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Ameribuilt Steel Structures Review

Building your own barndominium or post-frame building is incredibly exciting and is an opportunity to create your dream home. While there are a few ways to get a project like this done, a metal building kit is one of the most popular. There are all kinds of options available to you for your building kit provider, and it can be difficult to choose the right one. That’s why Ameribuilt might be one of your best choices. 

Knowing everything you can about Ameribuilt before buying a kit is a good idea. It will allow you to find out if they can provide the kit you need and whether or not they offer quality service. By knowing all about the company before you use them, you can ensure that your build will be a success. In the construction business, being as prepared as possible is key. 

About Ameribuilt 

Ameribuilt is a worldwide distributor of metal building kits and has been in business since 2001. They are a distributor for Outback Steel Buildings and have delivered hundreds of kits to the United States. They also operate internationally, which means they are an incredibly large company with a wide reach. This makes them a great option if you want to build a relatively isolated steel building. 

Ameribuilt prides themselves on building kits that are designed to be as sustainable as possible. They believe that they have a responsibility to the environment as well as their customers. If you want to work with a company that has a conscience and is trying to improve the world, they are a good option. Not all builders have this philosophy, so it can be rare to find one that does. 

What Products Does Ameribuilt Offer?

Ameribuilt is known for providing a wide range of products to its clients. Some of the applications that their kits can be used for include: 

  • Barns and Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Churches and Community Centers
  • Garages
  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Sheds
  • Warehouses
  • Steel Homes
  • Self-Storage Facilities

Since they have such a varied product line, Ameribuilt is a great option for people who want to build a custom home. With so many available choices, you can find one that will be perfect for any application you might want. Whether you are building a large home or simply need a small ADU in the backyard, they have a kit that will work. This makes them a good choice for most people who need a metal building. 

Why Choose Ameribuilt?

Ameribuilt is a kit provider that is heavily focused on custom designs and specifically-built kits. This means they are a great choice for people who want to build their homes to their exact specs. If you are looking to get a kit that is suited to your needs, they could be a great choice. They have the technology and the skill to deliver a kit that will turn into an amazing custom home. 


Ameribuilt has a built-in feature on its website for designing your barndominium kit. They have templates you can start from and add different elements and design choices. This design tool also lets you get a real-time quote for your kit. This allows you to add and subtract things as your budget changes to create a kit that suits your needs and your budget. 

Ameribuilt Pricing 

Ameribuilt has a wide variety of prefabricated kits that you can choose from for your project. One of their most popular is the spacious multi-use kit that is suitable for everything from homes to garages. This kit starts at $33,500 but can be customized to the point that the price will be much higher. Depending on what you want to add and what design elements you include, you could end up paying more. 

Ameribuilt also has budget options that can be turned into almost any kind of building. One of their most popular is their multi-purpose kit, which is 2178 square feet and has an easily customized layout. This kit starts at $23,488. However, just like with the other kits, you can customize it even more, which will end up costing extra. 

Benefits of Ameribuilt 

Ameribuilt has many upsides as a company, and it could be a great choice for a wide variety of customers. One of the things that set them apart is their design tool. This tool can be used right on the website and is incredibly powerful. With the right design choices, you can easily and quickly come up with the perfect design for your shouse or barndominium


The other benefit of working with Ameribuilt for your metal building kit is how they construct their kits. They ensure that all the welding is done before the kit is shipped off. Their kits are easily assembled using nuts and bolts instead of expensive welding. This makes them perfect for people who don’t have much experience when it comes to construction. 

Downsides of Ameribuilt 

Ameribuilt is one of the most trusted providers of metal buildings in the United States. That being said, there is a downside to working with them that might be worth considering. The biggest downside is the fact that they don’t manufacture their own building kits. They are a distributor that ships out kits built by other companies, which is common but may be a downside. 


Even though Ameribuilt doesn’t do their own manufacturing, they still have a high degree of quality control. However, be sure that you make sure your kit is in perfect condition before you start building. This will help ensure that your construction goes as smoothly as possible. The more prepared you are, the better the process of building your barndominium or metal building will be.


Ameribuilt is a fantastic provider of metal building kits in the United States and beyond. They have been in business for over 20 years and provide high-quality kits to their customers. They could be a good option if you are looking for a great kit. Starting with the best materials is the best way to get your perfect custom home. 

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