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Hansen Pole Buildings Review

It’s one thing to choose a barndominium kit provider who is local to your building site and has been proven reliable from years of client relationships. But you enter a completely different field when you end up with one of the first post-frame kit providers to offer their services through the internet!

Hansen Pole Buildings has only been involved in metal building construction for the past 20 years, but they are unique in their online business model.

Choosing a dependable barndominium kit provider reduces the work you have to put into your barndominium project before even breaking ground. And Hansen Pole’s business model has always been centered around offering you a quality post-frame metal building design at an affordable price.

Read on for our review of what Hansen Pole Buildings offers, why they are a trusted barndominium kit provider, and how to order from them in the future.

Hansen Pole Buildings Review

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The Hansen Pole Buildings story dates back to 1995, when technical director Mike Momb first created a website for his construction business. As founder Judy Hansen began to see the value of completing business deals online, she and Mike invested in the optimistic idea of offering pole-building kits through their website in 2002. Within their first 18 months of online business, Hansen Pole Buildings had sold over 375 pole building kits, and everything has only improved since then!

With the help of a metal building kit from Hansen Pole Buildings, you, too can experience their focus on real-time customer service and a simplified construction process. You are guaranteed a high-end barndominium through the Hansen Pole Buildings’ emphasis on quality and efficiency.

Their main office is currently based in Browns Valley, Minnesota, but their online presence allows them to deliver their products all over the United States.

If you are looking for a barndominium kit provider with an unmatched internet presence, Hansen Pole Buildings could be a great fit for you. Their online metal building community expertise allows you to orchestrate your barndominium home project from the comfort of your couch.

What products do Hansen Pole Buildings offer?

What products do Hansen Pole Buildings offer?

Your new barndominium construction will only benefit from an established and reliable barndominium kit provider.

They’ve done all the research and networking to guarantee you can enjoy your new metal building after an efficient and affordable timeline. When you can purchase the metal siding, post frame, roof, and flooring all in one place – along with a premade floor plan for your new home – you get back enough time and energy to focus on any custom details you want to add to your barndominium. The only limit is your budget! Maybe you need to keep your project under $250,000, or you want to aim for ranch-style decor.

If you’re most interested in using one of their prefabricated metal building kits, here are 3 of their most popular kit categories, all of which would make great barndominiums:

Cabin Buildings

A pole barn cabin by Hansen Pole Buildings allows you to build a custom cabin getaway that more has square footage and is more cost-effective than you might ever have imagined before. Materials are used efficiently to ease the construction process, and Hansen Pole Buildings also offers a DIY model option that gives you all the benefits of a cabin kit without charging you for construction work.

Pole barn cabins are available as one-story or two-story kits. If your budget allows, you can even keep the open concept of your pole barn cabin by adding a custom loft.

Pole Barn Home Buildings

A pole barn home, or residential pole building, by Hansen Pole Buildings, is what we like to call a barndominium. Think of all the weather resilience and high ceilings of an agricultural barn with all the curb appeal and customization of a condominium.

Your pole barn home’s pricing will vary based on where you have purchased land to build, the cost of shipping materials, and building codes in your area. Through the Hansen Pole Buildings website, you can easily check out previous pole barn home projects and receive a free pricing quote for your pole barn home project in minutes.

Garage Buildings

A garage pole barn kit could be used as storage for all your big toys, from motorcycles to boats. Or you could use a pole barn garage kit to design your dream garagedominium, which combines your large storage options with customizable residential space.

The basic residential garage kit comes with a wide variety of standard features that guarantee your pole barn garage is weatherproof and built to your preferred dimensions. You can also use Hansen Pole Buildings’ list of nationwide contractors and builders throughout the United States to help guarantee you don’t have to build your garage barn alone.

Why choose Hansen Pole Buildings

Why choose Hansen Pole Buildings

Metal buildings continue to gain popularity around the globe for their easy construction and quick building timeline. But it’s still important to work with a company you can trust to get the job done right. You want to purchase a barndominium kit from someone who has plenty of experience in the metal building industry and who is going to sell you a quality product.

While Hansen Pole Buildings doesn’t have as many years of experience as other metal building kit providers, they guarantee competitive material prices that can’t be beaten. In fact, if you can a lower price for the same building, Hansen Pole Buildings promises to match it. Their quality promise with every kit also includes step-by-step illustrated instructions so you can complete your metal building construction without the help of professional builders if you want. There is also no limit to the customizations they will help you add to your preferred metal building design.

The Hansen Pole Buildings website is designed to be a comprehensive all-in-one barndominium design station. You can even use their online “Ask the Pole Barn Guru” feature to get real-time responses to your individual metal building kit questions.

On top of this, Hansen Pole Buildings lists their company’s top three core values as “honest, integrity, and value.” When you choose to work with Hansen Pole Buildings, you are choosing to work with a company constantly researching how to best offer you the ultimate post-frame experience.

Hansen Pole Buildings Pricing

Hansen Pole Buildings Pricing

Here is a basic list of some of the metal building kits currently listed for sale on the Hansen Pole Buildings website, each of which could be easily converted into a barndominium. Their basic pole barn pricing breakdowns can be found on their website. The cost of your project will vary based on location and local construction codes:

Small design (garage/shed)

This plan would create a 1,080-square-foot space, including the following features.

  • Dimensions of 30x36x10
  • Pricing starts at $12,900
  • Customizations including overhangs and carport
  • Multiple door entry options
  • Project timeframe specifications

Medium design (storage/barn)

This plan would create a 1,600-square-foot space, and it includes the following features.

  • Dimensions of 40x40x12
  • Pricing starts at $21,200
  • Customizations including overhangs and carport
  • Multiple door entry options
  • Project timeframe specifications

Large design (residential/arena)

This plan would create a 5,760-square-foot space, and it includes the following features.

  • Dimensions of 60x96x12
  • Pricing starts at $72,900
  • Customizations including overhangs and carport
  • Multiple door entry options
  • Project timeframe specifications

Hansen Pole Warranties

Hansen Pole Warranties

Every Hansen Pole Buildings kit is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, one they believe to be the best in the industry. The original purchaser doesn’t have to pay anything extra to receive the benefits of this warranty. This warranty covers the major structural elements of your building, from the building columns to the metal roof.

You can contact Hansen Pole Buildings directly to learn more about how you could benefit from their written warranty.


Hansen Pole Buildings is a company that has believed in a different way of doing business from its start. Thanks to its founders’ focus on an online business model in the early ages of the internet, you can find everything you need on the Hansen Pole Buildings website – including free floor plan ideas, a photo gallery of previous projects, and a digital paint-your-building feature. You are guaranteed attention to quality and budget with a Hansen Pole Buildings metal building kit.

Whenever you are ready to start your barndominium construction, you should consider using a Hansen Pole Buildings kit.

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