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The Most Amazing Small Barndominium You’ve Ever Seen

Bonieca Boatright, a retired corrections officer with a decade of duty on Death Row in the toughest prison in Texas, shows she still has a creative side by building an amazing small barndominium in Texas.

Using nothing but totally recycled, reclaimed or repurposed materials, she built her 2500 sq ft barndo within the framework of a steel carport she had trucked to her homesite and assembled.

The result? A DIY project that would win awards for the most innovative bardominium — or “barnditorium” as she calls it — anywhere in the country.

So, enjoy these still images — but scroll all the way to the bottom to see a videotaped tour of the Bonieca Barndo. It’s an 18-minute must-see for any aspiring owner-builder.

In this video, she gives a tour of her 1200 sq ft barn home in eastern Oklahoma, which she built for just $55,000, using recycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials she hunted down in her state and the two adjacent to it.

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