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Unique Texas Hillside Barndominium with a Gorgeous View

This unique hillside barndominium features a stunning view of the countryside with especially gorgeous sunsets. It covers a whopping 4,482 square feet and has five bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. Its primary selling point is the beautiful view of the country around it. Throughout the home, lots of large windows give you ample opportunity to enjoy these views. Despite the illusion of isolation, this property is actually only eight miles south of Stephenville and 11 miles from Hico. 

Images were posted by Darlene Crumley Realtor and Darlene is the designer of the interior lower level.

Unique Texas Hillside Barndominium with a Gorgeous View of the pastures


This unique Texas Hillside Barndominium with a gorgeous view of the cattle pastures sits on over 20 acres.

It has fences for cattle and is adjacent to a 200-acre ranch so that there is plenty of privacy as well as beautiful views. There’s also a gorgeous lake and duck pond that you can see from the property that looks especially pretty reflecting the sunset. 

Unique Texas Hillside Barndominium with a Gorgeous View of this pond that reflects the sunset

The exterior features a true farmhouse feel with multiple peaked roofs and a visible chimney. Mature trees near the property help to exemplify the effect of timelessness. A paved area runs around the home, offering plenty of room for parking and for gathering around a fire on a chilly evening.

Classic stone walls hold up the soil in a terraced way around the home providing room for a patio and several grassy lawns. 

Unique Texas Hillside Barndominium with a Gorgeous View features lovely stone accents

Most of the house has simple and charming white siding, while an accent wall extends from the chimney with natural stone to provide a timeless effect. 

A separate warehouse-style storage area features huge garage doors that allow you to store whatever kind of farm equipment you may want to have access to as well as providing room to work loudly without disturbing residents of the home. 

Downstairs Living Space

The fireplace is the clear central feature of this gorgeous barndominium. It is a very large fireplace with a mantel composed of natural stone. A large natural wooden shelf runs over the fireplace along the mantel, providing plenty of room for decor. There is a painting nestled over the shelf, but this area could easily accommodate a big screen TV if that was preferable. 

A sitting area is nestled on a plush rug in front of the fireplace, inviting you to sit down and get cozy by the fire. The floor is a charming spanish tile, and the roof is composed of natural wood slats. The wood also extends downward, exemplifying the high ceilings. 

Lots of windows provide plenty of natural light as well as views of the gorgeous countryside. Shelves line most of the walls, providing plenty of room for displaying knick-knacks and heirlooms. Throughout the home, beautiful white curtains stretch from the ceiling to the floor, which gives a very clean effect at night when the curtains are closed. 

Slanted ceilings offer lots of visual interest as well as exemplifying the beautiful wood tones that are used in the ceilings and the upper part of the walls. This wood looks especially lovely when lit by the many windows. Stone is used on the lower part of the walls as well as in some accent walls, offering a very natural feel that seems perfectly appropriate for this country home. 

Leather furniture works perfectly with the wilderness character of this home in the primary sitting area. Several attractive fans with unique triangular fan blades offer great air circulation from the high ceilings. 

A rounded archway in a signature stone wall gives access to the kitchen. From the primary sitting area, you can easily glance into the kitchen and carry on a conversation but also not necessarily be immersed in the goings-on in the kitchen. 

Behind the fireplace is another sitting area with a big-screen TV, enabling groups to have a little bit of separation at the same time as they enjoy the same open living space. The secondary seating area has a slightly lower ceiling. This is one of the few ceilings in the house that is not made of wooden boards. Instead, wooden dividers make it into sections which creates a geometric feel that works perfectly with the area rug. 

The walls are composed almost entirely of windows, making the space feel very bright and inviting. This large area accommodates a couch and several big armchairs which encourage you to sink into them and enjoy all of the natural light. If you are a fan of houseplants, this would be the perfect place to display them, with plenty of bright light to keep them happy and a space that is warmed by the fireplace but not so close to it as to be drafty or too dry. 

There is also a large dining table in this area with perfect views of the countryside through the windows. The dining table is made of a simple wooden structure that works perfectly with the wooden accents in the home.

There are four comfortable chairs that feel almost more like armchairs than they do like dining chairs and a bench for when more guests need to be accommodated.


The kitchen provides plenty of room to spread out and cook even a very large meal. The Spanish tile extends from the living room into the kitchen, as does the natural wood ceiling. Recessed lighting offers plenty of light. An island in the center of the kitchen provides storage and cooking space as well as a sink. 

The stove and sink are built directly into this space. This is convenient because it is easy to place all of your ingredients on the countertops and reach for them to use on the stove. A double oven allows lots of room for all of the cooking you may need to do in the oven. 

The kitchen opens naturally into the dining room, making it very easy for conversations to take place back and forth through these two areas. Large wooden beams provide support and are also an attractive feature in the kitchen. Lots of cabinetry both above and below the countertops offer plenty of room for storage.

Upstairs Living Space

The upstairs living space features a cozy fireplace with the mantle extending from below using the same natural stone. This space almost makes you feel like you are inside of a tree, thanks to the rounded ceiling and the natural wood used on the ceiling, walls, and floor.

Windows take up most of the room along the walls, offering superior views of the fields and especially of the sunset and sunrise from this elevated living space. 


The natural wood and tile extend into the bedrooms, as do the beautiful solid wooden support beams. Here too you can find very large windows with gorgeous views. The master bedroom is very large, providing plenty of room for a king-size bed if desired. Two fans provide plenty of air circulation in this space. 

Enjoy Country Living with this Unique Texas Hillside Barndominium with a Gorgeous View

If you want to live the good life in the countryside, it’s hard to beat this beautiful barndominium. Every room in the house is tailored to take in the sites of surrounding pastures, while simultaneously being built for comfort. 

If you are inspired by this barndominium to build your own, make sure to check out the Barndolife ebook, which is full of ideas and inspiration.