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Stunning West Texas Barndominium: 3,104 Sq Ft Modern Farmhouse

Let’s take a look at a modern farmhouse sitting on a 3.5-acre land in Seminole, Texas. This huge 3,104 sq ft gorgeous 2-story home features 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. What’s even more exciting, the massive shop is 1,795 sq ft.

Come check out this Texas Barndominium. A combination of stunning design and layout from exterior to interior, this beautiful home will blow you away!

Here are some of the photos.

West Texas Barndominium Exterior

This barndominium has an interesting entrance layout. How about an unexpected entryway? We find it charming and it gives a surprising way to welcome guests. Covered porches on the sides of the entrance are great for some idle time, especially in the early morning. Prop up a chair, bring out a mug of coffee, and enjoy the fresh morning breeze.

Outdoor wainscots protect the barndominium wall exterior and posts. Aside from that function, it’s also a great look for a low-key design. The exterior looks great with the stone wainscot complementing the colors of the barndominium. Don’t limit wainscoting to the outside of your home. Wainscoting ideas are also great indoor!

West Texas Barndominium front view
Front View
West Texas Barndominium Back View
West Texas Barndominium
Shop Entry

West Texas Barndominium Interior

It’s such a lovely sight upon entry with everything painted white and different colors popping out- from the matching carpets in the dining and living areas, the furniture, and ornaments. Space is so overwhelming with the high ceiling and it looks even brighter indoor with those huge square windows.

The front door opens to the dining area and just a little further is the living area. Check out the white fireplace, which is set right in the middle of the living room. The fireplace design could be the highlight of the living room. Depending on the feel of your home, you can always choose the best fireplace design and style specific to the impression you want to achieve.

With one look, everything is very refreshing to the eyes. The colors are neutral and all complement beautifully. One already feels warm and welcomed from this sight.

The kitchen is its own private little corner and furnished with stylish and modern cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. One can never say no to working on this gorgeous kitchen. Cheers to delicious home-cooked meals!

The master bedroom and bathroom are also downstairs. The master bathroom features a dual sink, a clawfoot bathtub, a separate shower, and a large walk-in closet. Leading upstairs is a staircase and a balcony overlooking the living room and here are the 3 bedrooms and office space.

Enhancing the charm of the West Texas barndominium is the gorgeous woodwork accentuating the stairs and balcony railing, as well as the doors, window frames, and under-counter cabinets. It becomes more noticeable being the only dark-colored ornament.

The woodwork sets the aged look of the barndominium against the rest of the modern features. The vinyl flooring also adds to the beautiful rustic look. Other wooden furniture can be spotted in different areas and everything is just placed in its own corners where they perfectly stand out.

The Bedrooms

The master bedroom is also accentuated with lovely wooden bed and side tables, a drawer cabinet, and a wooden-framed full-sized mirror. Just the same as in the living and dining areas, the master bedroom also looks bright and airy with huge windows.

The children’s bedrooms upstairs are fully carpeted, while the master bedroom is hard flooring. Carpeted floors for the children’s bedroom can come in handy to prevent accidents and for soundproofing. After all, kids do love to jump and run around.

Master Bedroom

The Bathrooms

Master Bathroom
Master Bathroom Dual Sink

Massive Garage

1795 Sq Ft Shop

The West Texas barndominium gives emphasis on simplicity and space. The neutral colors look very simple, relaxing, and makes the rooms looks more spacious. A modern home can still feel rustic with natural colors and woodwork accents just as in this farmhouse.

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