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Cozy Alabama Barndominium with Large Carport and Outside Storage

Alabama barndominium - exterior

Today’s featured home on is this cozy one-bedroom, one-bath Alabama barndominium in a pretty corner of land near Holtville. 

Nestled in a shady copse with a good stretch of unspoiled flatlands all around, Randy Raine’s home is a fantastic example of what barndominium living is all about; a picturesque country escapes far back from the furor of city life, exuding a distinct rural beauty from every little feature. 

Though this build is less than a year old, its simple, timeless floor plan and farmhouse-style design flourishes makes it feel like a long-standing staple of the area.

Holtville, Alabama Barndominium


Alabama barndominium with shed in background

This Alabama barndominium radiates its strong sense of hominess from the first instance, with a long gravel drive running along a row of tall trees up to the large carport that overhangs from the front of the home. On the left side of the home, a manicured lawn stretches between the barndo’s side door and a little shed with white, shiplap-effect walls acting as a counterpoint to the vertical-slat walls of the home itself.

The ample carport’s black steel pillars are surrounded by stacked stone bases, adding a touch of modern intrigue framing the home’s more rustic facade. A classic American door serves the entranceway just right of a rolling garage door, flanked by two rustic black lights at the top and some rounded, minimalist stone decor features at the base. Above this, a sliding black barn door provides access to the loft, and offers a striking contrast to the bright, white walls. 

Alabama barndominium roof

Moving around the right side, you’ll see two tall windows with black framing, and get a better view of our favorite stand-out feature of the home: a timeless vented cupola with a cockerel weathervane!

No matter where you stand, the exterior of this home is characterized by the contrast between the plain white walls and black iron framing – a sharp, though never overwhelming design choice, that clearly defines the edges of the home and helps the whole property pop from the bucolic background.

Living Room

Alabama barndominium living room

A small but comfortable living room sits at one edge of the home, where the traditional elements of the exterior give way to some interesting industrial decor pieces. 

Standing in contrast to the white walls, a dark-gray exposed steel ceiling is divided into slats with the narrow rods of its framing running lengthwise down the whole room. A black ceiling fan with a caged bare bulb in its hub adds to the industrial intrigue, and blends perfectly with the stalk of a modern standing lamp in the corner.

Though the industrial decor is bold and attention-grabbing, there’s enough traditional comforts in the living room to balance out the volume. A classic white console cabinet with windows serves as a TV stand, and a plaid blanket over the couch, table lamp with a bell shade, and a simple wooden stool by the standing lamp, ties the space together with a sense of “lived-in” coziness.


Alabama barndominium kitchen

Like the living room, the kitchen is small yet functional and homey. Birch-colored cabinets on the walls and under-counter spaces blend nicely with the white faux wood walls, contrasted by dark marble-effect worktops with in a similar hue to the ceiling. 

Alabama barndominium kitchen door

Opposite the main stretch of the countertops, there’s a side door with a Venetian blind facing out onto the left side of the property, perfect for quick access to and from the kitchen for barbecues or eating outside in the summer.


Alabama barndominium bedroom

The bedroom in this property has just the right dimensions for a king-size bed. The current bed is beautifully matched to the other interior decor, with a solid white headboard with black trimming, white bedding, and a medley of beige and gray throw pillows.

Alabama barndominium bedroom window

Two large windows look out onto the plot, facing a stretch of lawn and a row of tall trees, making for a charming bucolic view to wake up to! The ceiling fan hanging over the center of the room, identical to the one in the living room, provides a nice focal point, and is a strikingly close match to the faux-ebony vinyl flooring.

The bedroom also has an air-conditioning unit positioned right above the head of the bed, great for a little extra climate control on the hot weather you get with an Alabama summer.

Bathroom / Laundry Room

Alabama barndominium bathroom

These kinds of small-scale barndominiums often show fantastic ingenuity when working within a limited space to make it comfortable, and the last stop in today’s featured home is a great example of this!

With just a few square feet, the owners have equipped this bathroom / laundry room with a shower, toilet, washer and dryer, without making any part of the room feel cramped or claustrophobic. 

A slim, simple mirror hanging on the back of the door and framed in a similar shade of white does wonders to brighten up the room and broaden the space, and a tall towel storage cabinet in a contrasting black shade gives the space nicely defined edges.

Wrapping Up…

Alabama barndominium side view

This Alabama barndominium is a fantastic example of how private builders can create a beautiful, comfortable home with limited space and resources.

If you’d like to build your own barndominium, why not check out the Barndominium Life Program to ensure you start your build right, and avoid some of the common pitfalls which can stop the project from getting off the ground.