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Handsome Modern Barndominium by Matt Humphrey in Bee Cave Texas

This handsome modern barndominium in Bee Cave Texas has a contemporary, classic feel with plenty of patio space. It has three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, so there are plenty of bathrooms for everyone staying in the house. 

It also features a game room with a bar downstairs and an office. In total, this barndominium has 2850 square feet. It also features a big garage that has plenty of room for a home gym. 

This barndominium is unusual in that it has the bedrooms downstairs and the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom upstairs. A converted barndominium on the property also serves as a guesthouse. 


This barndominium has a striking appearance, with plenty of patio space both upstairs and downstairs. A gentle peak to the roof offers a flare of style to this otherwise fairly square house. 

Handsome Modern Barndominium by Matt Humphrey exterior

Large sliding glass doors on the downstairs and the upstairs offer a clear view of the surrounding countryside. The back of the house connects directly to the oversized garage, making it easy to go directly into the house from the garage. This is particularly convenient since the garage also features a home gym. 

Handsome Modern Barndominium by Matt Humphrey exterior garage

The patios offer plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the gorgeous views. The view of the sunset is particularly spectacular. A patio fire pit takes full advantage of this space. 

Handsome Modern Barndominium by Matt Humphrey garage door

Upstairs Living Space

This barndominium takes full advantage of the beautiful views by putting its primary living spaces upstairs. Even the view from the bathroom is quite spectacular, with a large window situated over the attractive modern tub so that you can enjoy the view while having a soak. 

The tub is situated directly within the shower area, for a unique effect. Beautiful marble slabs are used to construct the shower area. The vein is carefully arranged to go in the same direction, making you feel as though you are in one large, beautiful stone. 

Complimentary small tiles on the floor give the effect that the bathroom space is larger than it is. The master bathroom also features his and her sinks with interesting vertical mounted lights to provide a flattering view in the large, simple mirrors. A single piece of white marble all the way across makes this a beautiful space.

The kitchen is large and has an open concept that bleeds directly into the living room. Touches like a sliding frosted glass door and beautiful hanging pendant lights add a lot of style. A big island has a bar that hangs over the edge and is the perfect place for sitting on a stool and chatting with whoever is cooking. 

Recessed lighting in the ceiling throughout the kitchen and towards the stairs offers gentle ambient light that complements the hanging lights perfectly. Charming white cabinets with subtle details complete the modern classic effect. Imitation wood floors are the perfect marriage of functionality and style. 

Downstairs Living Space 

While the downstairs living area is not as used by the residents as the upstairs area, it still packs in plenty of charm. Modern concrete floors in the bathroom, a subtle walk-in shower, and recessed lighting in the ceiling define an attractive bathroom. 

The front door has glass panels to provide a nice view, and there is a foyer area with built-in cabinetry to set down bags, hang coats, and leave shoes when you walk in the door. The staircase is situated directly in front of the door so that you can easily go up to the main living space and enjoy the views. 

The stairs have a lovely effect with the same kind of wood that is used throughout the house on the top and white framing them. Black metal handrails stay with the modern effect of the rest of the house. 


The makers of this barndominium didn’t settle for just a garage with room for cars. They built in plenty of space to store cars and other equipment, but also created a living space complete with a little upstairs loft area. 

There is a couch, a cool coffee table made of car parts, and a charming little kitchen area complete with an island, bar stools, a refrigerator, and counter space. This little bar is the perfect place to hang out and have a drink after working out at the home gym or enjoying some time working on a classic car. 

Enjoy a Unique Handsome Modern Barndominium by Matt Humphrey

This barndominium truly is unique, with a classic, modern feel throughout that is both charming and functional. The switching of the traditional living arrangement by having the kitchen, master bedroom, and living room upstairs enables you to fully enjoy the beautiful views of the countryside that this home has to offer.