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Impressive Spencer, Tennessee Barndominium by Cody Huddleston Featuring Wood and Brick Interior

Considering that 87% of Americans grapple with the looming specter of expensive housing, pursuing an affordable yet stylish home can feel like chasing unicorns.

But today, we’re not here to spin tales of lavish penthouses or sprawling mansions; instead, we’re venturing across Spencer, Tennessee, to explore a housing trend that’s catching the attention of budget-conscious dreamers everywhere: the barndominium.

This is not a myth but rather a practical and surprisingly chic solution to the modern housing dilemma. Our feature today falls on a particular gem that marries rustic charm with urban sensibilities.

Get ready to trade in soaring rents and mortgage worries for a glimpse into a more affordable yet utterly inspiring way of living. Let’s dive right in and discover the magic of the barndominium.


Cody Huddleston’s vision in his Spencer, Tennessee barndominium represents more than just a home. It’s also a testament to the versatility and charm of barndominium living.

The climate in the Volunteer State can be unpredictable, with humid summers and the occasional winter snowfall. Building a barndominium in Tennessee brings unique advantages. 

The robust metal structure of a barndo, often inspired by traditional barns, can withstand the elements with ease. It combines practicality and aesthetics, blending seamlessly into the rural landscape.

This Tennessee barndominium challenges the stereotypical barn shape we often associate with these homes. The exterior showcases a blend of brown metal siding, harmonizing perfectly with the sturdy wooden beams and columns.

What truly steals the spotlight is the dramatic front porch, extending gracefully to the home’s second-story roof. This space ultimately becomes a grand outdoor stage for both relaxation and entertainment.

The covered balcony adds an extra layer of charm to this already impressive facade. With its outdoor grill, it’s the ultimate spot for gatherings and al fresco dining. 


Step inside this Tennessee barndominium, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a captivating blend of wood and brick, creating an inviting rustic cabin atmosphere that is as cozy as it is stylish.

The interior is an impressive fusion of classic and contemporary elements. White brick walls with archways welcome you in, providing a clean canvas for the warm wood beams and wooden accents that adorn the living spaces. 

A standout feature in the main living area is the copper wood burner, adding both function and charm to the room.

One of the interior highlights is the barndominium stairs. As you ascend, a dramatic brick archway frames your entrance, adding a touch of grandeur to the space.

In the living area, plush seating and a carpeted floor create a comfortable retreat. Another fireplace adds to the cozy ambiance, making it the perfect spot to unwind.

The kitchen and dining areas are where the rustic charm truly shines. Wooden cabinetry in the kitchen complements the beams that extend seamlessly into the dining space. A corrugated wall accent adds a touch of rugged charm.

The bathrooms continue the theme with intricate tile patterns and a unique wood tile shower wall paired with stone flooring, creating a harmonious blend of textures and aesthetics.

But that’s not all. Imagine having a projector screen right in your garage, the ideal space for movie nights or watching the big game. It’s a unique touch that adds even more character to this remarkable home.

Barndominium garages are one-of-a-kind for their functionality and versatility. There is much more to these spaces than just parking or storage; they provide a way of transforming living spaces.

The expansive interiors of barndominium garages often feature high ceilings and open layouts, allowing for the creation of hobby spaces, home offices, or even additional living quarters. 

This adaptability is a major draw, enabling homeowners to tailor these spaces to their specific needs, whether pursuing a passion project, setting up a home gym, or simply having room to expand and evolve as their lifestyle changes.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, a DIY enthusiast, or a small business owner, the combination of functionality, adaptability, and resilience makes barndominium garages an appealing addition for those looking to enhance both their living space and productivity.

Final Thoughts

In the heart of Spencer, this Tennessee barndominium displays the charm and adaptability of barn-style homes. With its captivating wood and brick interior, it’s a harmonious blend of rustic allure and modern comfort.

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We are committed to crafting a barndominium lifestyle that is both innovative and inviting. Your unique and affordable dream home might be closer than you think, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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