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How to Get Insurance for Your Pole Barn Home

Building a home is one of the most challenging and exciting projects you can take on. A pole barn home is a great way to build a house without all the expense and stress of a traditional build. However, once your pole barn home is built, you have to make sure it is protected. Getting insurance for your pole barn home can help you keep your house in great shape. 

insurance for your pole barn home

Getting insurance for your pole barn home is relatively simple but does require some preparation. In this article, we have put together a complete guide to getting insurance for your pole barn home. By knowing what your options are, you can make the right choice for your particular circumstances. With a high-quality insurance policy, you can rest easy knowing your home is safe and will be protected. 

What is a Pole Barn Home? 

A pole barn home is similar to a traditional home, but it has some distinct differences. Whereas a traditional home uses timber framing to create the structure, a pole barn home uses posts. These posts are driven into the ground or into the slab foundation, and metal siding is hung on them. This creates a durable, simple structure that can withstand all kinds of use and abuse over the years. 

Once the pole barn structure is built, you can then frame up the inside with timber. With the right amount of work, you would never know that a pole barn home was different from a traditional home. Because of this, finding insurance for your pole barn home is important. Making sure that your new house will be rebuilt in the event of a disaster can give you peace of mind. 

Can You Get Insurance for Your Pole Barn Home?

Because of the different construction of a pole barn home, you might think getting insurance is difficult. However, you have all kinds of options for insurance for your pole barn home. However, sorting through them and finding the right policy can present some challenges. You can do things to increase your odds of getting the proper coverage. 

To ensure you get the right insurance for your pole barn home, keep track of all your spending. Keeping a log of all your expenses during construction, including labor and materials, can help you find coverage. Once the home is built, have it appraised by a professional home appraiser. These figures can help your insurance agent find insurance for your pole barn home that works for you. 

How to Get Insurance for Your Pole Barn Home 

Choose the Right Policy 

Choosing the right insurance for your pole barn home all comes down to finding the right policy. There are three different policy types you may be able to get for your pole barn home. Depending on your circumstances, your insurance agent may suggest one or more different types. These include: 

  • Homeowner’s
  • Farm
  • Commercial

For the most part, homeowners are going to be your best bet for insurance for your pole barn home. In some cases, you can get a homeowner’s policy and add your home to the “other structures” section. Be sure to speak with your agent about this possibility, especially if your property has several structures. This may be a cheaper option for you than getting a whole policy for your pole barn home. 

insurance for your pole barn home

Choose the Right Type of Insurance for Your Pole Barn Home 

There are two types of insurance for your pole barn home: Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost policies. Should you choose an Actual Cash Value policy, your home’s depreciation will come into play. If you have to replace your home, you will receive the cash value of the structure when it was destroyed. This may be a good bet if you think your home will retain its value in the market. 

A Replacement Cost policy will not take depreciation into consideration. This can be a cheaper option but the company will only pay up to the policy limit. This can be a good option if you keep up with your policy and keep it updated. Check with your insurance agent to see which will be best for your particular pole barn home. 

Consider Your Belongings 

When looking for insurance for your pole barn home, be sure to remember that you have other belongings. Your homeowner’s insurance should not only cover your building. You have to keep in mind that you have additional items in your home that may be destroyed in the event of a disaster. This means that your policy should include these items, even if it costs a little bit more. 

Be sure to list all of your belongings when trying to get insurance for your pole barn home. Boats, vehicles, motorcycles, electronics, art, and furniture may all be eligible for your insurance. In some cases, you may want separate policies for these items. However, your insurance agent will help you figure out what the best course of action is in these cases. 

Meet With Your Agent to Review Your Coverage

One of the most important things to do when you have insurance for your pole barn home is to meet with your agent. Regularly updating your policy will ensure that you are protected. Possessions, circumstances, and needs will constantly be changing. Because of this, you want your insurance policy to reflect these changes at all times. 

insurance for your pole barn home

You should be especially vigilant about meeting with your agent if you have a Replacement Cost policy. Updating the replacement cost of your home will keep you protected. This way, you won’t be stuck with an old replacement cost if something happens. You can be confident that your home can be rebuilt when needed. 


Getting insurance for your pole barn home is a challenge, but it is necessary. Knowing how to navigate the world of homeowner’s insurance will help you ensure you are protected. If anything happens to your pole barn home, you can rebuild. As long as you have the right policy, you can always have peace of mind. 

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