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Classic Rural Oklahoma Barndominium by Brent Davis

We’ve all had those moments where we daydream about living in a community where houses have breathing room, where nature stretches out its arms, yet schools, stores, and that cozy little restaurant are just a few miles away. It’s the kind of picturesque scenario that makes you sigh with contentment.

In fact, 57% of Americans prefer living in an area where houses are more spacious and farther apart, even if schools, stores, and restaurants have to be some distance away.

But then, reality sneaks in with its price tags and property market madness. The pursuit of a spacious haven starts to feel like chasing after a mirage, and the dream edges toward the expensive end of the spectrum.

Now, just when it seems like our vision of an ideal home is slipping through our fingers, barndominiums provide an ideal solution. These unique living spaces are like the superhero solution to the never-ending housing hunt. Barndos are open-concept buildings made from wood or metal that combine living quarters with workspaces.

Got your curiosity piqued? We’ve got this feature about a charming Oklahoma barndominium that’s about to light up your imagination. If you’re in that exciting phase of exploring barndo living, get ready to be inspired. 

This Oklahoma gem might just hold the key to turning your dream of a spacious, character-filled country home into a living, breathing reality.


Nestled within the captivating expanse of Oklahoma’s landscape, this single-story barndominium showcases how rural charm can be combined with modern conveniences.

This rural property stretches wide, a testament to the expansive freedom that Oklahoma offers. As you approach, the home’s architecture is infused with creativity and practicality. 

A separate garage, seamlessly linked to the main living space by a shared roof, stands as a testament to intelligent design. This layout doesn’t just draw the eye – it enhances usability. Convenience meets aesthetics, as the garage and home maintain their distinct identities and coexist as intended for both home and work.

There is also a three-door garage. Barndominiums are known to offer wide workspaces beyond just a place to park vehicles; they serve as a creative hub for personal and professional pursuits.

The covered front porch greets you with an impressive front door to boot. 


Stepping beyond the threshold of this Oklahoma barndominium, you’re transported to a place of stylish simplicity. Shades of white and clean lines dominate the interior, enveloping you in a contemporary embrace that feels both welcoming and modern. But as you venture further, you quickly realize that the true beauty lies in the details.

Living Space

Let’s start with the foundation – the wood flooring. It’s more than a surface to walk upon; it’s an investment in timelessness. Stylish and durable, these wood floors can be refinished whenever needed, allowing you to effortlessly remove any signs of wear and tear.

The living room is a spacious canvas for both relaxation and entertainment, equally suited to gatherings and personal moments.

Kitchen & Dining

But as the spotlight shifts, the true star of this home comes into view: the barndominium kitchen. A testament to contemporary living, it occupies a substantial space, a culinary haven that’s as functional as it is stunning.

A sprawling island counter becomes a focal point for culinary creativity and casual conversations. Crisp white cabinetry lines the walls, punctuated by a muted brick backsplash that lends texture and character.

Counter stools provide stylish seating, inviting you to linger and savor the moments that unfold in this culinary masterpiece.

Storage extends beyond practicality. This Oklahoma barndominium excels at providing abundant storage, such as this area that also serves as a pantry, combining function and design. A professional touch elevates the kitchen’s ambiance with these meticulously understated cabinets.


The bedrooms serve as a canvas, providing a backdrop for personal expression through decor and furnishings. It’s a blank slate that beckons your imagination, a tranquil retreat where you can infuse your unique character into the space.


The bathrooms continue this theme of understated style. Amidst the muted tones, the black walls and wooden accent walls add a touch of charisma, while fixtures seamlessly complement the design. 

The main bedroom’s en suite bathroom takes it a step further, offering vanity units with a basin before leading to a separate bathing oasis. 

The bathtubs are thoughtfully placed, creating pockets of luxury within the bathroom’s space, while a double sink adds practicality to the elegant design.

Hexagon-shaped white tiles bring life to the space with their distinctive angles and clean lines. They break the mold of the subdued aesthetic, injecting a burst of character and dimension into the space.

Wrapping Up

As you bid farewell to the rustic charm and contemporary allure of this Oklahoma barndominium by Brent Davis, you stand at the crossroads of possibility. It’s truly inspiring to see that the rural country charm found in many classic homes can be achieved with barndominiums, as well as many other design options.

Want to go beyond the walls of traditional homes, or have you been captivated by the charm of barndo living? Barndominium Life is the ultimate resource.

Explore Barndominium Life and get inspired, find resources, and discover what barno living is all about. Let your imagination take flight as you embark on the journey to create a home that resonates with your heart, a space that echoes your individuality, and a dwelling that is as exceptional as the dreams that fuel it.

Your barndominium dream awaits – take that first step and embrace the adventure that lies ahead!

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