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6 Fantastic Examples of Designers Making Barndominium Ideas Modern

When designing a barndominium, you may look at examples and wonder if it is the right choice for you. Many barndominiums have a rustic, country style that might not be suited to your personal taste. However, it is entirely possible to make barndominium ideas modern and cater to your particular style. You are not limited to what other people have done in the past and can make your home into whatever you like. 

There are several owners and designers that have made barndominium ideas modern with their specific elements and details. By seeing what these innovators have done, you can start to come up with your own ideas. To help get you started, we have put together a collection of examples of designers making barndominium ideas modern. With a little bit of inspiration, you can create something that is perfect for your needs and your aesthetic. 

6 Fantastic Examples of Designers Making Barndominium Ideas Modern

Modern Indiana Barndominium by Sasha Thoen

When thinking of ways to make barndominium ideas modern, it is important to start with traditional. Look at how many other designers have used traditional elements to create a specific look and feel. Then, you can turn those ideas on their heads or twist them in ways that are more modern and trendy. This is a great way to come up with some ideas and figure out how you can make them your own. 

barndominium ideas modern

The designers of this home made the traditional barndominium ideas modern by adding some harder, more industrial elements. This is perfectly exemplified in the gold crack inlay on the kitchen island. This, plus the contrast of the materials on the island, makes for a modern, high-end feel. The brass light fixtures above it are also a wonderful touch and make some of the more straightforward barndominium ideas modern and classy. 

Isham Jones Realty Crossville Tennessee Modern Mansion Barndominium 

Colors are a great way to make barndominium ideas modern and more contemporary looking. The colors you choose can go a long way toward bringing the look and feel of your home into the present. While there are some very traditional, earthy colors that people tend to use, you are not limited to them. You can go darker or lighter and make everything feel a little more modern if that is the style you are looking for. 

barndominium ideas modern

When the designers of this home chose colors, they made the traditional barndominium ideas modern by going monochromatic. While there are certainly different hues throughout the space, the consistent gray has a fantastic effect. This, combined with the stainless steel and chrome touches throughout, is absolutely perfect. When this is all set against the white background, everything pops without having to use bolder, more traditional colors. 

2311 Hollywood St, Dickinson, TX 77539

The exterior of a home is where you can really make your barndominium ideas modern and thoroughly striking. Since barndominiums have a modular look and design, they are compatible with all kinds of elements that can take them to the next level. You can use all kinds of extra patio areas and unique angles to create something very visually striking. This is especially true if you are willing to do something bold to make your barndominium ideas modern and unique. 

barndominium ideas modern

This home is a great example of how you can make exterior barndominium ideas modern. With the various pillars and coverings, the whole home is unlike anything else in the area. Not only does this home look incredibly unique and modern, but it is also very functional. The extra pillars create some beautiful outdoor areas that are perfect for enjoying a warm summer night or morning. 

White Metal Home by HL Custom Homes (Perrin, Texas)

The bathroom is another place where you can make your barndominium ideas modern as well as functional. There are several ways to take some traditional ideas and give them a contemporary twist. Whether you want something like wood-printed tile or polished cement, it is possible to make your bathroom a contemporary haven. Plus, it is a great place to experiment and try some things you might not otherwise try. 

barndominium ideas modern

The designers of this home made the bathroom barndominium ideas modern by incorporating different materials. The rock wall combined with the wood-print tile creates a look that is both classic and entirely of the moment. The bathtub being separate from the shower is a great take on the traditional barndominium ideas. It also makes the bathroom a lot more usable and adds some extra space, which can be very helpful. 

Minimalist New York Barndominium Full of Modern Intrigue

The exterior colors you use can be just as helpful as anything else when trying to make barndominium ideas modern. While many people think that they are limited to specific exterior colors, you can choose to be bold and stylish anywhere in the home. This is especially true if you are building something a little smaller. Smaller homes can be excellent canvases for bold, unique choices in exterior colors. 

barndominium ideas modern

This barndominium is a great example of making barndominium ideas modern with color choices. The all-black design of this home is unlike most other homes and is very striking. It is made all the more striking by the natural wood coloring of the stairs. These are the kinds of things that make barndominium ideas modern and incredibly beautiful with very little initial investment. 

Lorena, Texas Barndominium by Lisa Cothran

One of the things that barndominiums are known for is the ease with which you can include a loft space. Many barndominium layouts have a loft, and this can be a great way to maximize the square footage you have. You can make barndominium ideas modern and usable with one of these spaces and add some very interesting elements. 

barndominium ideas modern

This barndominium has a loft space, and the designers have created some very modern-looking stairs and railings. The industrial, dark feel is perfectly offset by the rest of the textures and colors in the home. This way, everything is well balanced and makes for an attractive space all around. 


Making barndominium ideas modern can be as simple as the colors you choose. You do not have to do much to add a touch of contemporary class to your home. By knowing how other designers have made barndominium ideas modern, you can come up with your own designs and create your perfect dream home. 

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