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What to Consider When Building a Coastal Barndominium

Building a barndominium is a great way to get a home project up off the ground when working on a budget. However, barndominiums are unique buildings, and they require their own sets of considerations. This is especially true if you are building one on the coast, which can be tough on buildings in general. A coastal barndominium has a lot of benefits, but it also needs to be fully considered before getting started. 

When building a coastal barndominium, you have to think about the environment and how it will affect the building. To help get you started, we have put together a complete guide on what to consider when building a coastal barndominium. With a little bit of planning, you can avoid some common mistakes and pitfalls. This way, you can be sure that your barndominium will last you a long time and that you can keep it in good shape for many years. 

Why Build a Coastal Barndominium? 

Building a home on the coast is one of the best projects you can take on. A coastal barndominium offers a way of life that is incredibly desirable. Being close to nature and the majesty of the ocean can work wonders when it comes to your relaxation and overall quality of life. Plus, coastal communities tend to be unique and have a connection to the natural world that is hard to beat. 

coastal barndominium

A coastal barndominium is also much more likely to hold its value when compared to barndos built in other places. Coastal property will always be in demand with buyers from all walks of life. If you are planning on selling your barndominium at any point, building it on the coast is a great idea. A coastal barndominium will sell quickly and at a premium, which can help you move on to your next project with ease. 

What to Consider When Building a Coastal Barndominium 

While building a coastal barndominium is a great choice for any home builder, you have to know what to expect. There are challenges associated with building a home on the coast, no matter what type it is. Understanding what you should consider when building a coastal barndominium will help you make the right decisions along the way. 


The materials you decide to use for your coastal barndominium are incredibly important. They can make or break your whole project and give you the longevity you want from a home you build. Because of the salt that is in the sea air, the more durable you make your home, the better off you will be. The air in a coastal climate can cause damage like rot and mold as well as rust and deterioration. 

Fortunately, the materials used in most barndominiums are incredibly durable. Barndos are built using steel and concrete, which will withstand all kinds of climates and different kinds of weather elements. However, you should think about using stainless steel on the outside panels of your home. This will help protect against the rust and oxidation that is common when building around the ocean. 

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One thing you need to consider when building a coastal barndominium is the difference in temperatures. If you are used to one climate further inland, it can be a shock to move to the coast. You might be surprised at how much colder it gets by the ocean, especially at night. Because of this, you will want to take extra care when installing insulation in your coastal barndominium. 

When you build a barndominium, you will most likely use spray foam insulation. With spray foam, you have two options when it comes to density: open-cell and closed-cell. While open-cell foam is much cheaper, it is not going to be nearly as effective as closed-cell. It will be well worth the extra money to use the denser spray foam insulation and keep yourself as warm as possible while making your home more efficient. 

Sound Proofing 

You may also be unaware of the noise that comes with building a barndominium on the coast. You will absolutely have to deal with the sound of the ocean, of course, but other noises are prevalent. Things like foghorns and fog warnings can all be incredibly loud and cause major disturbances in your home. Taking some extra steps to soundproof your barndo can be a big help. 

While using the closed-cell spray foam insulation will help with soundproofing, windows are also important. Using the highest-quality double-pane windows you can find is crucial. Most of the outside noise will come through the windows, so making sure to improve your soundproofing there will help. You should also remember that you have to insulate the roof of your barndo, which will help with sound if rain starts to fall.

Soil Quality 

Perhaps the biggest challenge that comes with building a coastal barndominium is the soil. Sometimes, the soil in coastal areas can be slightly weak due to the prevalence of sand. This means that you will have to take some extra precautions when building your home. In fact, you should be wary of purchasing any property before you get the soil tested. 

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To get soil tested for structural integrity, you can have a cone test done. During this test, a professional team will take soil tests and measure its viability for building. While this extra step may cost a little extra money, it will be well worth it in the long run. The last thing you want is to get your home built, only to realize it has begun to sink. 


Building a coastal barndominium can be a fantastic way to get all the best parts of nature around your home. If you are someone who enjoys the ocean and everything it has to offer, a coastal barndominium could be a dream come true. Even with all the challenges involved in building on the coast, there are so many benefits. With just a little bit of extra planning, you can be living in your dream home and enjoying the beauty and majesty of the sea. 

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