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Braxton Morris’s Spacious Barndominium

You’re in for a treat when you look at this barndominium from Braxton Morris located in Rayville, Louisiana. Do you love the idea of a spacious farm getaway? Yes? Do you want to feel like a million bucks while also being in the middle of nature? Yes? Then we have the home to show you. This fantastic home has got our attention, and we can’t wait to show you why.


The exterior of this home has an amazing wow factor! From the beautiful white barndominium to the land that this home sits on!

You will see a deep blue pond from an aerial view with plenty of room for a boat, to fish, or to lounge by. There are also many acres of green land, with trees surrounding the home. You can really enjoy everything nature has to offer on this property.

In addition, there’s plenty of space to park one’s car, making it an ideal home for gatherings or other events. You’ll also notice that the home has a unique appearance from the aerial view and impressive curb appeal. It’s all white, with a look that feels like a barn house combined with a farmhouse. So let’s zoom in on and see what the home has to offer.

We love the covered porch that they are building! it helps protect the home from the sun and just is esthetically pleasing.

The dark wooden doors are classic and we love the grand double door entrance.

This covered carport between the home and the shop is perfect! It is great for parking cars, hosting gatherings, or working on a project that is protected from all the elements.


Laundry Room

Now, let’s enter the wooden doors and go into the laundry room. This room is massive and with two washers and two dryers, it is a family’s dream.

In addition, the laundry room includes many cupboards and shelves for storage and we love the built-in sink to clean off those muddy boots.

Any home needs a large laundry room to make each stage of laundry much more manageable, and we think this room serves in this regard.


You can’t help but be in awe of this staircase. We love the mix of rustic and modern with the wooden steps and the black iron sides.

If you are a hunter, then you will love the hunter’s aesthetics covering all the walls. From deer heads to pictures, it’s a country retreat anyone will love.

There’s also a tiny stair cupboard for extra storage, with a table and seats nearby for more room to do some unique activities. That little niche would make for a perfect little play house for kids or toy storage. Past the stairs, you’ll see a hallway with different rooms.

The interior space includes a vast living room with creative designs everywhere you look.

The stone fireplace is such a statement piece that we love! And the pictures and deer heads give each side of this a symmetrical finished look.

Above the warm fireplace rests a wall shelf mantle with a wall-mounted TV above it.

This living room is an excellent place for family gatherings or to relax with some TV. It almost feels like a mansion foyer, blending regalness with a rural aesthetic. There are plenty of opportunities for decorating too.


We’re in love with this kitchen! You’ll realize just how big this kitchen is from the aerial view.

The island of this kitchen is huge! It is a great U shape design where you can feast with several people around the counter and within. We love the bench-style seating that will soon house the dinner table.

We love that the sink looks to the main living area of the home so that you can be involved in the conversation even when you are on dish duty.

There are also many wall cupboards and shelves with an oven built-in. A stainless steel fridge rests in the corner, storing all the food you can eat!

With this much space, we can only imagine what you could do if you love cooking. You could make all the dishes in the world and still have room to make dessert.


This first bedroom is warm and cozy which is nice and spacious and also has a nice big window. We love all the wood trim to give this home a nice warm look. We love the blue accent wall they selected in this home as it pairs perfectly with the white walls.


The first bathroom is so nice. It is a jack and jill style with split vanities with a nice dark wooden cabinet that gives this bathroom a really nice luxurious look to it.

The other bathroom has the same split vanity design with plenty of storage in between. We love that the toilet is in its own room giving you the privacy you need while others still can get ready for the day.

In this barndominium, you will find another great bathroom! This one is a standard bathroom with a single sink basin and toilet with a shower tub combo. While this is a standard bathroom it is elevated to the next level with the use of wood trim.

Shower Room

This shower room is out of this world! You’ll be amazed when you enter here, as it looks more like a sauna with how spacious and wooden it is.

Several showerheads and hoses are attached to the wall, turning the act of showering into a ritual you won’t forget. Also included in the room is a wall bathtub, helping you get the best of both worlds. We are amazed by just how lovely this room is.


This bedroom is spacious, with a ceiling fan that looks powerful enough to cool down the sun. A single window allows for some light or extra air as well. We can imagine falling asleep and waking up in the center of one of the prettiest homes we’ve ever seen, and that’s a fantasy we want to hold onto for a little longer.

Every great 2 story barndominium floor plan has a loft! This area is the perfect art studio, playroom, game room, or sitting area. we love how open it is!

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