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Top 20 Barndominium Security Ideas

Recently, in Jefferson County, TX, a barndominium was robbed of several items, including an ATV. While this is bad news for the owners, it got us at Barndominium Life thinking about some of the best ways to keep barndominiTheums safe and secure. If you have spent a long period of time designing and building your barndo, you are going to want to keep it as burglar-proof as possible. 

This is the suspect at large in Jefferson County, TX. They were in a late 1990s Dodge Ram 3500 truck. Please contact us if you have any tips!

In this article, we have put together 20 ideas for barndominium security that can help protect your valuables as well as your family. By implementing a few of these ideas, you can rest easy knowing that your home is locked up tight. 

The best way to keep you and your family secure is to prevent robberies from happening in the first place. Check out SimpliSafe’s selection of home security tools.

Security Screens

Security screens are one of the best accessories you can purchase for barndominium security. Not only are they excellent at keeping your doors and windows locked and burglar-proof, they also come in a wide variety of styles and colors. You don’t have to sacrifice any of your barndo’s style just to keep it safe. 

barndominium security ideas exterior

Security screens also look much nicer than bars or other barriers. On top of that, they don’t provide any sort of opening for someone to get their arm or another device into the house at all. Because of this, they are one of the most secure coverings you can put on the entrances to your barndo. 

Security Cameras

One of the best ways to keep your home safe, even when you’re not there, is to know what is going on there at all times. Security cameras can not only alert you when they sense motion, they can also help catch any potential burglars who might be lurking around your property. This is a great way to prevent a robbery from happening in the first place. 

There is a wide variety of security cameras available on the market. They come with all kinds of features like motion sensors, loudspeakers and smartphone connections so you can find the set that will be best for your particular needs. 

Yard Lighting

barndominium security ideas exterior

Lighting is like kryptonite to burglars. Most of the time, they need darkness in order to find ways into your home and if you don’t give them that, you cut down the chances of your barndo being robbed drastically. Having a well-lit yard can eliminate potential hiding places and provide the kind of visibility that burglars hate. 

Not only is yard lighting a deterrent to robbers, it can also be incredibly attractive. You can design your lighting to highlight certain parts of the home and give your barndominium a touch of class and elegance that a dark yard just doesn’t have. 

Motion Sensors

A motion sensor security system is one of the most popular burglary deterrents available on the market. These systems can be armed when you leave the house and will sense if anything like a door or window is moved while you are gone. You can set them up to emit loud noises or place a call to the police, which is sure to scare off anyone trying to get into your barndo. 

Motion sensor systems can also be set up to alert you on your smartphone so you can place a call to the police yourself if you have to. This is a helpful feature if you have pets that can get into the house so you don’t have to deal with any erroneous 911 calls in the name of barndominium security. 

Smart Doorbell 

Smart doorbells are getting more popular as the technology gets better and their effectiveness starts to become undeniable. Smart doorbells turn a camera on and record every time someone rings the bell so you can see who is at the door and who is trying to find out if you’re home. These devices are a great way to know what’s going on at your barndo whether you’re there or not. 

Some smart doorbells will even allow you to answer the door through a speaker system that is connected to your phone. This is a good way to make someone think you’re home if you aren’t, which can deter burglars who are trying their luck at your door. This is a great step to take towards your barndominium security. 

Secure Your Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are a beautiful addition to any barndominium, but they can also be a weak point in its security. The locks on sliding doors are generally not as strong as other doors and many of them can be removed with a screwdriver. This makes them a perfect entry point for robbers and burglars who have the time to do a little bit of work while you are away. 

You can secure sliding doors from the inside by placing rods between the door jamb and the edge of the sliding area. This will keep the door closed even if the latch is removed and make it nearly impossible to open from the outside for maximum barndominium security. 

Install a Peephole 

Sometimes, the simplest security measures are the most effective. A peephole will give you a wide-angle view of everything that is going on in front of your barndominium without having to open the door. This is a very helpful feature if you have neighbors who like to drop by and you want to make sure they are who they say they are before opening the door. 

The nice thing about a peephole is that it is incredibly inexpensive and easy to install. If you don’t want to spend the money on a smart doorbell, a peephole could be an excellent alternative that still gives you a view of what’s happening on your front porch and offers excellent barndominium security. 

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Reinforced Doors 

Reinforcing the doors on your barndominium is a good idea no matter what kind of area you have built it in. Strong doors will always be more secure than flimsy ones and they will keep your home safe, even if someone tries to use force to get in. This can offer you a sense of security that is so important in a home, especially one you have built yourself. 

Reinforced doors have a core of steel inside the wooden outer shell that is impenetrable by common tools and force. These can be installed when you build and can be one of the first measures you take for your barndominium security.

Don’t Leave Spare Keys Outside

It’s always a good idea to have a spare key for your home, however where you leave those keys will have a big impact on your barndominium security. Many people think that it’s a good idea to hide keys around the property in places like flower pots or under the welcome mat. The truth is that most burglars know where to look and risking your barndominium security for the convenience of these hiding places isn’t worth it. 

barndominium security ideas exterior

Leave spare keys with a trusted neighbor instead of hiding them somewhere on the property. This will also be convenient if you are out of town and would like that neighbor to come check on the house and make sure everything is secure. 

Cover Glass

Most burglars will begin a robbery by checking out the house before they do anything else. This will usually include looking in windows and sliding glass doors to see if there is anything of any value that is visible. If your windows are blocked, this could deter a potential robber and contribute to your barndominium security. 

barndominium security ideas exterior

Frosted glass or window film is a great way to keep burglars from taking a peek inside your home. On top of their security uses, they can also be incredibly stylish and can add to the look of your home as well as the barndominium security. 

Secure WiFi

In today’s world, digital security is just as important as physical security. WiFi routers are a vulnerable spot in your barndominium security if they are not properly protected. This means using passwords and firewalls to be sure that no one can tap into your network and find any valuable information. 

This step is especially important if you have smart devices like motion sensors or doorbells protecting your home. A vulnerable WiFi router can allow burglars to manipulate these devices and turn them off if you are not careful. Have an expert check on the security of your home network if you are going to use any of these systems. 

Install a Secure Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are notoriously easy to unlatch and open from the outside if an experienced burglar is so inclined. Your garage will usually hold some of your most valuable items, so keeping this area locked up tight is an important aspect of your barndominium security. Standard openers are convenient, but they are not the best mechanism for protecting your garage. 

If your garage is attached to your barndo, this could end up being an entry point for a burglar. Install an opener that uses a code or a smart lock instead of the standard radio controlled opener for extra barndominium security. 

Use a Safe

Should a burglar get into your barndominium, there is no reason why you should make it easy for them to get to your valuables. Adding another barrier to your barndominium security like a safe is a great way to keep your most important items protected in the event that someone gets past your other precautions. 

barndominium security ideas exterior

If you are going to get a safe for your barndominium, make sure that it is fireproof. Many fireproof safes can withstand incredible amounts of heat and they are a great way to keep your most important items and documents protected in the unfortunate event of a fire. 

Home Automation

Automating your home is one of the best things you can do to increase your barndominium security. There is nothing that potential burglars dislike more than not knowing whether or not someone is home. If you set up timers for lights and music, it will be impossible for them to know if there is a good time for them to attempt a robbery. 

Many home automation systems can also be incredibly convenient on top of adding to barndominium security. Being able to control your lights, electronics and HVAC system from your smartphone is a great way to make your home easy to live in on top of being safe. 

Security Signs

Many security companies make lawn signs and stickers that can let burglars know your home is protected. Even if you don’t have some of the systems that are displayed on these signs, it can keep intruders guessing, which is always a good deterrent. 

Set up signs on your illuminated lawn that let passersby know how your home is protected. You can also place stickers on your windows and sliding glass doors that indicate if a burglar is going to break that glass, they will be in for some serious trouble. 

Replace Weak Locks

Most standard locks that come with doors and windows are going to be functional but they aren’t going to offer the best barndominium security you can possibly get. By replacing the standard locks with heavy-duty reinforced locks, you can feel much more secure about your home whether you are there or not. 

barndominium security ideas exterior

If your doors don’t already have them, deadbolts are a good way to increase your barndominium security. Heavy-duty deadbolts make it nearly impossible to break in through the door. Adding them to reinforced, steel-core doors can make them impenetrable by most methods. 

Lock up Exterior Wiring

Be sure to keep any exposed exterior wiring in locked boxes if it is visible from the outside of your barndominium. This is something you can do at the construction stage and is a good idea even if you aren’t keeping your barndominium security in mind. It can also help protect wiring from damage by rodents and other animals. 

If your exterior wiring isn’t locked up, burglars could potentially cut it and disable any security systems you have in place. By placing this wiring in a locked box, you are placing one more barrier between them and the home you have spent so much time designing and building. 

Secure Tools

barndominium security ideas interior

Put any tools you might own away after you have used them instead of leaving them out where anyone can find them. Not only will this prevent them from getting stolen, it will also stop any opportunists from using them to break into your home. Oftentimes, burglars don’t plan on breaking in, they see a chance on a whim and they go for it. 

Ladders are especially important to keep locked away somewhere safe. Leaving a ladder out in the open is an invitation to burglars to gain access to areas like your backyard or roof. Keeping them out of sight is a great step towards your barndominium security. 

Gravel Driveway

A gravel driveway is not only a beautiful addition to any home, it’s also great for barndominium security. One of the first things we notice when something is out of the ordinary is sound. Gravel driveways are incredibly loud and you will be able to hear anyone walking or driving up as soon as they do. 

Since burglars know how loud gravel driveways are, they will be much more likely to avoid your barndominium if they see one. Plus, you can choose all kinds of textures and colors to make the driveway a beautiful accent piece on top of a security feature. 

Seal HVAC Vents

Your HVAC vents are easy to spot from the outside of your barndominium. Make sure they are sealed up and secured with screws if they are facing the exterior. They could provide an entry point for potential burglars. 

barndominium security ideas exterior

HVAC vents that aren’t sealed are more than just a risk to your barndominium security. They can also provide entry to pests like roaches and rodents. Ensuring that your vents are closed up tight is a great way to make your barndo more secure in many different ways. 


Your home’s security is incredibly important for a lot of reasons. Being able to feel safe in your home is one of the things that makes for a happy life and a comfortable day-to-day existence. By taking a few extra steps towards your barndominium security, you can make your home feel as protected and secure as it can possibly be. 

By reading this guide to barndominium security, you have already started yourself on the right path. Hopefully, you have gotten some ideas of where vulnerable spots in your home might be. The only thing left to do is start closing them up.