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Hines Family Barndominium – 28 Incredible Pictures, Helpful Tips, Floor Plan, and More

Whether you’re just thinking about building a barndominium, or you’re in the middle of construction, getting inspiration is never a bad idea. That’s why we are featuring the Hines Family’s beautiful home, a barndominium in Alabama.

This one has a really great layout. The home measures a Texas-sized 51×34 sq ft, and that is only for the heated area; an 82-foot-wide back porch and a 7-foot-wide front porch. See the bottom of this post for the updated Hines Family floor plan.

We’re really impressed by the 32×32 sq ft garage, it’s around half the size of the indoor heated area. This huge house is in Alabama and is owned by Steve Hines and his family.

Let’s take a look at this beautiful home…

Hines Family Barndominium Exterior

Hines Family Barndominium  Exterior
Hines Family Barndominium
Trusses are kiln-dried cedar.

Because wood beams and posts are essential parts of barndos, it is definitely important to choose the best one there is, considering longevity and durability among others.

Cedar wood‘s popular use for buildings, furniture and finishing touches in homes comes from its many benefits other than the natural beauty it creates:

  • It is lightweight but strong and definitely durable. As a bonus, it also has a natural oil that gives its distinctive smell and also deters insect attack and decay.
  • Cedar wood stays cool even on hot days because it doesn’t absorb much heat.
  • It is the best alternative to plastic or resin and even the best and non-toxic substitute to chemically-treated wood.
  • Between other building materials mostly used such as cement, bricks, and composites, cedar is undeniably the only renewable and biodegradable material

There are different types of cedar and each has its own characteristics. However, you still get the same benefits for all types of this softwood.

Think about it, beauty and quality all in one material! A great choice for the Hines Family barndominium.

Living room

Hines Family Barndominium
Hines Family Barndominium Living room
Living room ceiling fan is 7 ft minka aire.
Hines Family Barndominium
Open-concept living room to dining and kitchen area.


Hines Family Barndominium  Kitchen
Dolomite kitchen countertop.

The kitchen is one of the common places in the house that is prone to moisture, other than the bathroom. So you want to make sure that you are using materials that are, on top of everything else, moisture and water-resistant.

Kitchen counters are prone to wear due to spills, scratches, and hot objects. With these, wooden countertops are not in the options. The best material to use would be stone.

Here are the 5 top stone choices to use:

  1. Granite
    1. It has long been the top choice for designers and builders for countertops. It is extremely hard and heat-resistant.
  2. Quartzite
    1. With marble still being considered as the most luxurious stone, Quartzite has the significant advantage of resemblance to it. On the other hand, it has greater density over granite making it more resistant to stains, chips, and scratches.
  3. Dolomite
    1. Though lesser-known, this stone is already gaining popularity being less the expensive option, but nonetheless more durable, than marble.
  4. Marble
    1. It is usually paralleled to luxury. However, it is not as durable and as hard as the rest of the options as it is more prone to stains, scratches, or chipping.
  5. Engineered Stone/ Quartz/ Porcelain
    1. Unlike natural stones, this material is purposely designed for countertops, making it more superior than the stone in several ways.

The Hines Family Barndominium is using Dolomite for their counter. With Dolomite being commonly compared or confused with quartzite or marble, this stone is not as hard and resistant as quartzite, but also not as soft and fragile as marble. With all the given counter material options (and so many others beyond these five), let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of Dolomite:


  • The Dolomites are getting popular because of its gray and white colors, and contain streaks giving it a strong resemblance to marble. It can also be found in (very rare) colors of brown, pink, black, and green. This appearance makes it perfect for classy and stylish interior designs such as countertops and backsplash material.


  • Although this stone’s hardness is in between marble and granite, its surface can still be scratched by glass and metal. It is not as scratch-proof as granite and quartzite.


  • It is very resistant to wear and tear, however, still more prone to cracks and chips than granite is. This stone definitely could last longer than and surpass marble’s durability.

Stain resistance

  • Compared to marble, Dolomite less absorbent to liquid. It is also less sensitive to acid than marble, as well, but will etch when exposed to it. This stone needs regular sealing.

Heat resistance

  • It’s the kitchen and heat is unavoidable! Dolomite takes heat pretty much better than Quartz.


  • This will be the deal-breaker among them all. Most of Dolomite’s varieties come much cheaper than Marble, Quartz, or Granite.

Now you can take your pick!

Hines Family Barndominium Kitchen
Kitchen cabinets are Poplar wood stained with English Chestnut.

Now, who thinks those kitchen cabinets are a gem? Well, those are made of Poplar wood, and in the case of the Hines Family Barndominium, they opted to stain it with English Chestnut color.

Why use Poplar wood in your furniture? Let’s check out the more important considerations on the characteristics of this material:

  • Its color/appearance is either light cream to yellowish brown with random gray or green streaks for Heartwood and Sapwood is pale yellow to white.
  • Typically, it comes in straight forms, uniform grain, and medium-textured.
  • Heartwood is vulnerable to insect attack, making it lean to the moderately durable to the non-durable side so it is not exactly rot-resistant.
  • Though easy to work with, this type of wood is light and one of its downsides is its softness (it is hardwood but not very hard, although the term only comes because this type of wood comes from angiosperms). Sanding is necessary to achieve a smooth surface.
  • It does not have a characteristic odor.
  • This wood naturally grows in the Eastern United States so this comes as one of the most affordable domestic hardwoods.
Hines Family Barndominium
The fridge and the freezer are separate units put together by a trim kit to make it look like one. Note: Steve Hines recommends paying people to install the trim kit!
Hines Family Barndominium
Hines Family Barndominium
Hines Family Barndominium Master Closet
The master closet, with a 12 x 6 ft dimension, it is attached to the master bedroom and the laundry room.

Hines Family Barndominium Bedrooms

Hines Family Barndominium  Master Bedroom
Hines Family Barndominium master bedroom has a 16×18 ft dimension.
Hines Family Barndominium
Benjamin Moore deep royal color for the darker walls.
Hines Family Barndominium Laundry Room
Laundry room dimension is 17 x 6 ft, doors leading to the master bedroom, garage, and kitchen.
Hines Family Barndominium
Hines Family Barndominium Bedroom


Hines Family Barndominium Vanity
This Hines Family Barndominium 12×11 ft vanity is such a beauty.
Hines Family Barndominium Shower
Hines Family Barndominium
Shower size is about 6 x 4 ft.
Hines Family Barndominium
Hines Family Barndominium bathroom floor is MSI vintage tile done in a herringbone pattern.

The vintage look is timeless! And we bet you adore how these Hines Family Barndominium bathroom tiles look, too. You can check out these vintage bathroom features if you do want to go all-out with that old-fashioned bathroom design.

Hines Family Barndominium
Hines Family Barndominium

The rest of the Hines Family Barndominium…

Hines Family Barndominium
Brick work around the tankless vent (could be just for style or for leak prevention).
Hines Family Barndominium Back Porch
Hines Family Barndominium
Hines Family Barndominium
Hines Family Barndominium

Country music or football; alone or with a company; barbecue or burgers and pizza- all up to you. But always have the beer because there’s just no other way but to relax in this back porch setup!

Hines Family Barndominium
Hines Family Barndominium Garage

Look at that beautiful woodwork for this massive Hines Family Barndominium garage! What could one ever do in that area? Well, pretty much plenty! Garages are one of the most popular features that barndo owners make sure to look for or have in their plans. Take a look at these Barndominium floor plans with a garage for you to take advantage of this space in your homes.

You’re probably itching to get this piece. Here you go – similar to Hines Family Barndominium floor plan!

hines family barndominium floor plan

Now that we’ve learned about some of the best materials to use, it is now time for you to get that planning started (if you haven’t yet). But of course, you can also check out other channels- Pinterest or YouTube for more great ideas and tips!

Best of all, get the Barndominium Life Program, created especially to guide you in your barndominium journey.