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Pleima’s Perfectly Posh Iowa Barndominium

Located in the town of Bondurant, today’s featured home is a stunning 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom Iowa barndominium. A staggering 5,600 square feet of living space is accompanied by an attached 3,000 square foot two-story garage.


At first glance, most people would not think barndominium when checking out this home. An impressively large estate, this Iowa barndominium is a spacious two-story property that was masterfully designed and constructed.

Iowa Barndominium - Exterior

Opting for a trendy exterior of horizontal and vertical white siding and a contrasting black roof, Amee Pleima’s Iowa barndominium features an added touch of elegance with a natural stone border. The massive two story garage has three large garage doors.

Iowa Barndominium - Garage

The front entryway is a prelude to the impressive Iowa barndominium and is covered in large windows. A spacious covered porch area is finished in light wood, which pops against the sophisticated black trimmings found around the exterior.

Iowa Barndominium - Front Door


Mudrooms are not typically described as beautiful, but in this Iowa barndominium, there isn’t a better word. From the stark black door to the custom storage unit, exposed wood beams, and sliding barn doors, if this room is any indication regarding the rest of the home, we can’t wait to check it out!

Iowa Barndominium - Entrance

As we make our way down the hallway, we can tell that no detail was overlooked when designing and decorating this Iowa barndominium. From the exposed brick wall to the sconce hallway lighting, there are a handful of elevated decor features already spotted throughout this Iowa barndominium.

Iowa Barndominium - Hallway

The main living room is a striking area that is still exceptionally impactful despite being minimally decorated. The floor-to-ceiling fireplace area is a stunning focal point, and much life the exterior of the home features a high contrast next to the light walls and natural wood.

Iowa Barndominium - Living Room

A closer look shows off the uniqueness of the fireplace, as the open flames and gleaming stones make a statement all on their own.

Iowa Barndominium - Fireplace

The kitchen is nothing short of show-stopping! An extra large island acts as the centerpiece and offers the Pleima’s tons of space for food prep, cooking, and dining. A beautiful farmhouse-style sink and tons of storage have been incorporated into the island for added function.

Iowa Barndominium - Kitchen Island

Along the back wall, we can spot plenty of additional storage, including what appears to be a separate pantry room. Decor features, such as the handing island lights, perfectly suit what could only be described as a luxury farmhouse.

Iowa Barndominium - Kitchen

A small sitting area is tucked to the side of the room and offers a great place to have one’s morning coffee or unwind with a glass of wine at the end of the day. Surrounded by windows, this is a bright and comfortable area to enjoy.

Iowa Barndominium - Sitting Area

Though there are 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, today’s tour shows off just a few of the rooms in this Iowa barndominium. The master ensuite is an impressive owner retreat that was designed with comfort and luxury in mind. The waterfall shower head, along with dual shower heads along the back wall, is just a few of the upscale features (a copper bathtub!) incorporated in this private oasis!

Iowa Barndominium - Master Bathroom

The master walk-in closet is also a jaw-dropper! Boasting custom cabinetry, plenty of natural light, and a trendy chandelier, we can only assume the accompanying master bedroom is out-of-this-world.

Iowa Barndominium - Walk-In Closet

Not to forget about family members and guests, one of this Iowa barndominium’s guest bathrooms is confirmation that all rooms in this stunning home have been carefully curated and expertly designed. A beautiful exposed brick wall and high-end finishes make this area clean, functional, and trendy.

Iowa Barndominium - Bathroom

Despite its main purpose being for function, the laundry room in this Iowa barndominium continues to offer the style and sophistication of every other room. Bright and spacious, there is plenty of room to complete necessary tasks!

Iowa Barndominium - Laundry Room

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