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Barndominium with Horse Stalls in Arkansas | Comfortable 2-Bedroom Living Space

When we talk about barndominiums, people usually think of metal homes with shops or garages. It’s a little-known fact, but the term barndominium originally described a property where you could keep your horses nearby. That’s exactly what the owners of this beautiful Rogers, Arkansas barndominium have done as well. It is a barndominium with horse stalls- living quarters above, four stalls, a tack room, and a foyer below the house.

The building is a 1200 sq ft living space with 2 bedrooms with walk-in closets, 1.5 baths, an office, a pantry with a laundry space at the far end, and an open space kitchen and living room. The best part about this build is that the owners are able to check on the horses just by standing in the foyer and looking through the door.

Rogers Arkansas Barndominium Exterior

About this Barndominium

The house was built by a builder- a 2-story house with a 10 ft ceiling below which is the barn area. The foyer and tack rooms support the top floor of the building so that posts were not needed.

The build cost about $150,000 before finishing the barn which includes custom stall fronts, feeders, orthopedic stall mats, and the custom barn doors and Dutch doors. Additional costs were for labor and materials at different rates. Although the largest expense was the framing, with wood being expensive and considering the house being 2-stories, the labor was also high.

Despite that, the owners had different means to be able to save throughout the build by doing the yardwork, foundation layout and pad, and the concrete themselves to name a few. Also, making use of salvaged corrugated metal roofing sheets they found in their property; milling their own wood for shiplap walls, stairs, and all of the shelving upstairs; and horse barn area finishing. And in the long run, for even less maintenance, the house is built with hardy plank siding and asphalt shingles.

Rogers Arkansas Barndominium with Horse Stalls

Arkansas Barndominium with Horse Stalls Interior

All the wood is rough cut and not planed or kiln-dried. The owners thought it was unnecessary since the majority of the wood is in the barn walls. They also used wood on the stair treads, stair posts, pantry shelves, and bathroom shelves, and they look just amazing. The bare and natural look of wood is timeless and looks great in whichever part of the house it is placed in.

It is important when planning out to be aware of things to know before building including the nature of the materials that will be used when building to avoid mistakes. One problem with wood on walls that the owners were aware of is that it expands and shrinks, but this was also something they didn’t mind. The walls behind the wood weren’t painted. Although these wood planks were originally planned to be sprayed white, they changed their minds against painting, staining, or clear-coating it when the planks were up on the walls.

Another concern was moisture which was resolved by putting plastic between the wood and the inner wall as a barrier. Well, they sure did do right as this wooden wall certainly looks nice as it is, and definitely a great wall accent to break the white paint of the entire indoor.

Living Room

A living room interior of white and brown give the whole feeling of being in a farm. Wooden walls and wood-like flooring intensifies the warm and cozy feel of a farmhouse.

The living room looks spacious with less furniture and a carpet that matches the look of the space. One couch, an ottoman, small tables, and a lampstand in the room give more room for people to walk around. The doors lead to the master bedroom that has wide barn doors, the bathroom to the right, and another bedroom adjacent to the bathroom door.

rough-cut wood on wall
Wall upstairs with rough-cut wood, lightly sanded to eliminate splinters.


The Rogers Arkansas Barndominium bedrooms are kept bright with huge doors that lead to the small balcony in the master’s bedroom. Just the same as the master bedroom, lots of natural light from the huge window also makes the second bedroom bright. Both bedrooms each have walk-in closets.

Kitchen, full bathroom, and pantry/ laundry area

The flooring is Luxury Vinyl Plank. What’s to love about it? It is indestructible and looks and feels like wood, as the owners describe it. The kitchen countertops are brushed black pearl granite. The countertops also function as the dining table.

The bathroom shelves are also made of rough-cut wood. The toilet has its own space and room for full privacy while the rest of the bathroom can still be used.

The pantry also functions as the laundry area at the far end of the room. A glass door keeps it convenient being able to see through when working tasks in the kitchen and doing laundry at the same time.

Pantry and Laundry area

Foyer and staircase to the living quarters

As mentioned, one of the best things about living in the Rogers Arkansas Barndominium with horse stalls is that the owners are able to check on the horses from the foyer. This area provides access to both the living quarters through the stairs and also going to the barn. A washroom is located in the foyer which is right under the stairs.

This beautiful wooden staircase is milled from trees in the property and is a clear-coated matte finish so that they aren’t slick. The hand railing is custom-made from a local fabricator. Just going up through these stairs already feels so homey.

Stairs leading to the living quarters
stairs from the foyer

Horse barn

Within the barn are 4 stalls, a tack room, and a feed room. Finishing the barn cost an additional $25,000. The stall fronts, Dutch doors, and barn end doors are all custom-made to fit.

The barn has a very charming look because of the wood walls. It is even more natural-looking with the wood being untreated and left unpainted. The ceiling is made out of corrugated metal roofing sheets that were found within the property.

Lights are set farther apart and fans are placed in between. Every 6 ft is an alternate of fan and lighting.

Rogers Arkansas Barndominium Floor Plan

The process of buying or building a barndominium- from planning to the actual building and finishing out, can be difficult especially if you have no idea where and how to start. Proper planning especially helps with finding ways to save on costs during the process, particularly if you are on a tight budget. It greatly helps to know people who can guide and answer questions you might have along the way. It would be advisable to join different Barndominium groups on social media and check out lots of designs and ideas from the internet.

Getting yourself a copy of Don Howe’s Build Your Dream Barndominium ebook will also greatly help you out with anything concerning barndominiums.