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Charming Country Kentucky Barndominium | With Floor Plan

Today’s featured home is a charming and cozy Kentucky barndominium that reminds us that sometimes simplicity is truly the best. A beautiful two bedroom, two bath, 1152 square foot home, this Morehead, Kentucky barndominium feels like a slice of rural heaven.

East Kentucky Barndominium - Exterior

Exterior – Kentucky Barndominium

Immediately, today’s featured home oozes country charm with its low slope red metal roof and large covered porch. Matching exterior features such as the front door and shudders pop against the light vertical siding and match this lovely, single-level barndominium stand out against its natural backdrop.

East Kentucky Barndominium - Exterior 2

With tons of space, on fair weather days, the porch area acts as an extension of the home, providing room for plenty of chairs and bbq. Whether enjoying a quiet morning coffee alone or entertaining a handful of guests, this extensive area of the home is a welcome addition.

East Kentucky Barndominium - Exterior Porch

Interior – Kentucky Barndominium

Indoors, the charm and country feel continue! Entirely covered in wood, today’s featured barndominium is nothing short of a cottage-inspired home.

East Kentucky Barndominium - Front Door

Living Room – Kentucky Barndominium

East Kentucky Barndominium - Living Room

Featuring a open concept floor plan, today’s featured home is spacious and light! Mimicking the color combination on the exterior, the barndominium is perfectly decorated to give the space a pop of color without being overwhelming.

East Kentucky Barndominium - Living Room 2

Two large windows allow for plenty of natural light to stream into the main living area, and opting for minimal furniture, the barndominium feels fresh and open at all times.

East Kentucky Barndominium - Living Room 3

The main living area, which seamlessly connects to the kitchen, is the central hub of the home, and we can see that the barndominiums bedrooms and bathrooms are located just off of the area. There is also an additional door that provides access to the backyard area.

East Kentucky Barndominium - Living Room 4

Though not built in, the addition of a fireplace just adds to the coziness! Warm lights and natural wood give this space all the peacefulness of a cabin tucked miles away from any busy town or bustling city center.

East Kentucky Barndominium - Fireplace
East Kentucky Barndominium - Interior Decoration

Personal touches hung throughout the home make the barndominium just that – a home.

East Kentucky Barndominium - Interior Decoration 2
East Kentucky Barndominium - Interior Decoration 3

Kitchen – Kentucky Barndominium

East Kentucky Barndominium - Kitchen

The kitchen is a beautiful and perfectly designed area of the home that not only is necessary for function but also adds to the decor with its bright red cabinetry. While some may consider it a bold choice, this exciting kitchen area seems only natural after looking at the barndominium as a whole.

With its open floor plan, there is more than enough room to add the dining table without sacrificing any space in the living room or kitchen area.

East Kentucky Barndominium - Kitchen 2

Bedroom – Kentucky Barndominium

East Kentucky Barndominium - Bedroom

This is a two-bedroom property. However, we are just getting a glimpse into one of the homes sleeping quarters. A large area with two big windows, this bedroom would make for either a spacious master suite or a lovely guest room. Either way, we don’t suspect anyone has trouble snuggling in and resting in this cozy space.

East Kentucky Barndominium - Bedroom 2

Bathroom – Kentucky Barndominium

East Kentucky Barndominium - Bathroom

Two full bathrooms are located in this lovely barndominium, providing all the necessities with non of frivolous extras.

East Kentucky Barndominium - Bathroom 2

Laundry Room – Kentucky Barndominium

Tucked conveniently aside but still easily accessible, today’s barndominium has a stacked washer and dryer. This allows for more space in the main living area and a mudroom to keep those snowy or rainy day shoes and gear from tracking through the house.

East Kentucky Barndominium - Laundry Room

Floor Plan – Kentucky Barndominium

As we can see from the barndominium floor plans pictured below, the Kentucky barndominium has a beautiful open concept floor plan. The living room flows directly into the kitchen and dining area, making entertaining large groups a breeze. The master bedroom suite is conveniently located opposite the house from the guest room and includes a spacious walk-in closet and private bathroom.

East Kentucky Barndominium - Floor Plan

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