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Cozy Hedgesville West Virginia Barndominium with Floor Plan

Today’s featured home lands us at a simple and cozy Hedgesville West Virginia barndominium. Though modest in size, this quaint barndominium offers all the beauty and necessities found in larger homes. What this Hedgesville West Virginia barndominium lacks in square footage, it most definitely makes up for in charm!

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Exterior – Hedgesville West Virginia Barndominium

From the outside, today’s featured property is clean and simple. Light vertical siding is offset by a dark band around the base of the home and a matching metal roof.

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Exterior

We can see from first glance that this Hedgesville West Virginia barndominium’s floor plan is made up of both living spaces as well as a large shop/garage area, as is evident by the two bay doors.

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Exterior 2
Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Exterior 3

From a distance, it would be easy to mistake this Hedgesville West Virginia barndominium for just a shop, however, looks don’t matter when you can enjoy such a peaceful setting!

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Exterior 4

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Interior – Hedgesville West Virginia Barndominium

Heading inside with our tour of this Hedgesville West Virginia barndominium we find similar simplicity at its finest. The living room provides all the space for comfort and relaxation with none of the clutter. The light wall color and natural wood flooring make the room bright and open.

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Living Room

Kitchen – Hedgesville West Virginia Barndominium

The kitchen is small but mighty, providing plenty of storage and prep space. The white cabinets are classic and clean, while the bamboo-style countertop ties into the flooring.

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Kitchen

Stainless steel appliances give the kitchen a modern and polished look, and the small window is functional and keeps the space bright.

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Kitchen 2

The kitchen’s island is the perfect size for stylish stools, and the built-in sink allows those cooking and cleaning to interact with the rest of the household.

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Kitchen 3
Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Kitchen 4

One of the prettiest features of this Hedgesville West Virginia barndominium’s kitchen is the countertops. Opting for a natural bamboo style versus a more traditional laminate or stone gives the space a unique look while possibly adding function if it has been properly treated to be used as a cutting board or the like.

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Kitchen 5

Master Bedroom – Hedgesville West Virginia Barndominium

Found directly off of the kitchen is the home’s master bedroom. Again, what is lacking in space is made up for in simplicity and function.

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Master Bedroom

Neutral walls and a large window keep the room from feeling stuffy or crowded and by avoiding the overuse of decorations and knick-knacks, this room is a minimalist retreat.

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Master Bedroom 2

Choosing their space wisely, Wayne Bennett, owner of this Hedgesville West Virginia barndominium, chose to have a practical and quaint master ensuite over a large master bedroom. This not only allows for additional privacy and function, but it is also a feature many would use much more!

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Master Bathroom

Peeking around the door of the master bathroom, we will find that the room is actually multi-purpose and houses the washer and dryer. Not only does this provide the utmost in terms of convenience, but it is also making the most of each and every corner of the home!

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Laundry Room

Second Bedroom

The second bedroom in today’s featured home is also a modest space that prefers to seek out simplicity over excess. Featuring just the basics, the room again is brightened by the large window and light walls and furniture.

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Bedroom 2

Space-appropriate furniture provides the necessary storage, and making use of wall space enables the room’s residents to have a personal getaway to relax and unwind.

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Master Bedroom 2 TV

Guest Bathroom

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Guest Bathroom

The guest bathroom in this West Virginia barndominium is the next room on our tour and, much like the rest of the home opts for classic function. Lights, walls, and a small vanity are all that are needed to make the most of this crisp and clean guest bathroom.

Hedgesville, Virginia Barndominium - Floor Plans

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