they can claim as their own or a separate playroom that’s near their bedrooms.

smiling boy sitting on orange slide during daytime

Make the playroom big enough for all of their toys when they’re young, while still allowing room for things like TVs and gaming systems when they’re a bit older. Having a corner with tables or desks that can be used for homeschooling for study time would also be a huge benefit.

Outdoor Living Space

Having a beautiful porch or patio can extend the living space you have in your home, which is especially true if you live somewhere with nice weather year-round.

For many families, having an outdoor entertaining area is a top priority.

Installing a pool, an outdoor kitchen, or just relaxing on a deck overlooking your land is a perk that shouldn’t be underestimated.

white and multicolored beach ball

When drawing up your plans, be certain to account for the orientation of the house on your land to ensure that you’re taking full advantage of any beautiful natural views you might have.

For many homeowners, allowing space in their budget to build out their decks and patios is money well spent.

5 Bedroom Barndominium Kits

If you’re looking to start building your barndominium, one of the first things to do is to get a quote for the metal shell or barndominium kit. By using the quote service below, you’ll get connected with a barndominium kit provider within a few hours at most. Prefabricated barndominium kits mean that the metal shell that makes up your barndo is produced off-site, then it’s brough to you for erection and assembly. While some builders will help you order the barndominium kit, we suggest doing it separately to avoid a potential markup on the barndominium kit.

That’s it! By using the tool above you’ll get connected with a kit provider for 5 BedroomBarndominium Kits.

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans with Pictures – Get Inspired with These Floor Plan Ideas

After you’ve taken the time to think about all of the layouts and features you want in your home, browse through these five-bedroom floor plans to get even more inspiration.

3424 Sq Ft 5 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Barndominium Example 1 – LP-1008


This barndominium with garage is perfect for a big family, or those who love to have guests over. It also has a room for an office, which can be converted to a playroom or craft room, whichever suits your family’s needs. An open-space living room and kitchen is spacious enough for a gathering indoors. A small garage is attached and the huge master bedroom is on the opposite side.


Buy LP-1008 here

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans with Garage Example 2 – PL-62101

This spacious layout has a huge workshop on one end of the home, plus a separate craft room with dedicated closet space. Mom and dad can both have their own places to play with a layout like this, plus there’s still plenty of space for the kids with open family areas and generous bedroom sizes.

View PL-62101 Here

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan Example 3 – PL-62102

You’ll have plenty of space to park your cars and have fun with your hobbies with this 45’x30′ garage attached to the home. With another separate hobby room, you don’t have to worry about anyone’s projects getting in the way. On the other end of the house is a game room that will keep the kids entertained and happy.

How to Build Your Own Barndominium & 200+ Floor Plans

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View PL-62102 Here

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans with Playroom Example 4 – PL-62103

We love this layout that separates the master bedroom from the other bedrooms for privacy. The kid’s bedrooms are centered around a large playroom, giving them the perfect spot to let their imaginations run wild as they play. Outside, a huge porch overlooks a playground area, which will be a great spot for them to spend time outdoors and burn off some energy in the process!

View PL-62103 Here

How to Build Your Own Barndominium & 200+ Floor Plans

Get started today with our program "Barndominiums Made Easy: How to Build Your Own Barndominium" and get 200+ barndominium floor plans included!

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan Example 5 – PL-62104

five bedroom barndominium floor plan with game room

Two separate game rooms make this layout perfect for families with some younger and some older children. The younger ones can spread out their toys and have a blast while the older kids have their own space to retreat to with their friends for gaming or to watch movies. In the evenings, a large living room and kitchen will help bring everyone together for family time.

View PL-62104 Here

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans with Loft Example 6 – PL-62105

five bedroom barndominium floor plan with loft

If you love the idea of a loft in your home, this is a great floor plan. The master bedroom is located on the lower level while the other 4 bedrooms are all spaced out on the top.

Jack and Jill baths are located on each side of the top bedrooms to make sure that no one in the family will be fighting for bathroom time in the morning, and the 17’x19′ common loft area is a great place for the kids to take over for their activities.

View PL-62105 Here

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans with a Porch Example 7 – PL-62106

five bedroom barndominium floor plan with front porch

If you don’t have it in the budget to splurge on huge outdoor living space, this cute little porch on the front of this home will still give you the perfect spot to relax at the end of a long day.

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Another great perk of this layout is that each bedroom has its own dedicated bathroom, making it ideal for older kids who have returned to the nest, or elderly parents who are living with their kids. Everyone has their own space with plenty of privacy when needed in this floor plan.

View PL-62106 Here

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan Example 8 – PL-62107

This layout is hitting a lot of bases with us, which is one reason why we love it! Not only is there a huge covered patio that extends the length of the house, but it’s also got a good-sized garage, a playroom, and a separate office! This is a one-floor plan that would work for almost any family who loves the barndominium lifestyle.

View PL-62107 Here

5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plan Example 9 – PL-62108

If you love porches, this is the layout for you! Perfect for those who have spectacular views all around and just can’t pick a side, the front, and back porches open up to the common living spaces, which would make them natural extensions of your home when it comes to entertaining. For a bit more privacy, three of the bedrooms look over side porches, while the study off the master bedroom opens up to its own porch.

View PL-62108 Here

Design Your Own 5 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans

If these 5 bedroom barndominium floor plans have sparked your interest in creating your own, we’ve got some great design software that can help you make your dream come true. Even if you don’t have any experience in design or architecture, it’s a fun and easy way to create your own layout, which you can then see at the end with 3-D modeling.

For more information on how to get started building your own home, get the Barndominium Life Program! Filled with helpful tips on everything from budgeting to managing subcontractors during your build, we will guide you through the construction process from start to finish.


Five-bedroom barndominiums are perfect for large families or those that need a lot of space, but you still want to make sure the home is built to suit your needs. Make a list of all the features and ideas you want your home to have, and be sure they’re incorporated into the final floor plan for your forever home.

For more information, including design inspiration and helpful tips and tricks, be sure to buy our e-book and subscribe to our email list. We’re constantly creating new posts to help barndo lovers everywhere build the home of their dreams easily and within their budget.

If you would like more guides like this one, check out the rest of There, you will find more helpful tips and tricks from the pros. You will also find featured barndominiums, barndominium floor plans, and information on financing and insurance. Knowing as much as you can help you get the best results for your dream home. 

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