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Building Your Dream Barndo: Barndominium Floor Plans That Will Amaze and Inspire

Introduction to Barndominium Floor Plans

Whether you’re building a vacation home or your “forever home” the barndominium is a great option. Durable, cheap to build, and in style, we cannot imagine a better place to live for decades to come. You may be asking, however, “what’s the best barndominium floor plans out there?” or “How do I pick a barndominium house plan?”

barndominium floor plans

The answer is much like anything else: it depends. Some barndominium floor plans are built for giant families, and others are built for empty-nesters. Some are in between!

In this article, we’ve explained what you should consider when purchasing barndominium floor plans for a new build.

Then, we’ve highlighted tons of examples of barndominium floor plans to get inspired. Barndominium floor plans with a shop, floor plans with loft, garage, or even a small barndominium.

If you’re looking to build a barndominium, read on!

Barndominium Floor Plans – Things to Consider

Before we jump in and show examples of the top barndominium floor plans, you should take stock of what you’re looking for. A big mistake we see many families make is choosing a barndominium floor plan without considering their lifestyle, the land they own, and closets and storage needs.


A really active family with three kids under nine and multiple pets needs a different barndominium layout than an empty-nester couple about to retire. More than just a space issue, consider the layout and how close or far apart you want the bedrooms. If you have kids who are into sports or video games, consider their late-night escapades. Of the factors that contribute to whether your floor plan fits, lifestyle is easily the most important to consider.

Space Needs

When designing and building your dream barndominium, space planning is of the essence. You’ll probably naturally consider things like how many family members you have or how many pets you have.

What may be more important to consider, however, are hobbies and extracurricular activities that your family takes part in. Does mom like to sew and have multiple sewing stations around the house? Does dad go fly fishing and need to have a fly-tying workbench to tie flies? All of these are questions you should answer before you consider your barndominium floor plans.

Traffic Flow

When you’re designing the layout of your barndominium, consider your usual traffic flow throughout the house. If you’re bringing in groceries from the garage, how do you get to the kitchen? Or, if you need to do a couple of loads of laundry, how far will you have to walk in order to get to the kitchen? The last thing you would want is to be walking across your barndominium to do simple tasks that usually go with each other.

Maximize Your Land

Does the land that your barndominium sits on have a lake or a really great view of the sunset? A major consideration when building your barndominium is maximizing the land it sits on. In order for your barndominium to retain its resale value, its best to make sure it has great amenities like a nice view. Even if your land doesn’t have a lake or stream, making sure your barndominium doesn’t hit weird lighting angles is important.

Barndominium Floor Plans with Pictures – Get Inspired

Now that you’ve considered how your lifestyle will impact the barndominium floor plans that are best, let’s move on to some real-world floor plans. Here are some examples of the best barndominium floor plans available anywhere. Whether you’re looking for a barndominium floor plan with a shop or garage or any other type of add-on, we’ve got you covered.

Barndominium Floor Plans With Shop

Barndominium with Shop

Below are some examples of barndominium floor plans with a shop. A huge draw of building your barndominium with a shop is for convenience.

If you work in the trades, what could be better than commuting to work with a coffee mug in tow and your robe on? And when you’re finished for the day, all that’s needed to go home is to take off your hard hat come into your kitchen.

Here’s one of the best barndominium floor plans with shop we’ve seen around

Barndominium Floor Plan Example 1 – PL-61501


This one is 100×45 and features 3 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths, and a small loft. The first thing you’ll notice on the floor plans is the MASSIVE shop! This is huge for anyone looking to have a work area part of their home.

View PL-61501 Here

50×100 Barndominium with Shop

Here’s another awesome barndominium floor plan with a shop. This one is 50×100 and features a giant garage for the gentleman’s trailer, Tritoon, and smoker. Plus a couple of vehicles.

Barndominium Floor Plan Example 2 – PL-61502


Last, here’s an awesome 40×70 barndominium floor plan with shop that a gentleman on Facebook put together.

View PL-61502 Here

40×70 Barndominium Floor Plan with Shop Example 3 – PL-61503

40×60 Barndominium Floor Plan with Shop

40x60 barndominium floor plan

This 40×60 barndominium with a shop is one of the most recognizable barndos to anyone who’s been on Pinterest or Facebook groups about them. We were able to recreate the floor plan for this barndo – sign up for our mailing list to receive the non-watermark version of it!

Here’s another look at the exterior of the barndominium.

40x60 barndominium with shop

And here is the long-awaited floor plan for this luxury barndominium. To get sent the high-definition, non-watermarked version of this floor plan sign up for our mailing list.

Barndominium Floor Plan Example 4 – PL-61504

floor plan for 40x60 barndominium with shop

View PL-61504 Here

Open Concept Barndominium Floor Plans

Open Concept Barndominium

One of the most attractive features of the barndominium is that nearly all of them have an open-concept floor plan. Open concept floor plans are all the rage these days, and for good reasons.

They allow the space between the kitchen and the living room to be completely free of barriers that get in the way of talking and entertaining. For anyone looking to build a new home, barndominium or not, open concept floor plans are a great idea.

If you’re struggling to come up with an open-concept floor plan for your barndominium, here are some great examples.

60×60 Open Concept Barndominium Floor Plans

Our first open concept barndominium floor plan has an attached shop (not shown). It measures 60×60 for the living area, and even includes room for a gun safe.

Barndominium Floor Plan Example 5 – PL-61505

Our next one is one of the best we’ve seen. It has a great open concept as the kitchen, dining, and living rooms are all part of the same space.

View PL-61505 Here

Open Concept Barndominium Floor Plan Example 6 – PL-61506

Our last open concept barndominium floor plan was hand-drawn. It also has the kitchen, dining, and living rooms all part of the same big room.

View PL-61506 Here

30×50 Open Concept Barndominium Floor Plan Example 7 – PL-61507

Barndominium Floor Plans With Loft

One of the most sought-after features people look for in a barndominium floor plan is the inclusion of a loft. A barndominium loft is a great spot to work from home, for activities, and gives any room a big feel without breaking the bank. With no further adieu, here are the top barndominium floor plans with a loft.

Barndominium Floor Plans With Loft Example 8 – PL-2806

Buy PL-2806 Here

Barndominium Floor Plans With Loft Example 9 – PL-61508

2 Bed 2 Bath Barndominium Floor Plan with Loft Example 10 – PL-61509

barndominium floor plans with loft stair view

This barndominium loft is one of the best we’ve ever seen. Building a second floor can be extremely expensive. These barndo-owners did the smart thing and built a nice loft into their barndominium. It could be used as a play-around, a home office, and much more.

35×45 Barndominium Floor Plan with Loft Pictures

Although we don’t have the floor plan for this one, the pictures are absolutely incredible. Believe it or not, this barndominium was built without using a floor plan at all. It was built by its owner and is one of the best we’ve ever seen. Only $95K as the owner built the barndominium himself.

48×60 Barndominium Floor Plan with Loft

This is another great example of making the most of a single-story barndominium. Although it’s only one story, the loft increases the square footage and overall living space. Check out the floor plan below:

Barndominium Floor Plan Example Example 11 – PL-61510


Barndominium Floor Plans with Garage

Last but not least, any good country home has a big garage to store trucks and toys. Many who are interested in building a barndominium will seek out floor plans that include a garage. Below, we’ve listed the top barndominium floor plans with garage we’ve seen ANYWHERE.

Barndominium Floor Plan with Detached Garage Example 12 – LP-2804


This 40×50 barndominium has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, wraparound porch. The 10″ vaulted ceiling and open concept living area with a fireplace up to the kitchen area create an airy atmosphere. Each bedroom has its own closet. A huge detached 2-door garage is built a few steps from the living area.


Buy LP-2804 here

Barndominium Floor Plan with Garage Example 14 – PL-61511


Found within Facebook, this is one of the best barndominium floor plans with a garage we’ve seen.

View PL-61511 Here

Barndominium Floor Plan with RV Garage Example 15 – PL-61512

Barndominium Floor Plan with RV Garage

These images depict an ideal barndominium floor plan with an RV garage or room for two cars. It is big enough to include a basement style while the rest of the house is above it.

View PL-61512 Here

Design Your Own Barndominium Floor Plans

Hopefully, the barndominium floor plans in this article have been an inspiration for what you really want in a barndominium. If none of them is an exact fit, we highly suggest designing your own barndominium floor plan.

There’s a ton of different software out there to help. Home Designer Pro is one system that is highly recommended. Many of the top barndominium floor plans that we’ve seen have been designed using this software. Although many construction and architecture companies use it, it is fairly cost-effective and has a rental option.

For those who don’t know where to start in building a barndominium, the Barndominium Life Program is the best way to make your dream barndominium become a reality!