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6 Incredible Barndominium Big Garages

One of the beautiful things about building your own barndominium is the fact that they are so customizable. The things that are most important to you can be a big part of the design, and you don’t have to sacrifice them. This is especially true if you are someone who needs a lot of space for projects. Barndominium big garages can be a great way to give yourself space for storage as well as all your hobbies. 

When designing barndominium big garages, you have all kinds of options available to you. You don’t have to settle for a traditional garage with the basic features like pegboards and small workbenches. You can do anything your imagination can come up with and make it a reality. To help get you started, we have put together a collection of some amazing barndominium big garages so you can get inspired. 

6 Incredible Barndominium Big Garages

Amazing Barndominium With Loft and Massive Shop/Garage Area – Over 20 Pictures

The nice thing about designing and building barndominium big garages is how versatile they can be. You can make the space as multi-functional as you like with all kinds of different features and areas for different activities. This not only gives you room in the garage but also in the house. You can keep your home a lot cleaner and less cluttered if you have space for your fun stuff out in the garage. 

barndominium big garages

This garage is a great example of how barndominium big garages can have all kinds of uses. The bar area is a great addition, as is the loft space and the stairs leading up to it. The best part is that these features don’t interfere with the actual space of the garage in the middle. There is still plenty of room to work on cars or store recreational vehicles in the garage itself. 

Sweet 2-Bed, 2-Bath Glen Rose Texas Barndominium with Floor Plan

When you think about barndominium big garages, you probably think about spaces that are incredibly functional. The truth is that a garage is really only as functional as the number of access points it has. You need to make sure that your garage has plenty of doors and that they are big enough for all your vehicles. The more doors a space has, the more open, spacious, and useful it will be. 

barndominium big garages

This is a good representation of how you can have multiple doors for barndominium big garages. With the large door on the front and a smaller rolling door on the side, there is plenty of space for smaller vehicles as well as some of the bigger ones. Plus, the covered porch area is an excellent addition for relaxing when work is done. Keeping your specific needs in mind is crucial when designing barndominium big garages. 

Stunning Blue Metal Home by HL Custom Homes (Azle, TX)

You might not think about it at first, but barndominium big garages can really benefit from color. The colors you choose for your garage can play a big part in how they feel as well as their overall functionality. For example, if you live in an area that gets hot regularly, you will most likely want to stick to lighter, brighter colors. Plus, this gives barndominium big garages a nice, clean feel that can be very refreshing. 

barndominium big garages

This garage is the perfect showcase for how effective color can be in barndominium big garages. The white makes for an airy feel that is incredibly inviting and creates a wonderful blank canvas. Plus, it gives the garage a clean look that is not very common in garages but is very welcome. If you are looking to have a space that feels calming and quiet when you come home from a long day, bright white could be a good option. 

Texas Best Construction Red Barndominium

While colors in barndominium big garages are important, they are not separate from the colors of the home. In fact, a garage can be an excellent opportunity to reference the rest of the house using color and texture. This gives everything an incredibly cohesive and put-together feel that can bring the whole home into focus. If you plan on making your garage accessible to guests, this is even more important. 

barndominium big garages

This garage shows just how beautiful it can be to use the home colors in barndominium big garages. The corrugated metal of the home itself is visible on one side and is used here as an accent wall. This is a great way to add a bold color and make the garage look as beautiful as the home. Plus, it makes the rest of the garage look bigger in comparison, especially with the lighter colors in place.  

Isham Jones Realty Crossville Tennessee Modern Mansion Barndominium 

One thing that can take barndominium big garages to the next level is to focus on the ceiling. Most of the time, people don’t think too much about the ceiling in their garages. However, by adding things like struts and beams, you can give a huge illusion of height. This is an effective way to give a sense of space and opulence to the garage. 

barndominium big garages

This garage uses exposed beams to create a large, open space. With these beams, it gives the garage an industrial, modern look. It also utilizes a beautiful floor covering that is easy to clean, which is essential if you are working on cars in the space. 

Pinno Buildings Wisconsin Barndominium 

When designing barndominium big garages, it is important to remember that the outside is just as important as the inside. You should think about things like the colors and materials of the doors as well as any awnings. This can add a lot to the exterior look and feel of your home and bring it all together. 

barndominium big garages

This garage is a great example of how you can integrate the colors and textures of the garage with the rest of the home. The natural wood elements contrast beautifully with the black paint and make for a bold, modern look. Plus, the double garage doors give it an excellent symmetry that compliments the whole house. 


Building barndominium big garages is a good opportunity to make your home as useful and beautiful as possible. With so many great options available to you and a wide range of design choices, you can customize your garage to be perfect for you. This way, your dream barndominium can be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

If you would like more guides like this one, check out the rest of There, you will find more helpful tips and tricks from the pros. You will also find featured barndominiums, barndominium floor plans, and information on financing and insurance. Knowing as much as you can will help you get the best results for your dream home.