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Liz Reichert’s Amish Barn Wood Dream Home in Wisconsin 

Editor’s Note: We were able to visit the Reichert’s up in Wisconsin. Check out their amazing home!

It’s rare to find a barndominium that really is made of barn wood, but Liz Reichert’s Amish Barn Wood Dream Home in Wisconsin is a true masterpiece with an interior made almost entirely from Amish Barn Wood. 

The Wissoncin barndominium has an interior that is made up of several different types of wood. The entire space has been handcrafted by a master carpenter. The wood is between 120 and 160 years old. They just don’t make it like this anymore. 

The walls are made from a variety of softwood and the flooring is several different types of hardwood. The entire ceiling is aged pine and the cabinets are mixed softwood. 


Liz Reichert’s Amish Barn Wood Dream Home in Wisconsin looks beautiful from the outside. It is a charming combination of modern and historic. 

The layout of the home is quite modern with a two-car garage and an L-shaped design. Simple gray siding covers the lower part of the house. 

However, the peeks over the garage and over the front of the house are decidedly barn-like, with weathered red barn wood and beautiful exposed beams. Charming lanterns hang from various points, accenting the look of the design. The patio is the perfect place to hang out in a rocking chair and take in the beautiful Wisconsin scenery. 

Living Space

This barndominium features an open layout, with one large space serving as the living room, kitchen, and dining area. Incredibly high ceilings are emphasized by huge exposed beams. 

The kitchen area features a rounded bar area with a sink and plenty of counter space; perfect for someone to cook and chat with whoever is in the living room at the same time. The sink is a truly unique piece, with two large round metal door knockers on either side. 

Every inch of the living space highlights the stunning Amish barn wood used to create the interior of this home. The wood has beautiful colors that are particularly glowing on the floor.

The variety of wood used to create the kitchen cabinets makes for a charming aesthetic. The backsplash is a more consistent light wood that works very well with recessed lighting cast down from underneath the upper cabinets. 

A cozy dining room table fits neatly into the corner next to a sliding glass door onto the patio. Throughout, skins on the floor and old-fashioned tools and rustic decorations hanging from the walls and ceiling beams tie the theme together.


The first bedroom features a large, comfortable bed made of solid wood pieces that match the rest of the space. High ceilings make the space seem large even though it is not a particularly big room. The floor in the bedroom is carpeted for a softer effect than the hardwood found throughout the rest of the house. 

A walk-in closet off of the master bedroom provides plenty of space for clothes, shoes, and other assorted storage. 

The second bedroom also features carpeted floors and a large bed. Exposed beams are charmingly lit by the ceiling fan. A chest makes a great place to store accessories. 


The bathrooms feature large, colorful stone tiles that tie in well with the wood used on the interior. 

The master bathroom features a huge corner tub with stairs into it. The backsplash for the tub is made of stunning small natural tiles. 

Exterior red barn wood over the tub is decorated with rustic Amish tools. Exposed bulbs hanging over the vanity go with the rural theme of the house. Sinks raised above the countertop also contribute to this effect. The sinks are beautiful, with a fish scale design and fish raised up into the structure of the sink. 

The toilet is closed off from the main bathroom space with a separate door. Rustic galvanized metal siding surrounds the space. 

The second bathroom features the same type of tiles, countertop, and sink configuration of the first. While smaller, it still provides plenty of room for a comfortable shower and a toilet that is set aside from the sinks. 

A half bath features a cool whiskey barrel sink still embossed with the Jack Daniels logo.

Stairs and Upstairs Space

Beautiful stairs and railing lead upstairs, providing plenty of room to climb comfortably without feeling cramped. A beautiful door with lovely glass vertical windows on either side leads out to the upper patio landing. 

A second living room in the attic space has a gorgeous fireplace.


Liz Reichert’s Amish Barn Wood Dream Home in Wisconsin is a truly unique space made beautifully with reclaimed barn wood from an Amish barn that was over 100 years old. This is an exciting and intriguing way to create a special dream home using materials that have been on the land for many years. 

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