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Texas Barndominium Floor Plans | The Top 8 Anywhere

A barndominium, also known as a barndo, offers the rustic, open feel of a barn but with the custom amenities of a luxury home, such as an open concept kitchen and living room, a built-in loft, an outdoor living area, a spacious deck, and more, depending on your chosen floor plans, which is what makes barndominiums so attractive to many Texas buyers. Today, we’ll walk through the top Texas barndominium floor plans we’ve found anywhere.

They are also cheaper than building a traditional home, which is another reason they are becoming so popular.

However, when building your barndominium, it is important to consider a few things before creating your floor plans to help control your expectations, as well as help ensure you build a home you can live with. If you’re in Texas, you need to check out these plans. If you’re not in Texas, you’re in for some inspiration.

4 Things to Consider When Designing Your Texas Barndominium Floor Plans

How Do You Plan to Use Your Barndominium?

Whether you work with a professional designer, or you plan to draw up your plans yourself, you should first consider your lifestyle. In other words, what common activities do you plan to carry out in your home each day?

For instance, if you visualize yourself regularly hosting family and friends, then you need to include an ample space for entertaining in your floor plans, such as an outdoor entertaining area that will help your guests feel cozy and welcome.

However, on rainy days, it may difficult to entertain outdoors; therefore, you may also consider designing an indoor space for entertaining as a back up.

Or perhaps you plan to use the home as a seasonal home, in which case, you want to design the home so that it sits in the perfect place to enjoy the views.

When you design your home, just ensure it is designed with your day-to-day needs in mind, which will help make it more enjoyable.

Will You Work With a Professional Designer, or Will You Design Your Own Floor Plans?

Working with a professional designer means you supply them with your vision, and they use their expertise to draw up plan that fits your needs.

However, provided you are experienced in construction and home design, it is possible to create your own layout using premium barndominium floor plan software.

Using this software, you simply input your own specs into the program, and it will automatically create your own custom design. Some floor plan software will even enable you to take a virtual tour through your design once you are finished.

What is Your Budget for Your Barndominium?

Building a barndominum is typically cheaper than building a traditional home because in most cases, it is made of metal; however, you can do just about anything on the inside to it as you can do on the inside of a traditional home, which can quickly rack up the costs.

There are also wooden barndos; however, they usually require professional assistance, which can also be costly.

So, before you begin, you want to set a budget, which will help you create a floor plan that prevents you from getting in over your head.

Barndominium costs, whether you are using a barndo kit or you opt for a full turnkey build, are generally calculated per square foot, including indoor amenities and exterior enhancements, so when figuring your floor plan cost, be sure to calculate it in price per square foot to arrive at an appropriate number.

Consider the Resale Value

Barndominiums typically hold their value; however, because they are so different, they are also more challenging to appraise.

In fact, the more unique or customized your barndomimium, the more complex it will be to determine its value, so you should also keep this in mind when designing your floor plans.

However, it is possible to sort of appraise the value of your barndominium before you begin your project, simply by keeping track of the costs associated with the construction.

Then, once your barno is fully built, you can then use more traditional calculations to arrive at a value.

The Best Texas Barndominium Floor Plans

Barndomimium Floor Plans With a Playroom – PL-62320

This layout contains all the right amenities for basic family living, including an open kitchen with a doorway to a playroom, so parents can keep watch over playing children while preparing meals and/or mingling with adults in the living room.

The playroom is also adjacent to two separate bedrooms, each with their own closet and access to separate bathrooms, which is just perfect for providing privacy and personal space to two kids of the opposite sex.

There is also another spacious bedroom with its own bathroom and closet located on the other end of the home, which also provides a bit of privacy for parents.

No family home is complete without a laundry room, and this one includes a sizable one just right off the kitchen for quickly washing soiled towels or for completing weekly laundry tasks.

Texas Barndominium Floor Plans With a Covered Porch Off The Master Bedroom – PL-62305

This quaint layout includes a master bedroom fit for royals with a huge master bath equipped with a walk-in closet and a spacious covered porch for taking in the early morning ambiance while enjoying a delicious cup of Joe in your silk robes.

Meanwhile, a large open living area, kitchen area, and dining area serve as the perfect place for hosting a large crowd or for families who enjoy spending quality time together. It also includes a foyer for creating a welcoming entry with the turn of each season.

It also features two bedrooms and an office located on the other side of the home, which provides the perfect way to spy on sleeping kids while finishing up on a bit of work late at night.

Texas Barndominium Floor Plans With a Garage – Similar to Hines Barndominium

This 3 bedroom layout features a 2 car garage, which means no more fighting over who gets to park inside. Check out a similar version of this floor plan as a real-life home here! ->

It also includes a spacious flex room located across from the master bedroom that can be used for just about anything from an extra storage space to the perfect place to
indulge in your hobby.

There are also two porches, a small porch located just off the kitchen, which provides the perfect space for grilling, and another spacious porch off the living room that can be used for relaxing and taking in the view while waiting for meals or for dining alfresco.

Texas Barndominum Floor Plans With a Spacious Master Bedroom

texas barndominium floor plans big master bedroom

This spacious layout is another master bedroom lover’s dream with the majority of one side of the home dedicated solely to the master bedroom, which includes plenty of closet space, including a master closet and another closet in the master bath, as well as a spacious master bath and another half bath just off the master bedroom.

It also features an office adjacent to the master bedroom for a cozy night of working not far from your spouse.

There are also two separate bedrooms on the other end of the home equipped with one closet each, as well as a shared bathroom, which is just perfect for putting up out-of-town guests or for families with older children.

Barndominium Floor Plans With a Second Floor

texas barndominium floor plans with 2nd bedroom

This layout features a little of everything, including a second floor for privately lounging in the master suite.

We love that it also features a grilling porch just off the open kitchen and dining area for a bit of weekend or holiday fun.

It also includes an office flex room for work or perfecting your hobby, a fireplace in the great room for cozy lounging, and a garage.

Barndomimium Floor Plans With a Den

texas barndominium floor plans with den

We love this 4 bedroom layout for its cozy vacation home vibe, which features a den surrounded by three bedrooms and a bath for a private gathering among vacationing friends or relatives.

It also features a small study just off the great room, and a spacious garage for parking multiple cars.

Barndominium Floor Plans With Four Bedrooms – PL-62306

texas barndominium floor plan

This 4 bedroom layout features a spacious open concept kitchen, dining area, and family area, which is just perfect for a large family.

It also features a spacious master bedroom equipped with a spacious bath and closet, as well as an office located on the other end of the house for working from home.

Texas Barndomimium Floor Plans With a Game Room

This layout features an open great room, kitchen, and dining area with a unique set up and a stunning fireplace that can’t help but capture the eye.

It also includes a spacious game room surrounded by three bedrooms on one side of the home, which offers the perfect space for family members to indulge in hours of fun.

Meanwhile, the master bedroom fills the entire other wing of the home, which is just perfect for exhausted parents to escape from the excitement of the day.


The best Texas barndominium floor plans will help you create the barndominium of your dreams, and it can be kept small and simple with only the necessary amenities for a more budget-friendly option, or it can be as large as you want and include all the amenities to accommodate large families or to create the perfect place for vacation gathering. Just be sure to first consider your needs, as well as your budget, for the best value.

In fact, when you get the Barndominium Life Program, you’ll get also all the inspiration you need to make the most of whatever floor plans you choose. You might also consider subscribing to our emails, so you can stay in the know regarding the latest and greatest tips and tricks to building the barndominium of your dreams.