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Best Central Alabama Barndominium: Zack And Tshan Clark

For many Americans, the dream of homeownership is increasingly out of reach. The cost of real estate has skyrocketed in recent years, and 49% of Americans report that affordable housing is a major concern in their local community.

Due to this, many households are now considering alternatives to traditional homes. Barndominiums, in particular, are becoming dream homes for many thanks to their reasonable costs.

From rustic to contemporary, there’s no wrong way to make your barndominium home your own. These homes offer the perfect blend of country living and modern convenience, and they can be customized to fit any aesthetic you please.

Today, take a ride along with us as we take you on a tour of Zack and Tshan Clark’s’ Central Alabama barndominium that exudes a modern farmhouse aesthetic guaranteed to inspire! Here we go.

Central Alabama Barndominium


Alabama is among the top places to build a barndominium, and the Clarks have managed to make theirs stand out from the rest. The farmhouse aesthetic is prominent, in part because of the natural barn structure and wooden supports.

In contrast, the use of neutral colors, such as the black exteriors and white windows, combined with clean lines and metal accents, creates the same sleek touches you can see in many modern homes. There is a focus on function over form, resulting in a sense of calm and minimalism.

The metal siding on this black barndominium is both functional and aesthetic. The metal is functional because it is durable and easy to clean, and can withstand the harsh Alabama weather. This black metal siding also gives off the look of a modern farmhouse, which is on trend today.

As you can see, the chimney cutout disrupts the symmetry of the home’s exterior and, while intended for functionality, also adds to its personality and sense of depth.

With plenty of open space, the surrounding area also provides ample opportunities for landscaping to enhance the curb appeal of the property.

Central Alabama Barndominium

In the Clarks’ barndo, the clean lines, no-frills wooden supports, and metal further display the look of a modern farmhouse. There is nothing better than this spot for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, as well as keeping an eye on all that is going on in the yard and on the farm.

In the summer, the front porch provides shade from the heat while also serving as additional living space. Plus, it’s a great all-around spot for hanging out outside with family and friends.


A minimalist look is extended to the Clarks’ barndominium home interior, focusing on a clean structure with neutral-colored walls and minimalist flooring.

Living Area

Interior of Central Alabama Barndominium

Traditional wooden furnishings give the living room a homey feel, with added textures provided by the carpet and a generously sized, welcoming couch.

Barndominiums offer large, open living spaces, making it possible for you to customize these units with whatever features you like, such as a bar to entertain guests, or a statement-making mantle and fireplace surround.

The Clarks’ rustic fireplace, built with bricks and wood, is a standout in the space. It gives the room a warm glow and creates a sense of coziness, especially on a cold night.


The Clarks’ barndominium offers a charming kitchen with a contemporary twist. Although it has a rustic look that is reminiscent of a humble barn kitchen with wooden elements and countertops, the minimalist approach to creating the kitchen, clean white finishes, stainless appliances, and a touch of blue on the breakfast bar impart a sense of personality and modernity to the overall design. It’s definitely the heart of this home.

This large space also has the potential to be expanded into a dining area that will complement the home’s aesthetic.


This Central Alabama home includes three bedrooms, each of which offers plenty of room for the homeowners to let their personalities shine through.

There are many barndominium kit providers available, allowing you to customize the layout of your open-plan home while maintaining plenty of private space.

With multiple rooms in a variety of sizes and colors, the Clarks’ barndominium has been designed with the needs of the entire family in mind. Even one of the rooms can be converted into additional living space, such as a gym or an office. There are endless ways to customize them.


With its minimalist aesthetics and refined design, this Central Alabama barndominium combines functionality and a sense of style. Black accents on the towel rack, knobs, and handles complement the home’s modern appearance.

This modern barndominium home is further elevated by its stylish main bathroom. Black tiles adorn the elegant enclosed shower and bath, with contrast provided by a neutral gray wall.

A closer look reveals a built-in stool in the shower space. A shower seat can add functionality by allowing you to keep toiletries close at hand, provide a footrest for shaving or bathing, and provide perches within easy reach of the water spray.

Final Thoughts

The Clarks Central Alabama Barndominium shows how you can transform a rustic farmhouse look with a contemporary aesthetic. The state of Alabama firmly embraces the barndominium lifestyle, so be sure to read our ultimate guide to building your dream home there.

Our comprehensive barndominium builders directory can also assist you in creating your home plan, with over 500 builders to choose from!

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