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Best Cabin-Style Counce, Tennessee Barndominium by Marsha Moffett Fisher

Are you on the lookout for a rustic-style home? If so, then our feature today is sure to inspire you. The Counce, Tennessee barndominium by Marsha Moffett Fisher boasts the charm of a log cabin, enhanced with modern design features.

The demand for homes is higher than ever. It was reported by the US Census that 12.3 million households were formed in recent years, but only 7 million single-family homes were built during the same period. This means demand is high, but the pickings are slim.

For this reason, alternative homes, such as barndominiums, might be the right option for you. Apart from being much easier to attain, they are also highly customizable and much more affordable.

In today’s feature, we will take a closer peek at a rustic cabin-style barndominium by Marsha Moffett Fisher. Barndo homes can be customized in any way you like, so a cozy country look may be right up your alley. Let’s see what this is all about!

Tennessee Barndominium by Marsha Moffett Fisher - Exterior


Greetings from Tennessee! The 8,000 square-foot Counce, Tennessee barndominium by Marsha Moffett Fisher features a cabin-style home with wood as its main feature. A cabin-style bungalow is typically very spacious and features a lot of natural light. The walls are often made of wood, which gives the home a warm and cozy feeling.

Cabin-style homes are also popular for their large decks and outdoor spaces, which allow homeowners to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Commonly found in rural or semi-rural areas, they are modest, comfortable dwellings that can survive a variety of climates.

Due to their durability, barndominiums are particularly well suited to surviving the extreme climate of Tennessee, which is prone to cold winters, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and tornadoes.

Tennessee Barndominium by Marsha Moffett Fisher - Patio

This Tennessee barndominium features an inviting patio with wooden siding all over the exterior, as well as bricks and stone to complete the rustic appearance. Also, the patio extends throughout the front of the main residence, providing ample space for outdoor activities without being directly exposed to the elements.

This home has excellent curb appeal, with lush green grass in the front yard and a well-maintained driveway that accentuates the home’s attractive exterior. Alongside the main residence, a three-door garage and workshop are connected to a game room which will be discussed in the next sections.


The rustic look of the Counce, Tennessee, Barndominium is reflected in the interior as well. What you will notice, however, is how modern features and amenities elevate this unique property.

Living Area

Tennessee Barndominium by Marsha Moffett Fisher - Living Area

As you enter, you are welcomed by a cozy living room. The home features a fireplace with a unique wooden wall accent holding mounted deer heads. The use of wood is prominent throughout the home, from the high ceilings to the wood beams, to the sliding doors and cabinets.

There is an abundance of comfortable couches in different textures, such as leather and cotton, which add character to the room. There is no doubt that this is a favorite place for family and friends to gather around the fireplace and snuggle up on the couches.


Tennessee Barndominium by Marsha Moffett Fisher - Kitchen

With its bespoke layout and fixtures, the kitchen of this Tennessee Barndominium is a sight to behold. Wood accents on the beams, ceiling, cabinets, doors, and vent hood cover, offset by dark cyan, mean this kitchen is sure to inspire the avid cook in your household.

The dining nook located directly in the center of the kitchen island is a unique feature of this space. We can imagine how dynamic the kitchen would be, with guests seated directly adjacent to the kitchen and able to converse with you as you cook.

Gaming Room

Tennessee Barndominium by Marsha Moffett Fisher - Gaming room

Aside from the standout kitchen, the Marsha Moffett Fisher Barndominium has a dedicated gaming room, which is sure to be a hit when hosting parties and gatherings. This is the ultimate entertainment space with a large leather couch and a pool table area adorned with country-style fixtures and neon lights.


Tennessee Barndominium by Marsha Moffett Fisher - Bedroom

There are four cozy bedrooms in this property, each with its own unique characteristics. However, as you can see from the wooden accents, quilted patterns, and cabinets, the rustic design of the home is consistent throughout.

Tennessee Barndominium by Marsha Moffett Fisher - Bedroom

Rustic-style bedrooms are a popular choice for their warm wood tones and understated furnishings.

Most often, the beds feature a headboard made of natural materials such as wood or stone. Bedding is typically heavy and made from natural fabrics such as wool or cotton. Nightstands and dressers are often modest, with minimal ornamentation. The overall effect is one of comfort and relaxation.

Tennessee Barndominium by Marsha Moffett Fisher - Bedroom

It is the unique design of the safe that sets this room apart from others. It is true that having a safe can provide a feeling of security and peace of mind, knowing that your most cherished belongings are protected. Featuring a large safe concealed behind dramatic wooden sliding doors, this Marsha Moffett Fisher Barndominium takes safekeeping to a whole new level.


Tennessee Barndominium by Marsha Moffett Fisher - Bathroom

If you’re looking for a rustic-style bathroom, this is the way to go. Think wood floors, stone walls, and copper fixtures. Although the fixtures themselves are modest, this space is enhanced by knick-knacks, a tempered glass sink, and wood paneling. These elements contribute to a relaxing and homey feel.

Tennessee Barndominium by Marsha Moffett Fisher - Bathroom

You will also find a double shower in the master bedroom’s ensuite bathroom, which gives the bathroom a real upmarket, luxurious feel. After a long workday, the space makes it possible for a couple to relax together, and makes it easy to bathe the kids and pets.

In Conclusion

The Counce, Tennessee barndominium by Marsha Moffett Fisher exemplifies the rustic appeal of barndominiums with a modern touch. With lots of space to entertain guests, the home also provides plenty of privacy for comfortable and cozy living with loved ones.

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