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9 Great Pole Barn Storage Ideas

If you have a pole barn, then you know that it can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used as a garage, workshop, or even a barn! But one of the biggest challenges with pole barns is figuring out how to best use the space. If you are looking for tips and tricks in organizing your barn, then you are in luck. I am sharing with you some pole barn storage ideas that will help you make the most of your space!

Pole barn storage ideas

How Do You Organize A Pole Barn?

When it comes to organizing a pole barn, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider what you will be using the barn for. For example, if you plan on storing hay or straw, you will need to ensure there is enough space for the bales. If you plan to keep animals in the barn, you must create stalls or pens. Once you know what you will use the barn for, you can start organizing the space. 

Add Shelving 

One pole barn storage idea is to use shelves. This can be done by either mounting shelves to the wall or using freestanding shelves. Either way, you’ll be able to utilize more space and keep things organized. Another pole barn storage idea is to use pegboards. Pegboards are great for hanging tools and other items that you need quick access to. You can also use them to store small items such as nails and screws.

Purchase Free Standing Shelves

Having shelves that are not attached to the wall is another great way to organize your pole barn. You can arrange them in rows or along a wall. Within these free-standing shelves, you can have bins of items you are storing. 

You will find that these shelves are a sturdy and inexpensive way to organize and make things easily found. Try color-coding your bins to organize your shelves better and know where your items are stored. 

Install a Work Bench

With an installed workbench in your pole barn, you can keep things more organized, keep your walkway clean, and prevent hazardous situations. A workbench allows you to work on projects as needed and not have to pull out a workbench and find somewhere to store it when not in use. 

pole barn storage ideas for workspace

Hang A Magnetic Bar On Wall For Tools

Using a magnetic bar for tools is a simple but effective way to organize your tools in your barn. It is not only a great way to store tools for organizational purposes but allows you to put them somewhere when not in use and easily grab them for the next job. 

Purchase and Hang Pegboard 

Having a hanging pegboard, you can add pegs to help hang your larger tools like shovels, rakes, hammers, and larger equipment. Having a pegboard allows you to free up floor space. Which, in return, allows you to walk around your pole barn without tripping over items that would otherwise be standing against the wall. 

Build A Loft

loft for pole barn storage help ideas

If you have many larger items, then one pole barn storage idea is to build a loft. This will give you extra space without taking up valuable floor space. You can also use the loft for storing seasonal items such as Christmas decorations or winter weather apparel.

Use Curtains

 Finally, if you’re looking for storage ideas that are a bit more creative, then you can always try using curtains. Curtains can be used to divide the space into different areas or to create a makeshift closet. Curtains can also help section off areas that could make your pole barn appear more organized.

Hang Hooks

If you have a lot of rope or hoses, you need to store hooks hanging on the wall that are reachable will help organize these types of items. You would just hang your wound-up hoses and rope on these hooks. This is a great inexpensive way to organize garden hoses. 

Keep Isle Clear

If possible, it is best to keep the aisleways clear so that you can move around easily. You may also want to partition off sections of the barn for different uses. For example, you might have a section for feed and another for supplies. By taking the time to organize your pole barn, you can make sure it is a functional and efficient space.

Once you get your pole barn organized by trying out some of these pole barn storage ideas, then ask yourself a few questions. Start by asking yourself:

  • Are you able to walk around and get to things easily?
  • Can you find exactly what you need quickly? 

If you answered yes to these questions then you have done a great job organizing your pole barn and allowing a more efficient work area for your benefit.

There you have it! These pole barn storage ideas will help you make the most of your space. So get organized and put these ideas to good use!


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