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Benefits of Putting Solar Panels on a Barndo

When you build a barndominium, you get a lot of benefits when it comes to sustainability and conservation. Using the all-steel construction of a barndo is a great way to reduce your footprint on the environment. A passive solar barndo can take this philosophy even further and really save you a lot of money. Knowing some of the benefits of putting solar panels on a barndo is a great place to start. 

solar panels on a barndo

When you put solar panels on a barndo, you bring your sustainability up even more. By not drawing from the power grid, you are separating yourself from the pollution and destruction that comes from it. Plus, a passive solar barndo will also save you a ton of cash in the long run. To help, we have put together a list of some of the biggest benefits of putting solar panels on a barndo. 

Benefits of Putting Solar Panels on a Barndo

If you want to reap the true benefits of putting solar panels on a barndo, you have to know what they are. Building a passive solar barndo has a lot of advantages and not all of them have to do with saving money. By understanding what solar power has to offer, you can decide if it is right for you. A solid plan and a quality installation will give you years of service for your home. 

Enhances Sustainability 

Perhaps the most immediate benefit of putting solar panels on a barndo is the increased environmental benefits. Barndominiums are already incredibly sustainable and very eco-friendly. Because they don’t use timber for their frames, they are not contributing to the destruction of forest areas. Plus barndos don’t require all the maintenance and service that a timber frame home requires. 

A passive solar barndo will take this philosophy even further. By adding solar panels to a barndo, you are decreasing your carbon footprint. This makes building a barndominium with solar power one of the most eco-friendly things you can do. Living off the grid and producing your own electricity will make a big dent in pollution and deforestation problems. Plus, you don’t have to worry about all the utility construction that has to happen to hook up to the grid. 

Increases Value 

Barndominiums have a relatively high resale value, even if they don’t use solar power. As barndominiums become more popular, they are fetching even higher prices on the housing market. People who like their unique look and interesting style will be willing to pay more than it may have cost to build. A passive solar barndo will have even more to offer and can be sold for a lot more. 

When you add solar panels to a barndo, you can use this as a selling point when you put it on the market. Because solar panels will eventually pay for themselves, buyers will be more motivated to make the purchase. This means you can charge more and offer the panels as an extra benefit. If you are planning to sell your barndominium eventually, solar is the way to go. 

solar panels on a barndo

Lowers Overall Cost 

Most of the time, people are attracted to the idea of barndos because of the lower cost of building a barndominium. Barndominiums can be built in about half the time it takes to build a traditional home. Because of this, the overall construction costs are a lot lower and much more accessible to people. When you build a passive solar barndo, though, the costs are even lower over time. 

Energy costs are going up all the time and they are only going to get more expensive. Putting solar panels on a barndo is your best bet if you want to lower operating costs. The true cost of any project is determined by the expenses over time. A passive solar barndo will help you reduce them as much as possible and make your home affordable. 

Ease of Installation 

One of the major roadblocks that come up for solar installation is fitting the panels to the roof. Asphalt roofs are not nearly as well-adapted for solar panel installation as steel roofing. Even if you don’t install the panels at the time you build the structure, they will still be easier with a barndominium. There are many more anchor points and the steel will hold the panels steady and strong for many years to come. 

Many barndominium kits come with roofing materials that are perfectly sized and shaped for solar panels. This means that the panels can be incredibly low profile and won’t be noticeable. They will sit perfectly flush with the roof and only add to the curb appeal of the home. Because of this, putting solar panels on a barndo is an easy decision that can be incredibly beautiful. 

solar panels on a barndo

Better Durability

Many people are apprehensive about putting solar panels on the roof of their home, especially if they built it themselves. Asphalt roofs don’t have the same durability and strength that steel roofing has, which can be an issue.

Solar panels can deteriorate an asphalt roof much quicker and cause serious structural issues. With a passive solar barndo, though, you don’t have to worry about these problems because barndominiums are durable

When installing solar panels on an asphalt roof, they must be attached using penetrations. This can cause deterioration, leaks, and other problems down the line.

With a steel roof, though, the panels can be placed directly on the ribbing using specialized brackets. Even if you have to work on the roof of your passive solar barndo, they will be incredibly easy to take off and put back on. 


Putting solar panels on a barndo is a relatively easy project that has a lot of important benefits. Before you decide if solar is the right route for you, you should know what you stand to gain from it. With the right understanding of why a passive solar barndo is a good investment, you can successfully plan it out. Taking advantage of this eco- and wallet-friendly option can end up being one of your best design decisions. 

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