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Two-Story Florida Barndominium With Lower Level Stables

Today’s featured tour is a completely amazing and unique two-story Florida barndominium with lower-level stables. This customized barndominium is an exceptional home that blends the comforts of home with the function of horse stables.

Florida Barndominium - Front Exterior


This two-story Florida barndominium has been tweaked to fit the needs of owner Haily Findeisen and is constructed out of concrete blocks. Not only does this provide a barrier against sound (and smell), but it also provides a solid structure to house both owners and animals.

Florida Barndominium - Exterior

A side view of this stunning Florida barndominium shows exactly how it caters to residential living and ranch needs. There are plenty of windows for both owners upstairs as well as the horses below.

Florida Barndominium - Exterior 2

The second-story deck is completely covered and offers additional living space. With so many glorious days of sunshine that grace the state, this Florida barndominium is set up the idyllic weather to the fullest!

Florida Barndominium - Porch
Florida Barndominium - Ranch Sign

The heart of this stunning family ranch is set on acres and acres of lush Florida greenery, Findeisen’s barndominium.

Florida Barndominium - Aerial View
Florida Barndominium - Aerial View 2

The expansive property also features swaying palm trees, grazing areas, and a horse track.

Florida Barndominium - Aerial View 3

Keeping their four-legged family members close to home, Findeisen’s Florida barndominium doubles as a stable. The lower level is completely used as a barn, and when business and pleasure overlap so perfectly, there could not be a better barndominium option.

Florida Barndominium - Stables
Florida Barndominium - Horse Track


The interior of this Florida barndominium is bright and spacious and can easily be mistaken for any other home out there. The light walls and the rustic wood-style floors are complimented by the ranch decor, such as a beautiful cowhide rug.

Florida Barndominium - Living Room

The kitchen is large and open and provides plenty of room for cooking and entertaining. The contrasting wooden cabinetry between the island and the rest of the kitchen gives the room an extra pop of color, while subtle decor options, such as the sliding barn door over the pantry, keep with the home’s country theme.

Florida Barndominium - Kitchen

Hidden behind the sliding barn door is a large, walk-in pantry with tons of shelves and storage space to hide everything from extra food to unsightly appliances.

Florida Barndominium - Pantry

There is plenty of space in this Florida barndominium’s main living area! A separate dining area fits a cozy, farmhouse-style dining table, which is great for family meals or holiday gatherings.

Florida Barndominium - Dining Area

The master bedroom is a true owner’s oasis. With multiple large windows, there is plenty of natural light streaming in. The high ceilings and light walls also ensure the room is open and spacious. You can almost feel the light breeze flowing through the room on a warm summer night.

Florida Barndominium - Bedroom

The bathroom is arguably one of the most stunning rooms in this Florida barndominium. From the massive corner windows to the extra large open, tiled shower to the spa-style soaker tub, there are just so many amazing features.

Florida Barndominium - Bathroom

It wouldn’t be hard to soak away the aches and pains of a hard day in a stunning soak tub with this view! Enjoy watching the horses graze or take in a breathtaking sunset; we are sure relaxation is happening either way!

Florida Barndominium - Soaker Tub

Also found off the master bedroom is a spacious walk-in closet area with more than enough room to neatly keep all clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Florida Barndominium - Walk In Closet

Last but not least, this Florida barndominium has a separate laundry room which, though simple, perfectly serves its purposes. Areas to store clothes and a separate sink make this space functional, while the faux brick wall and rustic wood floating shelf make it stylish.

Florida Barndominium - Laundry Room

Today’s featured home is an exceptional example of the versatility of barndominiums. Completely customized to the Findeisen’s lifestyle, this Florida barndominium is truly one of a kind!

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