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Vibrant Green Godley Texas Barndominium by HL Custom Homes

Today’s featured property tour has us heading back to Texas! This Godley Texas barndominium was designed and constructed by popular barndominium builders, HL Custom Homes. Becoming the go-to business for all things barndominium in Texas, HL Custom Homes continues to create impressive homes for area residents.


The first thing that we are drawn to while visiting this Godley Texas barndominium is the vibrant green vertical siding. While many would admit, this color may not be at the top of their list as far as exterior options, HL Custom Homes has perfectly paired the bright color with a natural stone border and finished wood door.

Godley Texas Barndominium - Exterior

The rear of this Godley Texas barndominium is outfitted with the same exterior doors. However, it also boasts a large covered porch area. Owners can enjoy the additional living space, which can be made into a comfortable outdoor sitting area.

Godley Texas Barndominium - Rear Exterior
Godley Texas Barndominium - Porch

Outfitted with multiple lights and fans, this outdoor area can be used for outdoor living areas, an outdoor dining room, or just a quiet place to enjoy nature and sit outside.

Godley Texas Barndominium - Porch 2
Godley Texas Barndominium - Porch 3


Inside this Godley Texas barndominium, we are introduced to another bright color scheme that though equally as bold and daring, fits perfectly into the home. The light blue on the cabinetry and across the island is the ideal amount of spice added to this Godley Texas barndominium without overpowering and dominating the space.

Godley Texas Barndominium - Kitchen Island

With most of the rest of the home being a neutral off-white, this vibrant blue kitchen acts as an exceptional focal point.

Godley Texas Barndominium - Kitchen

Multiple bedrooms are located in this Godley Texas barndominium, making the home a perfect family home. The rooms all feature large windows to allow natural light to stream in and fans for added comfort.

Godley Texas Barndominium - Bedroom 1

Each of the guest rooms located in this Godley Texas barndominium is spacious and neutral-toned, making them a blank canvas just waiting for personalization and decoration!

Godley Texas Barndominium - Bedroom 2

The master bedroom is similarly designed; however considerably larger than the other guest rooms. There are multiple large windows and more than enough space for furniture, decorations, and more.

Godley Texas Barndominium - Bedroom 3

As with nearly all HL Custom Homes barndominiums, this Godley Texas barndominium features a massive walk-in closet. Outfitted with tons of storage, this closet gives plenty of space to keep everything organized and tidy!

Godley Texas Barndominium - Closet

The bathrooms found in this Godley Texas barndominium are simple yet beautifully decorated and designed. We can see that across the hall, there are jack-and-jill style sinks and vanity, and there is a shared toilet area between the two for added convenience. There is a large custom cabinet for storage, and all the cabinetry is painted in the beautiful blue that was originally spotted in the kitchen.

Godley Texas Barndominium - Bathroom

The shower found in this Godley Texas barndominium is a statement piece in and of itself! The brick tiling combined with an extra large shower window make this space feel relaxing and luxurious – the perfect place to wash away stressors of the day!

Godley Texas Barndominium - Shower

Though a shorter tour than we are typically used to with HL Custom Homes barndominiums, these small glimpses are enough for us to confidently say that this Godley Texas barndominium is equally as exceptional as all of the other HL Custom Homes barndominiums that we have toured in the past!

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