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Winter is Here: What Are the Best Wood Stoves for Barndominiums?

A colder-than-usual winter has settled in across most of the U.S.. So bundle up and fire up your favorite wood stove.

What Are the Best Wood Stoves for Barndominiums? Actual barndominium owners polled recently are split evenly between time-honored buck stoves, which feature  a panoramic view  of your roaring blaze and the newer  wood stoves powered by wood pellets. Owners say the pellet stoves provide more heat than ambiance. They’re about equal in price, ranging from $1,500 to a little shy of $2,200.

All too soon, The Weather Channel will be naming winter storms as they hurtle across the country.

But you will be safe and cozy in your well-insulated barndominium, drinking hot chocolate in front of a fine blaze in the wood stove of your choice.

Let’s talk about buck stoves

That appears to be the choice of many barndo owners in a recent poll among Facebook group members, although many also said pellet stoves are more efficient at heating.

And old fashioned seemed to carry the day when asked about new and ultramodern wood stoves like the one a little farther down.

Perhaps, since going back to country roots is such a big part of the barndo lifestyle, many owners want something akin to the cast iron kitchen stove so prevalent in 1930s farmhouses.

But there are lots of choices, options and decisions

Among the many variables to consider when shopping for a wood stove:

  • What size barndo will it be installed in?
  • What is the decor/theme?
  • Is it mainly for heating, centerpiece decoration, corner stove, decorative,
    • kitchen cook stove,
    • stove for the den?
    • industrial stove to heat the shop? or….
    • some combination of the above.

Also to be decided:

  • What size lumber is readily available?
  • Does it need to able burn big logs, broken down pallet pieces.or what, exactly?
  • And finally, does it need to stay burning overnight?

Today’s best sellers and some vintage wood stoves

A couple of notes to begin:

We haven’t included anything below $1,000, though they are available, starting at about $500. Big retailers like Home Depot and Lowes carry them. The reasons we excluded them?

  1. No current barndo owner recommended any wood stove below $1500
  2. All agreed that cheap was cheap, and you won’t be happy even short term with one that is poorly made.
  3. Some of the ones that did make our list are downright pricey, though, even if they do provide significant added value.
  4. Like nearly 180-degree views of your roaring fire. And heat throw of as much as 95,000 BTUs.

By way of comparison, that’s about twice what the average pottery makers use to fire their kilns and cure their clay.

And it’s enough to heat more than 5000 sq ft of living quarters in a barndominium (in theory) See the graphic to the left. Click on it to calculate your own dwelling place needs.

Some priceless historical perspective

Barndominium Homes Facebook group member Mochs Bruhl’s father was a wood stove dealer in the 1970’s and 80’s at the industry’s heyday. Here are some of his fascinating recommendations and factoids on wood stoves from the past century:

“My recollections growing up and watching him work in the showroom are that:

  • Cast iron heats up fast
  • Soapstone holds radiant heat a very long time
  • Pellet stoves are super hot and must be designed specifically for pellets
  • Enameled cast iron is beautiful.”

He goes on to say:

  • “Cook stoves are beautiful centerpieces but useless for heating.
  • Swedish corner ‘tower palace’ (only I call them that) corner stoves are beautiful but also useless for heat.”
Specific brands he recommends highly:
  • Intrepid by Vermont Castings
  • Hearthstone
  • Jotul
  • Lange.
“My father’s wood stove company also produced its own handcrafted line, shown below, called the “Wolf River.” It was a cast iron workhorse, ideal for heating. We still have one in our basement.”

So that’s how they heated back in the day, Below is the future of wood stoves. Which version will still be around in the next millennia?

Time will tell.

HearthStone Bari Wood Stove

We’ll get the most expensive option out of the way first.

Looking a little like a silver gray water heater with a (we hope) a fireproof glass door, this seems to be the Cadillac of freestanding wood stoves.

We would explain the reason it costs so much (just under $5,000) but we thought we’d let the pros at do it instead

The ideal complement of color strategy and design, the soft texture and sustained warmth of natural soapstone, the enduring relevance of its pleasing cylindrical shape.

Capable of rotating 180° and being locked in 13 different positions, it extends its invitation throughout a space, a curved glass window providing visual passage to an amazing spectacle of cyclonic fire.

Plus, because it warms with the radiant heat of soapstone, it maximizes comfort with a minimum of effort.

A 1.25 cubic foot firebox accepts 17″ logs (vertically). The large front door provides maximum loading ease and unparalleled views of the fire.

Click here for more information.

Morso 2B Standard Wood Stove

Looking like a long-legged cousin of the sturdy cast iron wood stove that heated our ancestors; sharecropper rental near 1935 Lockhart, Texas, this stove has a lot going for it.

Including the price, ($1200) which is about mid-range for a good wood stove, though it seems like too much for one like this, which seems petite compared to others.  Still, there are features under the hood (so to speak) that may justify the expense. You decide:

Based on 1930s Morsø Forest Wood Stove, Morsø has launched the 2B standard.

As with all current Morsø stoves, the 2B Standard wood stove is equipped with the very latest in combustion technology for greatly reduced smoke emissions.

An ‘air-washed’ glazed door has been added for a comfortable uninterrupted view of the fire and the long, spacious firebox has been adapted to burn wood briquettes and logs up to 18” long.

The 2B Standard produces enough heat to warm up to 1000 sq ft.

Click here for more information.

Hearthstone Heritage Wood Heat Stove

With a picture-window view of your blaze, this wood stove (also known generically as a “buck stove”) would seem to be an ideal choice to heat your 16-ft tall Great Room this winter.

So maybe, as you’re gazing at the inferno just on the other side of the glass door, you can think of ways to amortize the price of this beautiful — but not inexpensive — wood stove.

Still, as they say, you get what you pay for, and, coming in at a hair under $3,000, shouldn’t take more than two or three years to recoup the expense (does not include the price of firewood)..

Hearthstone’s signature stove. Functional, beautiful and just the right size for your barndo.

Top or rear flue exits, large fire box for extra heat output and soapstone facing on the oven-style side-loading door (available with left or right door). Glass stays clean for fire viewing.

The soapstone body is over an inch thick. All that thermal mass means steady, comfortable heat, whether the fire is roaring or just embers. Buy it with porcelain finish, and the entire stove exterior is super smooth, and wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Click here for more information.

Drolet High-Efficiency Wood Stove – 95,000 BTU

Want to heat your entire barndo with wood heat this winter? You don’t even have to get up to stoke this high-BTU wood stove in the middle of the night.  It will do its job well — and provide warm ambiance into the bargain.

And, at just $1,300, it’s got the best heating value for the buck anywhere on the Internet, according so a few of the unanimous 5-star reviewers on Amazon,

“The full load run time will be approximately 8-12 hours depending on the type of wood burned. “

“It holds 2 each 9 inch round 21″ in length and can add some filler wood around the edges and top. Piece size depends on the amount of coals, It burns at low setting for 10 – 12 hours for larger log night loads. Makes for a restful night without having to restoke the fire.”

And, here’s what the manufacturer has to say:

This Drolet High-Efficiency Wood Stove heats up to 2400 sq. ft.

Built ruggedly with a 5/16in. steel top plate, the spacious 3.93 cu. ft. firebox is lined with firebricks and accepts logs up to 22 in. long.

Heavy-duty cast iron door has an adjustable handle. Single easy-to-operate air control above the door.
BTU rating is related to seasoned cord wood, the more common fuel burned in this stove.

Click here for more information.

Osburn SOHO Wood Stove

If your barndo tends a little to the modern, not rustic, side, this wood stove should fit right in.

Sitting high on a pedestal, it’s just right for fire watching — and it performs well on BTU output as well (see factoids below)

The price? A middle of the road $1,600, which, given its heat output and generous view of your fire, doesn’t seem too bad.

Manufacturer notes

The Soho, a small wood stove with an ultra modern design, features an exceptional view of the fire, and comes with an easy-to-operate door latch system that complements the clean lines of the appliance.

The Soho can be personalized according to your tastes and décor, thanks to its modular side panels available in different finishes and it offers two convenient and safe pedestal choices to store your logs.

This stove can be equipped with an optional blower and thermodisc, in addition to being ready for a fresh air connection kit without the need for any special adaptor.

The Soho is an ecological heating appliance that will please those seeking efficiency and contemporary design.

Options also include a variable speed blower, and a five inch fresh air connector.

Click here for more information.

The Viking 30 Wood Stove

Here’s a relatively small wood stove that can be built right into your kitchen cabinetry, where it will generate a rosy glow over your island eating area.

However, at around $3,200, you’ll pay a bit of a premium for that warm interior decor accessory.  But again, do you get what you pay for? Could be.

There are plenty of happy customers who answer in the affirmative. Here’s what the manufacturers say. And watch the video below to get a feel for just how it might look in your barndo’s kitchen.


The Viking 30 Wood Stove is a mini wood stove with a timeless design and all the benefits of modern advancements.

This tiny wood stove is not only compact but only requires only 2” of lightweight concrete walls on both sides for fire protection.

It has a high level of efficiency and a short heat up time.

Click here for more information

Pellet stove with 40 lb. hopper and auto ignition

The least expensive of all the options so far, it’s also the most convenient. We can see why it would have its own fan base of barndo owners.

A very nice alternative to the harder-to-start-and-maintain buck stove. And there’s even a bit of a fire to view. But with pellet stoves, it’s apparently not about the ambiance.

It’s more about heating efficiency and lower price.

Anyway, here’s a writeup from your friendly nearest Home Depot, where you can pick one of these up next time you’re in town. Or just elect free shipping directly to your door.

Reinvent the way you heat your home with Castle’s Serenity wood pellet stove and new smart controller.

The Serenity features a 24-hour programmable controller for each day of the week that has the ability to cycle on and off and adjust to a built-in thermostat depending on when heat is needed.

The smart controller allows you to choose manual, thermostat and weekly operational modes to heat your home on your schedule.

As with any Castle Pellet Stove, you’ll experience affordability, style and practicality. Its space-saving shape and attractive design will make it a welcomed addition to any room.

With the new smart controller, heating your home efficiently on your terms has never been easier.

  • Heating capacity of 1,500 sq. ft.
  • 31,960 BTU/hour
  • 40 lb. hopper capacity
  • Automatic ignition
  • Hopper safety switch
  • High-temperature paint-over temp protected
  • Vacuum safety switch
  • Air wash system
  • EPA certified
  • Mobile home approved
  • Click to learn more about wood and wood pellet stoves in our buying guide

Click here for more information

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