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Amazing Grace Barndominium Near Waco In Lorena, Texas

Our feature today is a must-see! This stunning Texas barndominium is sure to impress with its elegant simplicity.

Known as the Amazing Grace barndominium, this property is a popular listing on Airbnb and has been viewed by millions through Magnolia Realty. Take in the serenity of the Lorena, Texas, countryside while being only a few minutes away from all the hustle and bustle of downtown Waco.

Many homes today have been converted into Airbnbs, with the platform currently featuring over four million properties. It is challenging to stand out in the market, and investing in a barndo home will make your property appealing to many potential curious renters.

Whether you’re looking for a house for yourself, for your family, or as an investment for rental purposes, the Amazing Grace barndominium is worth a peek. With that said, let’s get started with our feature. 

Amazing Grace Barndominium Near Waco In Lorena, Texas

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With its lush one-acre lot and secluded cul-de-sac setting, four bedrooms, seven beds, and two baths, the Amazing Grace barndominium near Waco in Lorena, Texas, is the perfect home for large families. 

Large mature oaks provide shade in this property’s expansive backyard, which is enclosed by fencing on three sides. There is ample outdoor space to accommodate many people, provide entertainment, and enjoy the breeze.

We especially love the fire pit, which allows you to extend your living area into your garden and provides a cozy place to relax and entertain. Fire pits can be used as a focal point for outdoor seating areas, and like indoor fireplaces, they create an inviting atmosphere in any outdoor area.

Designed in a distinct alternative home format, the Amazing Grace barndominium captures all the beauty of a traditional country home. The home presents an aesthetically pleasing appearance with its white metal siding, rustic brick layer, and wooden patio supports.

A home is not complete without decor. The simple elegance of the exterior is complemented by comfy seating and decorative touches to give the patio an inviting feel.


Having a two-door garage and workshop can maximize the space in your home and offer increased flexibility regarding your layout. Moreover, keeping your workspace fully separated from your living areas can help you stay focused and mindful.

With traditional homes, garages often just become cluttered storage areas that are far from aesthetically pleasing. However, barndos offer the opportunity for garages to be as important and attractive as any other room in the house.

With such a large space, there are plenty of other activities you can pursue in your garage. There is plenty of square footage for woodworking, car tinkering, and more, making barndominium floor plans with a garage a worthwhile investment.


This Texas barndominium offers a modern yet comfortable atmosphere with a pleasant blue motif. There is no reason why contemporary design has to be dull, and this home shows how little personal touches can provide a much more welcoming ambiance.

Mudroom & Laundry Room 

Upon entering this barndo home, guests are greeted by a quaint yet clean mudroom that also functions as the laundry room. Having a mudroom in the home can make it easier for homeowners to clean up and remove their outdoor clothes before entering.

Living Space

As you enter the home from the mud room/laundry room, you are greeted by a large open living, dining, and kitchen space that provides a seamless connection to the outdoors through the large windows.

The open-concept home layout is growing in popularity as it offers homeowners a more modern, unified look and feels throughout their home, maximizing available space and providing plenty of natural light.

When it comes to establishing home decor, consistency is key. The Amazing Grace Barndominium is full of thoughtful details that keep the home cozy. Here, we see ample seating that maintains a blue-and-white aesthetic with rustic touches and textures.

This home’s minimalist staircase and railing, along with various modern light fixtures, also enhance its traditional yet contemporary appearance.

We appreciate this cozy nook as a clever way to utilize empty spaces, such as this one below the staircase, for some chill sit-downs while sipping a glass of wine or reading a book. 

On the second floor, there is an additional living area that can be useful for accommodating a large number of guests. After all, this home is designed to accommodate many family members and friends. Providing multiple indoor and outdoor living areas for guests to gather is a welcome feature for a comfortable stay.

Kitchen & Dining

With a striking all-out blue motif, the kitchen embraces a modern rustic vibe. A floating countertop is integrated into the island counter to accommodate guests for more seating in the kitchen. 

The dining room is connected to the mudroom/laundry room by metal barn doors, adding to its character. The door even serves as a dramatic centerpiece for the open-concept living area when guests are welcomed there.


Affectionately referred to as the “enchanted room,” this bedroom has a fairytale-like feel with its shimmering touches and warm tones that accent the mainly white decor.

In the extra guest room, the twin bed can be converted into a comfortable couch with a reading nook for a relaxing reading experience. Blue accents (somewhat toned down here) are coupled with light tones to create a homey atmosphere with a contemporary twist.

“BAYLOR! BEARS! FIGHT! And win all our victories for the Green and Gold!” The cozy third bedroom features three single beds with a distinctive Baylor Bears theme.

There’s a consistently calm ambiance flowing throughout the home, yet each bedroom retains its own personality. The master bedroom is no exception.

With muted tones, the room is designed to provide the homeowners with a tranquil sleeping experience, with leather seating to complete the luxurious look.


Connected to two bedrooms, it is necessary to provide ample space to accommodate multiple guests. Even the shower can be closed off for the room to remain usable.

A simple bathroom design can be made elegant with the right accessories and essentials in harmony with the home’s aesthetic.

Featuring double sinks, two walk-in closets, and a separate shower, the master bathroom is a standout. 

When you have the space, a large bathroom can be an investment as far as comfort is concerned. Bathrooms don’t always need to be small!

The bathroom features modern fixtures and a clean, sleek aesthetic, with a shower wall accent that adds patterns for a striking look.

In Conclusion

Its simple elegance makes the Amazing Grace barndominium a definite eye-catcher. A white aesthetic can certainly make a home stand out and serve as a blank canvas for homeowners to add their own personal touches.

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