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Take in the Beauty of the Kendricks Sunset, TX Green Barndominium

green barndominium
Barndo Front – Photo Courtesy of HL Customs

From the rolling hills to the unbeatably picturesque Texas sunsets, Barndo living is every homeowner’s dream—just ask the Kendricks family about their green barndominium! This HL Custom Home features a spacious double garage and much potential for a large, functional front porch. This lovely barndominium in Texas boasts a lovely forest green exterior and a white roof that looks lovely nestled in-between the trees.

The Sunset Home features 3-4 spacious bedrooms with lush, neutral carpeting. Not only do the Kendricks enjoy cozy sleeping quarters, but there are also several breathtaking bathrooms and a luxurious standalone bathtub for ultimate relaxation. Imagine a mid-summer afternoon bath while the fresh country air flows through your windows – that is why we love Barndo living! Beginning in 2016, barndominiums became a popular style home for vacationers and retirees alike.

green barndominium exterior

From their astounding yet straightforward beauty to their convenience and affordability, Barndo living is naturally beautiful. Moreover, the Barndominiums themselves combine master craftsmanship and luxury with remarkable designs that add an air of comfortable class to your life. Since this is such a spacious, warm home, Barndos are also highly ideal for families of all sizes to enjoy.

The Exterior

The glorious exterior of this Barndo celebrates nature with a rich green metal and a stark white roof that fits right in with its surroundings. It welcomes its inhabitants and guests with wide-open spaces and room for outdoor celebrations galore! Its spacious exterior and beautifully natural location bring new life to the word ‘home.’

green barndominium front

In addition to its outdoor potential, we love this Barndo for its two-stall garage. Whether you have a multi-car family or enjoy a garage workspace or art studio, the Kendricks’ Sunset House Barndominium has room for whatever one needs in a garage space.

The Interior

If you think the exterior of this Barndo is impressive, wait until you see the inside! The Kendricks Sunset Home Barndo is made up of generous living spaces with unbeatable craftsmanship and top-quality materials that last for life. From high ceilings to lovely, wide-open windows, the aesthetic value of this home alone makes it the ideal living space to raise children or vacation from the noisy, smog-filled city.

kendricks home green barndominium interior

The high ceilings you find in Sunset, Texas’ Barndos create a feeling of boundless space, allowing in more natural light and reducing those pesky energy bills. With large white walls, you have all the opportunity in the world to decorate to your heart’s content. With this much potential, your home can easily stand out from the rest, exemplifying the photos and designs that represent your unique personality. Fitted with modern furnishings from lovely chandeliers and ceiling fans to the rustic fireplace, the living room stretches to meet the kitchen—the heart of any home! So, what are the benefits of living in a Barndo home like the Kendricks’ Sunset House?

kendricks green barndominium bedroom
  • Higher ceilings make for a large, expansive appearance
  • High ceilings and large windows let in natural light – reducing monthly energy bills
  • With so much free space, Barndos ooze potential in the decorating department
  • The bathtubs become a sophisticated, relaxing spot for both adults and children
  • Walk-in closets are every homeowner’s dream with space for anything you can imagine
  • Barndos features a natural, rustic charm you just do not get with traditional homes
  • Sleek, modern appliances and features set the tone for a cozy, homey feeling
  • With your choice of location, you can enjoy nature at its purest form
kendricks green barndominium
Front Doors

Open Kitchen


Whether you love to cook or host parties for friends and families, these wide-open kitchens are primed and ready for you to enjoy. Here you will find modern appliances constructed of rustic wood and stone counters with tons of food preparation space and in-fitted cabinets. The standalone bar/island is excellent for a night of drinks and card games or setting places for a cozy dinner.


With marbled countertops, cleaning up after meals is a breeze. Throw a fruit bowl, candles, and vase of fresh flowers atop the counter in-between meals for a sophisticated touch. Being that the kitchen leads directly into the living room, taking an after-dinner coffee break by the windows in the evening is as easy as taking a few steps. What more could one want in a home?

Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Storage

The Sunset Home Barndominium in Sunset, Texas, allows one to find sanctuary in the form of spacious bedrooms with plush carpet and rustic style bathrooms. As you can see from the photos, these bedrooms have roomy closets for storage and plenty of windows that celebrate the nature outdoors while letting in all the natural light one could need. The bathrooms are fitted with both a showerhead and generously sized bathtubs for relaxation after a long day at work. Even those stubborn children who fight you at bath time will celebrate this luminous space.

Are you tired of homes with little to no storage? Sunset, Texas Barndominiums corrects that problem with closets that are large enough to store anything you can imagine! From clothing to shoes and everything in-between these walk-in closets are a homeowner’s dream! These closets feature bountiful shelving and clothing racks that can host belongings as the seasons change, storing any unnecessary items until they can once again be utilized with purpose.

Consider Green Barndominium Living

Living Space

As you can see, the Kendricks family is living the American dream in a beautiful home that boasts plenty of space and freedom for nature lovers, retirees, vacationers, and families alike. If you are searching for a new home and would like to learn more about Barndo living, check out the BarndoLife eBook from Don Howe. This book illustrates the Barndo concept, covering everything you need to know from the building stage to move-in day. Join thousands of Barndo homeowners and get started today.