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Tiny Barndominium: Troy, Missouri

Attention tiny barndominium lovers: today’s featured Missouri barndominium is one for those interested in fewer square feet and abundant garage space. Our owner, Sydni Blyss Ledesma, took an existing garage space and transformed it into 750 square feet of gorgeous and efficient living space and 750 square feet of garage space. “The perfect balance,” she writes. Every inch of this space is used in the most creative way and designed to perfection.

Barn exterior

Tiny Barndominium: Troy, Missouri – Living Space

Much of this home’s square footage is allotted to the living space which makes this tiny home great for entertaining friends and spending quality time together. The design aesthetic is fun with guitars lining walls and a family photo gallery wall feature. We love the wood stained door and trim for contrast against the white and grey tones throughout the rest of the home.

Living room with guitar decor and a wood-stained door with wood trim
Living room and portrait image of owner, Sydni Blyss.
Close up of gallery wall and wood-stained door.

Tiny Barndominium: Troy, Missouri – Kitchen

This tiny barndominium’s kitchen is uniquely designed to be complete and efficient in a small amount of space. Lower cabinets and drawers give storage space and a tall (and deep) pantry cabinet gives space for larger appliance storage as well. Open shelving above is a place for most frequently used items, and this owner has done a good job of mounting everyday items up high instead of taking up counterspace (paper towels, dish rags).

Instead of a large rectangular dining table, this couple has opted for a bar with high-back barstools for dining. This is a fantastic idea for saving space and it gives this home an edgy vibe. One of the more special ideas is a custom pantry carved out between the studs to hold food items and offer extra storage options.

Kitchen image featuring owner's dog
Kitchen with stainless steel appliances
Kitchen range close up and open shelving
Bar seating suspended from the wall
Custom pantry
Pantry decor

Tiny Barndominium: Troy, Missouri – Office/Guest Room/Closet

It is difficult to know what to label this room as because, in a tiny home, each room must serve many purposes. In this tiny barndominium, this room is used for sleeping/resting, office work and closet space. Even though there is a lot going on in this area, our owner has found a way to make each space special for its unique intended purpose.

Many would balk at having to display their clothing outside of a closet; however, our owner has created a closet space that is concise and visually pleasing as it matches the décor and style of the rest of the home. The office space has thoughtful organization, and most daily planning and papers are mounted in organizers on the wall. This allows the desk space to be used when working and not used as storage space. The brick accent wall and dark green paint make this room feel warm and productive.

Office and storage room features a faux brick wall, lounger, office space and a place for hanging clothes.
Wall organization for papers and calendar.
Decor inspiration in the office is a green wall and red boho rug

Tiny Barndominium: Troy, Missouri – Garage

Our tiny barndominium owners made a calculated choice to allocate half of their square footage to garage space, and we agree that a home is only as useful as its garage! They bring the quirky design elements outside as they display 3D décor and string lights to warm the space up.

750 sq ft garage space
Garage wall decor

Are you looking for floor plans as you plan your dream tiny barndominium? Below is the floor plan for this sweet space. This floor plan is simple and efficient, using every inch in a useful way. With large a large living area and large back deck, this tiny home still allows for entertaining guests and has everything that a home needs!

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floor plan of this tiny barn house

Our “Build Your Dream Barndominium” book is just what you need to get started planning your dream build. It will start with planning and take you all the way through the finishing touches. Find the link to the book here.

Build your Dream Barndominium Book