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Beautiful Charcoal Gray Barndominium Charming Home

There’s nothing worth dreaming of than a peaceful and beautiful charcoal gray barndominium home in the equally lovely scenery of fresh green grass meeting the clear blue skies. The Decatur Metal Home with garage is a dream home. Paint a picture of kids running around the vast lawn, or the entire family having a picnic. Or, sitting by the porch watching your pets going around the beautiful landscape. Just a few things you could picture out of this image if was your barndominium in Texas.

Charcoal Gray Barndominium

When you’re driving and just casually passing houses, there is always that house worth gazing at where you’d wish it was your home. This charcoal gray barndominium is that kind of home. Not exactly conspicuous, but totally charming and because the colors are neutral, the exterior look is cool on the eyes.

The brick wainscot is a lovely contrast to the charcoal gray walls and roof. and is a great exterior decorative. Huge windows are sure to let lots of natural light into the home. The panels on the garage doors add aesthetic to an otherwise metal car shelter.

Around the back of the house, the white window and door trims bring attraction. It helps break the flatness of gray all over the exterior. Charcoal gray is definitely a great match for any color, and whatever you match it with really stands out.

Decatur Metal Home with Garage Outside View
Outside of Home and Garage
Garage Driveway
Garage Side Door
Front Porch
Side Porch
Decatur Metal Home with Garage Back View

Inside the Charcoal Gray Barndominium

The first very noticeable thing before entering the lovely home is the decorative wrought iron design on the half-glass door, bringing us back to the Victorian period. The interior is divided into areas- a foyer upon entering; stairs leading to the second floor between the foyer and kitchen; and then the open space kitchen and dining; and living room wth a huge fireplace.

From the foyer, 2 charming lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling. One is a simpler design, and the other more fancy-looking. Gray color dominates the interior, with touches of brown and white. The neutral tones make the interior look very earthy. This is especially emphasized by the wood effect of the vinyl floor. The huge brick fireplace keeps the entire open space warm.

A very nice thing inside the Decatur Metal Home with garage is that the kitchen has an exclusive area. The section has plenty of storage spaces to keep the kitchen organized. This area is painted white which keeps it looking neat, and the brick backsplash pops out and looks really vibrant.

The stairs to the second floor are beautiful brown wood planks, also the railings for the loft. Wood is beautifully highlighted as it contrasts the gray walls.

Living Room and Kitchen

Front Door
First Floor
Main Hall with Fireplace
Fireplace and Kitchen
Kitchen and Staircase

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The Decatur Metal Home has 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. Two of the bedrooms have their own bathrooms and one is a common bathroom.The bedroom walls are painted in shades of brown with white door and window trims. All these rooms are kept bright during the day with huge windows letting in lots of natural light.

There are 2 other rooms in the second floor- one used as another living room or could be a movie room, and the other just an attic space that can function as reading corner or play area.

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom with Bathroom
Master Bedroom Walk-in Closet
Bedroom 2 with Full Bathroom
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 3 Windows
Attic Space
Second Floor Living Room
Master Bathroom Toilet and Sink
Master Bathroom Sink and Shower Room
Master Shower
Bathroom 2 Shower and Sink
Bathroom 3 Bathtub and Sink
Laundry Room
Second Floor
Door to Porch

The Garage

The barndominium also has a garage big enough for two cars and a little more for storage. It is accessible through a side door from the outside, or through the laundry room from inside the house.

Garage and Door to Living Space

Building your own charcoal gray barndominium might not be too easy, especially how to start. The Barndominium Life Program is just the perfect resource you can have for anything about barndominiums, from learning the concepts until moving in day!