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Decatur Texas Barndominium with Horse Stalls – Built by HL Custom Homes for The Schneiter Family

Decatur Texas Barndominium exterior front

We love the simple, straightforward design of this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom barndominium in Decatur, Texas. At first glance, the style is very reminiscent of an uncomplicated rustic barn, but upon closer inspection, the stylish trim and small, custom details really pop. 

Here’s a tour of the Barndominium in Texas!

Decatur Texas Barndominium Exterior

Decatur Texas Barndominium exterior side view

While the gray exterior paint can perfectly match any landscape, it works especially well set against the warmth of the gorgeous Texas skyline. Gray paint has the added benefit of being resistant to dirt and windswept dust that might build up and look unseemly on any other color. We think it was the best possible choice for this Decatur Texas Barndominium. 

Decatur Texas Barndominium horse stalls
Decatur Texas Barndominium front porch

The pillars that hold up the awning over the front porch are one of the most eye-catching details on the exterior of this barndo. The dark, heavily polished wood ties the exterior look together by giving an organic feel to the otherwise industrial-looking gray metal of the barndo siding. This Decatur Texas Barndominium has a perfect mix of rustic utilitarianism and designer touches.

The polished wood front door hints at the warm, homey design of the interior. Set against the gray metal siding, we think it is a fantastic and welcoming addition that attracts the eye and offers up a small taste of the beautiful interior. 

Decatur Texas Barndominium side view

We think the attached horse stalls are one of the most amazing things about this Decatur Texas Barndominium. The white roll-down door is a great touch that sets the stalls apart from the rest of the house. One of the major benefits of building a barndominium is being close to the utilitarian parts of the home. 

Decatur Texas Barndominium Interior 

Decatur Texas Barndominium kitchen

Stepping into this Decatur Texas Barndominium from the exterior is like stepping into a warm country cabin. The colors and textures used are classic country-style Americana. We think that the bold design choices work wonders to bring everything together. 

Decatur Texas Barndominium kitchen full view


The kitchen in this Decatur Texas Barndominium has so many details that there is something new and interesting everywhere you look. The dark woods used for the cabinetry and range hood are incredibly unique. It is usually recommended that darker colors be used lower in the house in order to maintain an open look. However, these dark woods buck the trend and look fantastic in the process. 

Decatur Texas Barndominium kitchen and pantry

Perhaps the most interesting detail in the kitchen is the center island with barn door patterns around the exterior. We think this is a great homage to the original use of this barndominium. The patina finish just adds to the effect and we love the contrast to the polished look of the rest of the barndo. 

Decatur Texas Barndominium dining area

The stainless steel appliances also bring the industrial look of the exterior to the interior of the home. The sleek look of the stainless makes perfect sense and adds a variation in textures that makes the kitchen pop. 

Decatur Texas Barndominium living area

We couldn’t move on to another area without talking about the unique Mason jar light fixture that lights up the kitchen of this Decatur Texas Barndominium. It is just another artistic detail that gives the kitchen its hand-made, home-style look. 

Living Area 

Decatur Texas Barndominium fan

The polished, stained cement floors of the living area give a deep, warm feel to an otherwise cold-feeling material. They are the perfect addition to the eggshell-white walls and brown trim which are classic cottage colors and give this Decatur Texas Barndominium the warmth we love so much. 

Decatur Texas Barndominium front door

We think the windmill fan above the living area is adorable and yet another example of bringing the outdoor elements inside. Between the fan and the lighter wood coloring of the front door, there is enough rustic charm to keep the country feel no matter how the rest of the barndo is decorated. 


Decatur Texas Barndominium master bathroom
Decatur Texas Barndominium main bathroom shower

The wood-printed tile in the main bathroom matches the rest of the decor and is especially effective with the spa-style shower. It is offset perfectly with the turquoise trim and the mosaic inlaid shower floor. It is all topped off by the industrial look of the black hardware. 

Decatur Texas Barndominium bathtub

The master bathroom features double sinks and caged lighting above the vanity. These caged light fixtures are perfectly in line with the other hardware in the house and hearken back to the windmill fan and Mason jar light fixture in the living area and kitchen. 

Decatur Texas Barndominium shower

Everywhere you turn in this Decatur Texas Barndominium, there is another detail referencing previous touches in the house. This is why the whole thing is tied together so well. 


We love this Decatur Texas Barndominium for its amazing balance between warm and cold, light and dark, and industrial and organic. It is incredibly difficult to use so many different textures and shades and still create a cohesive look. We think the owners and designers of this barndo have done a fantastic job and the results speak for themselves. 

If you are interested in building your own custom barndominium, be sure to check out the ebook, “Build Your Dream Barndominium” by Don Howe.