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Lunsford Family Barndominium with Shop in Springtown, TX – Don’t Miss Out on 26 Amazing Before and After Photos

Our featured home, Lunsford Family Barndominium is located in Springtown, a small city to the west of Fort Worth in Parker and Wise Counties of Texas. Near Eagle Mountain Lake and several parks, suburban Springtown is an ideal location for a barndominium in Texas with spacious and high-ceilinged interiors.

The home of the Lunsford family is a testament to the flexible, durable, and energy-efficient features of this type of dwelling. A combination of rustic and modern design, it boasts 1,800 sq. ft. of living area and 2,000 sq. ft. of shop area.

This 2-story abode houses an open-concept living and dining area, kitchen, and bar on the lower floor. On the second floor are 2 bedrooms and a master bath.

We offer images of both the construction and finishing stages of the structure to inspire you to design and build your forever home, barndominium style.

Whether you dream of a strictly rustic abode or prefer a totally modern one, you can enjoy the freedom of building a customized residence according to your family’s unique lifestyle.

Check out the photos below to see how it can be done!

Lunsford Family Barndominium Beautiful Facade Images

Lunsford Family Barndominium in Azle TX
Lunsford Family Barndominium at Dusk

Against the clear bright sky of day or the blue stratosphere of dusk, this home breathes comfort the moment you set eyes on it irrespective of whether it’s day or night.

Lunsford Family Barndominium Front Pathway

A pathway leading to the barndo is an irresistible invitation to explore the residence on foot.

Lunsford Family Barndominium Driveway to Shop

The barndo may also be approached on wheels. With a driveway like this, you can comfortably ride a motorcycle, a car, a pickup, or even an ATV.
Exterior Construction Phase of the Lunsford Family Barndominium

Lunsford Family Barndominium Front Exterior in Construction
Lunsford Family Barndominium Home and Shop Exterior in Construction
Lunsford Family Barndominium Side Exterior in Construction

Cement, steel, and wood work together to reinforce the strength of this dwelling that has been built to last for generations.

Lunsford Family Barndominium Porch, Before and After

Lunsford Family Barndominium Facade and Front Porch
Lunsford Family Barndominium Front Porch with Roof

We love this spacious porch, especially with its wood-paneled roof that matches the thick wooden beams supporting it. And with the bricks used at the bottom of the house’s wall, you could already imagine the black steel table and chair sets interspersed with quaint rattan decor.

Lunsford Family Barndominium Front Door and Windows
Lunsford Family Barndominium Glass Door and Windows

A touch of modernity evident from the glass front door and windows lend a unique character to the warm and rustic atmosphere of this barndo.

Before and After Images of the Lunsford Family Barndominium Interior

Lunsford Family Barndominium Interior Ceiling
Lunsford Family Barndominium Interior Ceiling Construction
Lunsford Family Barndominium Second Floor Construction
Lunsford Family Barndominium Living Area
Lunsford Family Barndominium Interior Ceiling with Lights

Knowing that those white lights and wood panels cover sturdy and robust vaulting would make any homeowner confidently safe in all kinds of weather. The black metal banister on the staircase, which extends the length of the second-story hallway is functional while adding its own vibe to the decor of the house

Lunsford Family Barndominium Interior Walls Construction
Lunsford Family Barndominium Interior Electrical Construction

Pictured are “pex” plumbing lines. This picture is of the manifold system which allows the house to be controlled by valves to open and close water supply to each fixture. The reason for that is if there is ever a need to make a repair or replace a particular sink, tub, or toilet,  it can be in a manner that allows the water to be turned off on just that fixture alone without having to turn all water off completely. This way allows the rest of the house to operate normally. It’s basically a “breaker box” for plumbing!

Lunsford Family Barndominium Open Concept Living and Dining Area with Fireplace

The open-concept living and dining area design adds to the spaciousness of the place but it is the fireplace that takes our breath away. The old-fashioned fireplace housed in bricks that run from floor to ceiling is the scene-stealer and adds a dramatic appeal to the room.

Light gray walls and white window and door frames are a stunning contrast to the wooden panel flooring in various shades of brown.

Bonus Photos! Stunning Lunsford Family Barndominium at Night

Lunsford Family Barndominium Front Porch at Twilight

During construction, a small bonfire is lit on the yard fronting the porch. It’s a preview of lazy summer nights which the family can spend outdoors cooking barbecue under a full moon.

Lunsford Family Barndominium Front Exterior at Night
Lunsford Family Barndominium Front Facade at Night
Lunsford Family Barndominium Front Porch at Night

Wouldn’t you want to come home to this spectacular view every day of your life? The dark blanket of the night frames the dwelling while its lights cast a sepia quality on the yard.

Design Your Own Rustic-Modern Style Barndominium

We are grateful to Kris Lunsford for allowing us to feature their home in Springtown, Texas.

Have you been wanting to build your own barndominium but are intimidated by the construction process? Looking at the photos above, you now have an idea of what it entails. And hopefully, you’re convinced that the process is not as difficult as it seems.

You can get your feet wet by designing a floor plan similar to the Lunsfords’ below.

Lunsford Family Barndominium Floor Plan for First Floor
Lunsford Family Barndominium Floor Plan for Second Floor

The Lunsford family used Danny Wilcox for their drafting, but you can design your own floor plan using this custom design software. It’s a user-friendly technology that doesn’t require graphic design skills. All you have to do is add your specs to the template, and you will see the finished blueprint in minutes!


For more information on #EverythingBarndominium, just browse our website and our Pinterest page. The Build Your Dream Barndominium e-book by Don Howe is also a valuable resource, from planning to construction to finishing touches.

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