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Blossoming Myakka, Florida Barndominium by Darrell Brown

It’s an exciting time – building a barndominium speaks to the inner DIYer in every homeowner. You have visions of turning an old, dilapidated barn into your dream home, with all its rustic charm and modern touches. Today’s feature is about the Blossoming Myakka, which shows how the dream of Building a Barndominium in Florida can be transformed into reality.

Barndominiums are growing in popularity due to their easygoing country charm and versatility in design. Unlike traditional homes, barndos combine the best features of barns and residential dwellings into one structure. The result is an open-concept living space that offers homeowners more freedom to design and customize than conventional homes do.

With its wide range of possibilities, building a barndominium is an exciting and rewarding project. While barndo homes today are prefabricated with kit providers, you can also go old school and restore your own barn – and our feature shows just how amazing the results can be. Let’s jump right in!

Blossoming Myakka, Florida Barndominium by Darrell Brown


This original barn, built 16 years ago with only the main poles, roof, and cupola, has been transformed by Darrell Brown into a blossoming barndominium with modern touches that rivals many contemporary homes today, all while maintaining its charm as a rustic barn structure.

Brown’s barndominium is located in Myakka, Florida, where the warm climate gives rise to lush landscapes and greenery. Barndominiums are also a popular choice in Florida due to their easy construction and adaptability to the state’s changing tropical weather conditions. 

Whether night or day, this Florida barndominium never fails to impress. Undoubtedly, this house has some of the best barndominium curb appeal we have seen. 

Clever landscaping design and outdoor decor enhance the home’s appearance, including the iconic Florida bismark palm trees on each side, dramatic outdoor lighting, and a graveled entryway that directs our eyes to the home’s center.

A huge range of beautiful plants thrive in Florida, so you can create an oasis that requires easy maintenance yet looks stunning year-round. In this Florida barndominium, the lush garden adds beauty and character to the outdoor living area and enhances the home’s privacy.

Landscaping allows homeowners to be creative and express their unique style when designing their patios and gardens. 

Using plants, hardscapes, water features, lighting, and other elements, you can transform a bland backyard into an aesthetically pleasing and functional environment.

While restoring a barn, preserving older features like this swing adds rustic charm to this quaint outdoor sitting area.

In another outdoor sitting area, you can see how placing unique lighting fixtures and plant arrangements help keep things fresh. 

“Preston the Peacock” would like to say hello!

This elegant outdoor seating setup looks like something out of a fairy tale, complete with an outdoor chandelier that complements the delicate potted blooms.

Looking for a way to get people outside? That’s when you need an alfresco dining area. This Florida barndominium creates a stunning rustic outdoor dining setting with vintage fixtures and several textured wooden pieces of furniture. The hanging stained glass decor at the back completes the rural aesthetic perfectly.

Darrell Brown opted to create a more refined outdoor seating area with sleeker furniture and decor. With this poolside dining setup, family and friends can enjoy a refreshing ambiance while relaxing by the pool. 

It’s time to step up your patio game by adding an outdoor fireplace. Not only do these features provide warmth during chilly evenings, but they also lend a rustic feel to your outdoor space. Add some comfy seating, and you’ll have the perfect spot to gather with friends and family for conversations and hot cocoa.

Fireplaces also add visual interest to your outdoor space, providing an eye-catching focal point where everyone will want to hang out.


When you enter the front door, you’re greeted by carefully crafted details that show how charming a home crafted from a barn can be. This home makes an unforgettable impression with its seamless blend of modern and rustic features.

There is nothing wrong with a pop of color! In this case, a red screen door (a color sprinkled throughout the decor) gives the home an individual feel that truly reflects countryside living. As a bonus, a screen door helps to keep bugs out while letting fresh air in.


While the kitchen allows for modern white aesthetics, rustic trinkets are sprinkled here and there for a cohesive look.

Upstairs Deck

As you can see, Brown’s barndominium includes the outdoors as a focal point throughout the home. A screened deck provides shelter from direct sunlight, rain, and wind while allowing air circulation. It can also be combined with planters or trellises to add extra visual interest to your deck area. 

Upstairs Bedroom

An upstairs bedroom showcases a contemporary rustic design, made homey by the use of warm tones.

For a more unconventional approach, the room also features a no-door bath. This design helps prevent cramped spaces in showers and makes the space more accessible and safer for disabled individuals or young children.

Guest Suite

The antique furnishings and lighting fixtures in the guest suite evoke a homey atmosphere typical of a rural retreat. The room reminds us of the barn this home once was.

The guest suite also features its own living area. As well as providing a sophisticated feel, this also ensures guests have a space to relax in their own bedroom. A sliding barn door separates the living space from the bed, adding a dramatic element to the room. 

Guest Bathroom

The guest suite bathroom follows a similar color scheme to the bedroom but is constructed with sleek and modern materials. This approach serves to break up the essentially rural vibe of the home without losing its essence.

A nature-surrounded bath sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Having an outdoor bathtub lets you relax and breathe in the fresh air while taking a soothing soak. 

Final Thoughts on the Blossoming Myakka

The Blossoming Myakka, Florida barndominium by Darrell Brown demonstrates a perfect harmony between rustic country style, modern functionality, and enthusiasm for the natural world. By integrating modern features into an otherwise traditional barn, this home exudes a unique and charming character.

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