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Boyd Texas Barndominium – Built by HL Custom Homes for The Tonn Family

The colors and style of this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom Texas Barndominium are so warm and welcoming we can’t help but love it. The firehouse look is so unique, this one-of-a-kind barndo is an eye-catching example of country style. 

Boyd Texas Barndominium exterior

Boyd Texas Barndominium Exterior

One of the most special things about this barndo is the tan stonework that lines the stairs from the street leading up to the front entrance. We love how it matches the rest of the landscape and blends in with the natural look of the surroundings. This all works together to make the red paint and white trim pop.

Boyd Texas Barndominium side view
Boyd Texas Barndominium porch

The red color of the metal siding on this Boyd Texas Barndominium is a smart design choice. Red attracts the eye and can have many benefits beyond how it looks. Studies have shown that red paint in a home has a tendency to bring people together and helps facilitate a closeness in guests and residents alike. 

Boyd Texas Barndominium carport
Boyd Texas Barndominium porch
Boyd Texas Barndominium side porch

The covered carport and porch are functional touches that also aid in getting people in a gathering mood. We love the way the dark wood pillars hold up the awnings and bring a touch of the outside atmosphere to the style of the house itself. The white trim of the doors and windows gives a bright element that offsets the warm colors of the rest of the exterior. 

Boyd Texas Barndominium porch

The outdoor hardware is another homey touch that brings in a vintage element to add to the firehouse look. We love the carriage style lanterns that hang above the front entrance and light up the wood underlaid porch. By adding the fans that hang above the main porch, the designers of this barndo have found a great balance of function and fashion. 

Boyd Texas Barndominium porch pillars

Boyd Texas Barndominium Interior 

Boyd Texas Barndominium living space
Boyd Texas Barndominium great room

The pastoral look of this Boyd Texas Barndominium’s exterior is one thing, but the modern and contemporary interior is a whole different world. We love all the modernized antique touches that grace the interior and still offer a sleek style that flows throughout the whole barndo. 


Boyd Texas Barndominium kitchen
Boyd Texas Barndominium appliances

The kitchen in this Boyd Texas Barndominium is filled with black stainless steel appliances that sit tastefully among the more rustic details. The tub sink is going to be big enough to handle any size job while adding a turn-of-the-century feel to the entire setup. 

Boyd Texas Barndominium dining room
Boyd Texas Barndominium dining room

The functional, open floor plan allows for a fantastic flow between the kitchen and the dining and living areas. By separating the working area of the kitchen with the island, the designers of this Boyd Texas Barndominium understand how to best utilize the space that is available. 

Boyd Texas Barndominium kitchen sink
Boyd Texas Barndominium kitchen

We can’t talk about this barndo’s kitchen without mentioning the deep turquoise color of the cabinetry. The transparent brushed texture of the paint works wonders by taking a relatively unique color and making it blend with the modern style. Even though it is an unusual color, it integrates perfectly with the chic look without being too much of a distraction. 

Boyd Texas Barndominium kitchen

Living Area 

Boyd Texas Barndominium dining room

The barn-style sliding doors that separate the living room from the bedrooms are perfectly suited for this Boyd Texas Barndominium’s style. The polished gray wood and black hardware couldn’t be a better fit for the rustic contemporary mashup that is happening with the entire interior. 

Boyd Texas Barndominium living room

The stained polished cement floors are brushed and painted to look like an aged hardwood but without all the extra upkeep and maintenance required. We think this is one of the cleverest style choices in the entire barndo. It even has grooves cut into the cement to look even more warm and natural.  

Boyd Texas Barndominium barn doors


Boyd Texas Barndominium bedroom
Boyd Texas Barndominium bedroom

Each of the two bedrooms have a large closet with built-ins that offer enough storage space to keep any clutter out of view. They also each have the same style of fan that adorns the outside porch which continues with the theme of bringing the exterior look inside the home. 

Boyd Texas Barndominium closet
Boyd Texas Barndominium bedroom


Boyd Texas Barndominium shower

Each of the two bathrooms in this Boyd Texas Barndominium feature bath and shower combos that are lined with a wood-printed tile. This tile is a great match for the polished concrete flooring and color coordinates well with the interior. 

Boyd Texas Barndominium shower
Boyd Texas Barndominium vanity

The dark marbled sinks contrast perfectly with the white cabinetry as well. Having these lighter colors throughout the home keeps everything looking open and clean which can be very important if there is not a whole lot of space. 

Boyd Texas Barndominium spa shower


We love how this Boyd Texas Barndominium strikes such a delicate balance between the sleek style of a contemporary home and the warm touches of a country cabin. This is an incredibly difficult harmony to achieve but we think it is pulled off well. 

If you are interested in building your own custom barndominium with a similar style and design, be sure to check out the ebook, “Build Your Dream Barndominium” by Don Howe.