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Beautiful Texas Barndominium with Open Floor Plan

Today’s featured property is a beautiful Texas barndominium. With a long and narrow layout, this Texas barndominium is a cheerful green that is accented in a bright red. Set among towering trees, this cozy home is charming and private.


Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Exterior

The full length of this Texas barndominium features a covered porch which is perfect for anyone who enjoys sitting outside! Keep cool in the shade, or enjoy a light summer rain while comfortably protected, either way, this large open area is sure to be a well-used feature of the home.

Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Front Porch


Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Entrance

The interior of this Texas barndominium is open concept and with a handful of large windows, filled with natural light. The exposed metal roof give the whole home a ton of interest, along with the wood border and exposed beams.

The interior walls stop before hitting the ceiling, which has also aided in making the entire Texas barndominium appear spacious and large.

Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Living Area

The main living room area is cozy and can comfortably fit a plush couch and matching chair. The fuzzy area rug warms up the room, and subtle decor choices keep it from looking cluttered.

Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Living Room

The kitchen is spacious and practical and even features a wood-burning fireplace in the corner. The island and back countertops provide plenty of space for food prepping and cooking, and the small bistro table and bar stools offer seating options.

Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Kitchen
Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Kitchen 4
Texas Barndominium – Exterior

Stainless steel appliances and a feature tiled section give the room an upgraded look, while the large window allows for the kitchen to be bright and light at all times. The choice to forgo upper cabinetry ensures the room doesn’t look overcrowded and carefully placed open shelves provide the room needed for storage.

Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Kitchen 2
Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Kitchen 3

A bright red screen door leads our tour through the pantry, which at first glance is reminiscent of an old country general store.

Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Pantry Door

The feeling continues as we look inside and spot a number of rustic decor items (minus the microwave!) The pantry is lined with large open shelves which house everything from extra food to canned goods and more.

Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Pantry

Tucked in the corner, a coffee and beverage bar is the perfect spot to start, or finish your day off right! Featuring quaint and charming decor that fits with the theme of the home, this could arguably be the best corner in this Texas barndominium.

Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Coffee Bar

There is a set of sliding white barn doors which lead from the main living area into the master bedroom.

Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Hallway

The room is large and simply decorated to remain feeling peaceful and relaxing.

Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Bedroom

There is a small study area tucked at the entrance of the room and a cozy chair in the corner perfect for reading.

Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Study Nook

This Texas barndominium offers a large master bedroom that features two built-in closets and shelves. The mixture of wood and light paint colors keeps the room looking simple and sleek, and the charming decor items are a continuation of the rest of the style of the home.

Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Bedroom 2
Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Bedroom Closet

There is an attached ensuite in the master bedroom for added convenience!

Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Bathroom

While not overly large, this bathroom is clean and organized and provides all the necessities one could as for. A glass shower can be seen off to the side, making this perfect for a couple!

Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Bathroom 2

The vanity provides plenty of storage, and the knick-knacks and trinkets finalize the country trend that makes this Texas barndominium so adorable and cozy!

Leesburg Texas Barndominium - Bathroom Sink

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