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7 Unique Pole Barn Home Interiors

When it comes pole barn home interiors, the opportunities are endless. From rustic and traditional style elements to modern and contemporary designs, you can create an interior that is uniquely yours and perfectly reflects your taste.

Today, we’re featuring some of the standout pole barn home interiors we’ve seen so far. Whether you’re looking for ideas to inspire your own pole barn home or just curious about what this style of architecture can offer, these designs are sure to pique your interest.

Get Inspiration From These Unique Pole Barn Home Interiors

pole barn home interiors

1. Rustic Living Space

This living space is the perfect example of rustic interiors with some modern elements. It’s an open-concept space, with the wood-paneled walls and ceiling giving it a warm, cozy feeling. The natural lighting from the large windows adds to the inviting atmosphere of the room.

But instead of a fireplace, the room places an entertainment system in the middle. This, along with the unique granite flooring, gives it a contemporary, streamlined look.

2. Modern Farmhouse Interiors

This tiny black pole barn home goes big on modern farmhouse elements. The kitchen is a standout, with its sleek black cabinetry paired with white countertops and wooden accents. The exposed beams on the ceiling also add to the modern farmhouse aesthetic of this space. 

Instead of a full second floor, the home features a cozy loft area that overlooks the entire living space. Up there, you can find a compact theater space and a double bed separated only by a curtain.

3. Luxury White Bathroom

No, you’re not looking at a black-and-white photo! This entry is one of the more luxurious pole barn home interiors we’ve seen, with its all-white theme and luxurious amenities. It’s a spacious bathroom with a classic white tub, double vanity with white cabinetry and marble countertops, and even a white sliding barn door.

To add to the opulent aesthetic, a crystal chandelier hangs above the bathtub, and two elegant mirrors reflect the room. Of course, the only indication that this home still has barndo elements is its wooden plank flooring.

4. Industrial Open-Concept Design

Yet another proof that pole barn home designs are versatile, here is an open-concept space with industrial-style elements. The metal ceiling, brick wall, concrete floor, and spiral staircase all work together to create an industrial feel.

But the modern furniture pieces and stainless steel appliances add a touch of sophistication to the room, making it more inviting and liveable.

5. Traditional Pole Barn Home Bedroom

Today’s barn home bedrooms often have a different theme than the rest of the interior. They either resemble a typical suburban home bedroom or have sleek and modern furniture.

On the other hand, this bedroom keeps with the rest of the house’s traditional style with its vintage dresser, white wall panels, and brick accents. The ceiling trusses also give it the charm that’s often associated with farmhouses. As they say, why change something that isn’t broken?

6. Massive Metal Workshop

Many barndominiums dedicate most of their square footage to the workshop, and this one is no exception. This huge metal workshop with a high ceiling and a concrete floor is enough to house all your tools, projects, and multiple vehicles.

There is even a corner loft area accessible by a ladder for additional storage or workspace. Plus, the many lighting fixtures ensure that the space is ideal for working any time of the day. And when you’re done, you can easily retire to the living quarters via the staircase at the end of the shop.

7. Ground Floor Horse Stalls

If you’re a horse enthusiast or just want to keep your horses close by, consider transforming the entire ground floor of your pole barn home into horse stalls! This Arkansas barndominium shows how a rustic barn-style interior can be comfortable even for your four-legged friends.

The black metal doors combined with shiplap walls give the space a modern industrial look while still resembling a traditional barn. Not to mention the various amenities and comfort your horses can enjoy, like large windows for plenty of natural light and ventilation and a spacious walk area.

Final Thoughts

Now you know just how exciting it is to walk into a pole barn home. You never know what kind of pole barn home interiors you’ll find. From rustic to modern, luxurious to minimalistic, everything is possible!

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