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Unique Barndominium Floor Plans with Loft To Suit Any Lifestyle

When you combine the beautiful look of a barndominium with the trendy style of a built-in loft, something magical happens. It transforms a space that was already special to begin with into something truly extraordinary.

Loft spaces have long been used in expensive apartments in urban areas, and for good reason. They add wonderful visual interest to any space and just look impressive. But there are pros and cons to consider if you want barndominium floor plans with loft, and it’s important you think through each one before you take the plunge and add this feature into your layout.

If you’re working with a design professional, they’ll have plenty of tips for how a loft can best suit your home needs, but we know many people like the ease and flexibility that comes with designing their own floor plan. Look through these considerations so that you can ensure your forever home turns out just the way you’ve always hoped it would be.

Barndominium Floor Plans with Loft – Things to Consider

Floor plans with lofts have a ton of advantages, but there are some drawbacks as well. Be sure to consider all of these factors when drawing up your plans.

Pro: Airy and Open Feel

One of the main appeals of barndominium floor plans with loft is the sense of openness it creates in the home. In order to accommodate a loft, most barndos will have high ceilings that naturally draw the eye upward. This is a great way to visually expand your square footage and make the space seem so much larger than it really is.

barndominium loft
Erin Wallis Foster

This kind of layout can also provide you with the opportunity to let a lot of natural light into your home. With that kind of space, you can install some tall floor-to-ceiling windows that will let you take full advantage of a gorgeous view you may have, while also letting rooms glow with lots of sunlight.

Con: Higher Utilities

With those high ceilings comes higher utility bills. You’re having to heat or cool a much larger space, and you’re unable to close off these rooms if you’re not currently using them. Be sure to leave extra room in your budget during summer and winter to accommodate this increase.

High-quality windows with good insulation will go a long way to lowering your costs in this area. Likewise, ceiling fans will help to circulate the air around all of the common spaces to keep things cool when the temperature rises, and fireplaces or wood-burning stoves can shave money off your heating bill during the colder months.

Pro: Space for the Kids

Kids are naturally drawn to the unique spaces that lofts provide, and the set up can often give them the perfect spot to study and play. Many popular barndominium floor plans with a loft have the children’s bedrooms upstairs with a spot in the middle for recreation time. This is often the perfect set up for families because it keeps kids nearby but gives them their own space where they can let their imaginations run wild without being underfoot.

barndominium loft
Beth Milam Sewell

Lofts also provide a way to create a fun spot with lots of décor that the kids will love. It will make them feel like it’s their private spot just for them, but it won’t clash with your design aesthetic in the rest of the house either!

Con: No Noise Barrier

All of that playtime is bound to create some noise, and lofts aren’t great at keeping those sounds contained, unfortunately. Because they open to the rooms down below, sounds will easily carry and can disrupt conversations or quiet time happening in the main spaces of the house, and vice versa.

This is an advantage when you have little ones and want to be able to pay attention to what they’re doing even when they’re upstairs, but it won’t work for every family. Separate office spaces are one way to escape the noise when you need to concentrate, and keep in mind that empty spaces will create far more echoing than ones that are filled with furniture, rugs, drapes and other soft furnishings. This is a natural way to help absorb some of the sound without having to use intrusive and unsightly barriers.

Pro: Amazing Design Possibilities

Not only do you have a ton of design options when it comes to adding a loft to your barndominium, but it also helps open up your space for other features as well. For the loft itself, you can keep it sleek and sophisticated with glass and steel, or you can play up the rustic feel with elements like wrought iron railings and exposed brick.

barndominium loft
Louise Klare

In addition, the high ceilings and extra wall space provide you with a great way to make an impact with your other décor. Splurge on the statement light fixture for the living room that could only work because you have that extra space above you. Likewise, imagine how cozy things will be at Christmas now that you can put up an extra-large Christmas tree without worrying about it scraping against the ceiling.

Con: Safety

Anytime you have an open space up high like a loft, you’re going to want to make sure it’s safe for everyone, especially small children. They’re going to be naturally inclined to peek over the edge to see what’s happening below them, so make sure that your railings follow all rules about height and spacing to ensure they’re up to code.

two girls sitting on white 2-panel windows during daytime
Please not we did not take this picture! It was found online

With younger kids especially, you’ll also want to take all necessary precautions when it comes to securing your stairs. Luckily, there are plenty of safety gates that blend in perfectly with modern décor and can be easily removed once they’re no longer needed.

Pro: Separate Spot for Guests

Barndominium floor plans with loft can also be a great way to give overnight guests or older children a private space to stay. By adding at least one bedroom and a bathroom upstairs, they’ll have a spot that seems slightly secluded from the rest of the house, and you’ll seem like the perfect host.

Pro and Con: Scents Can Linger

If you’re cooking something in the kitchen, you can be sure that the entire house will be able to smell exactly what it is, including whoever is upstairs. So while last night’s salmon may have been delicious, it might not be the smell that everyone still wants lingering the next morning.

But who’s to say you can’t also use this to your advantage! Fragrant candles can fill up a house with a beautiful scent that will travel from room to room, and waking up your family with their favorite fresh-baked cinnamon rolls is a great way to start any day!

Barndominium Floor Plans with Loft – Get Inspired with These Floor Plan Ideas

Now that you have a great list of all the pros and cons that come with a loft lifestyle, here are a few fantastic floor plans to get the ball rolling.

Barndominium Floor Plans with Loft Standalone Example 1 – PL-62401

This layout is great for a smaller family who doesn’t need a ton of bedrooms, but still wants the versatility that a loft can provide. With only one open room up top that looks down over the family room, this loft would be a great spot to escape for playing, studying, or sleepovers.

View PL-62401 Here

Barndominium Loft Floor Plan with 4 or 5 Bedrooms Example 5 – PL-62402

This five-bedroom layout would easily accommodate a family that’s on the larger side. The master suite is secluded downstairs, while all the additional bedrooms are located in the loft. With two bathrooms plus a multipurpose spot that’s generously sized, this would be the perfect spot to let the kids loose in their own area.

View PL-62402 Here

Barndominium Floor Plans Example 3 – PL-62403

We love this barndominium floor plans with loft for families or those who frequently have overnight guests or family that comes to town. There’s a space to create a relaxing spot for visitors upstairs, with sleeping quarters nearby that they can retreat to once it’s time for bed.

View PL-62403 Here

Barndominium Floor Plans Example – PL62404

four bedroom loft barndominium floor plan with garage

This layout seems to have it all! There’s tons of space for the family to gather on the lower level when it’s time for everyone to be together, and with three bedrooms located upstairs, everyone also has their own spot when they need alone time. A Jack and Jill bathroom and a chute that sends clothes straight into the laundry room below keeps things convenient for everyone.

View PL-62404 Here

Barndominium Floor Plans With Loft and Playroom Example 5 – PL-62405

four bedroom loft barndominium floor plan with playroom

With three bedrooms located downstairs, this layout leaves a ton of space upstairs for both play as well as storage. The separate den on the lower level could also be repurposed as an office, giving mom and dad a way to escape the noise when they need to work.

View PL-62405 Here

Barndominium Floor Plan Example 4 – PL-62406

three bedroom loft barndominium floor plan with playroom

Finally, this three-bedroom barndominium floor plan with loft has generous closet space for all of your storage needs, as well as a huge playroom that extends the entire length of the house! This one would be well-suited for those who want to be conscious about sound as well, as the playroom is located on the backside of the loft and doesn’t overlook any of the common areas. It can only be accessed through each of the two bedrooms, allowing kids to have as much fun as they want while keeping the noise and mess away separate from the rest of the home.

View PL-62406 Here

Design Your Own Barndominium Floor Plans With Loft

If you love this loft look and want to try your hand at creating your own custom plans, we’ve got some helpful design software that will make it easy for you to try. Even design rookies can have a blast at creating a floor plan that works for their family, plus you can see exactly how it would look in the end with 3-D modeling.

If you’re interested in learning even more about building your own home, we’ve also created a useful e-book that will give you all the tips you need. “Build Your Dream Barndominium” will take you through the building process from beginning to end and ensure that you’re informed about every step of the process.


Barndominium floor plans with loft can be the answer you’re looking for if you want a unique design for your forever home. Although they’re not perfect for every family, there are so many ways you can customize them to make it into a space you’ll love.

For inspiration, décor ideas, layout plans and more, be sure to purchase our e-book and subscribe to our email list. You’ll always be able to stay in the loop on all of the ways you can create the perfect barndo for you and your family.

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