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Are Barndominiums Energy Efficient? We Compare to Traditional Homes

When building a barndominium, you probably want to be sure that you are saving as much money as possible. While this is important during the building process, you have to think about the true cost of ownership. The cost of your barndo throughout the course of your ownership is just as important as the construction cost. Knowing what makes barndominiums energy efficient can help you make the most of your investment.

What is a Barndominium?

It can help first to make sure you understand exactly what barndominiums are. Barndominiums, in brief, are often steel and metal structures that have been transformed into residences. Many times they will feature a large shop or garage area for woodworking, pre-fab, and other activities.

The term “barndominium” combines “condominium” and “barn.”. People used to say the word when they were talking about barns that were newly made into homes. More and more, barndominiums are new-build homes with some fairly high end, energy efficient features. Some examples are windows that are energy efficient, sophisticated plumbing systems and even foam insulation.

People these days are more drawn to energy efficient residential properties than ever before, and for good reasons. Life in an energy efficient home can give people access to a broad assortment of perks. If you reside in an energy efficient residence, you can reap the rewards of decreased operating expenses. That can pave the way for monthly utility bills that are a lot more manageable. People who want to save significant sums of money are often big energy efficiency devotees.

Spaces that are energy efficient also tend to feel and live a lot better. They may have superior air circulation, moisture levels and temperatures overall. If you want your home to feel airy and welcoming regardless of the season, a barndominium may be ideal for you.

Spaces that are energy efficient naturally have more resale value and are highly sought after. People naturally gravitate to structures that can help them decrease their utility costs significantly.

are barndominiums energy efficient?

Are Barndominiums Energy Efficient?

People who are looking into barndominiums naturally have many questions. Most of the time, these questions involve energy efficiency. If you’re wondering whether these residences are energy efficient, then the answer is yes. If a barndominium was constructed in the correct manner, then it will have energy efficiency on its side.

It isn’t uncommon to come across barndominiums that have been sprayed using a foam insulation. The goal behind this spraying is to offer in-depth thermal protection. People apply this sort of insulation in single and even double layers. This insulation variety isn’t vulnerable to the release of heat. That’s how it differs greatly from fiberglass insulation.

barndominium energy efficient spray foam insulation
Here’s an example of spray foam insulation in a barndominium

Barndominium Windows and Energy Efficiency

Barndominiums tend to feature windows that are energy efficient. Windows that are part of this category can be an asset for many reasons. These windows are capable of decreasing the costs of energy. That’s because they can do away with all concerns that involve the leaking of air. They can also prevent the air from outdoors from making its way inside as well. These are issues that many people experience in the winter and summer seasons alike.

barndominium energy efficient

Since barndominiums have energy efficient windows, they can be optimal for people who don’t want to have to worry much about condensation. Low-E glass gets defense from a narrow metal slab. It’s a kind of glass that drives away condensation that can trigger the accumulation of frost on top of windows. The gathering of frost on top of windows can be problematic.

This is due to the fact that it can contribute to indoor spaces that seem markedly colder. If you don’t want to have to deal with having to pay for additional heating, then a barndominium that has energy efficient windows may be right up your alley.

There are a couple of other major perks that are associated with barndominiums and their energy efficient windows. They can protect interior spaces, furnishings and art pieces from destruction that’s brought on by the sun’s aggressive ultraviolet rays. If you don’t want your living room upholstery to fade, life in a barndominium may be calling your name.

The Ins and Outs of Metal Barndominiums

Barndominiums are often made using metal. Metal is a material that’s known to deliver enhanced resilience and power. Since it’s so hard-wearing, it can dramatically decrease energy needs and upkeep expenses with the passing of time.

barndominiums energy efficient

If you want to go for a barndominium that’s particularly energy efficient, both metal and wood are rather decent options. Remember, too, that it isn’t at all uncommon to come across wood barndominiums. We wrote a comparison about metal vs wood barndominiums and found that both are good options.

Barndominiums vs Standard Homes for Energy Efficiency

If you’re reviewing barndominiums’ energy efficiency factors, then you may want to think about how they compare to standard homes. Many things can contribute to barndominiums coming out ahead from an energy efficiency standpoint.

barndominiums energy efficient

If you’re seriously contemplating whether to move into a barndominium or a straightforward home, learning about energy efficiency may be helpful. Since barndominiums are usually significantly more energy efficient than their traditional home counterparts are, opting for them could be an excellent choice.

Barndominiums and Metal Partitions

There are so many things that can take energy efficient barndominiums up a notch or two. Metal partitions enable people to set up higher numbers of rooms. Metal partition installation can close off living sections effectively.

barndominiums energy efficient
A 2 bedroom barndominium floor plan with lots of walls such as this one will be more energy efficient than a barndominium with wide open spaces

Believe it or not, the construction of partitions in your home can have a drastic impact on energy efficiency. The more walls your home has, the more heat or air is kept within the room itself, rather than leaking to somewhere else.

Benefits of Prefabricated Steel

People can rely on metal barndominiums for optimal energy efficiency. It can help people specifically to zero in on barndominiums that consist of steel that’s prefabricated. This kind of steel is known for confirmed energy efficiency.

It stops cold from making its way indoors during the frigid winter season. It also safeguards air that’s cool during the oppressively hot summer season. If you want to feel comfortable at all different points of the year, then you should look into prefabricated steel barndominiums. The barndominium kit providers all provide prefabricated steel.

Other Strong Reasons to Turn to Barndominiums

People all around the United States and Canada are starting to realize just how promising and exciting barndominiums are. That’s why it’s no shocker that many people are picking them over standard homes.

Since they tend to be significantly more energy-efficient than their standard counterparts are, they can draw in people who are trying to minimize costs. Energy efficiency is just one of the many diverse perks these structures can bring to the table, however.

Barndominiums or simply “barndos” are made using sturdy materials. Metal ones can hold their own against harsh environmental factors. They tend to be a lot tougher than homes that are made using classic construction materials. If you want to invest in a living space that has longevity, then the barndominium path may be optimal for you and for the other people who are part of your household.

barndominiums energy efficient
Since they’re made of steel, barndominiums tend to be extremely durable

Although these structures have basic and straightforward appearances, they still manage to be inviting visually. If you want to reside in a home that’s simultaneously energy efficient and has curb appeal, then a barndo may be the answer.


Barndominiums are energy efficient and therefore can be a boon for people who want to save substantial sums of money. They can help people save big in a couple of other ways, too. These structures tend to have insurance and tax rates that are nowhere near as costly.

If you would like more guides like this one, check out the rest of There, you will find more helpful tips and tricks from the pros. You will also find featured barndominiums, barndominium floor plans, and information on financing and insurance. Knowing as much as you can will help you get the best results for your dream home.