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Gorgeous Quigley Builders Barndominium in Amarillo, TX

Gorgeous Quigley Builders Barndominium in Amarillo, TX 

This stunning Quigley Builders Barndominium in Amarillo, TX covers 2300 sq ft living space and has four bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths. This barndominium in Texas is situated on acres of beautiful grassy land. It has an unassuming, simple appearance from the outside with features that make it absolutely gorgeous on the inside.

Quigley Builders Barndominium in Amarillo, TX exterior


The understated exterior of this lovely barndominium in Texas is charming and homie. It is a simple rectangular building with two large garage doors and a family home entrance with a picture window and a little patio. A simple beige and red color scheme looks very appropriate for the Texas environment, which is wide open and grassy. The little patio is wide enough to contain a few sets of patio chairs as well as some delightful porch plants outside the front door. 

spacious Quigley Builders Barndominium in Amarillo, TX

Living Area

The living area is spacious and comfortable. Artificial wood floors throughout are warm and inviting. One of the first things you’ll notice when you come in the front door is a beautiful fireplace with a mantle made of irregular-sized stones in gray, white, and tan that do a great job of pulling from the colors of the floor and the exterior of the home. 

Quigley Builders Barndominium in Amarillo, TX fireplace

The same stones are used to build the wall that is opposite the kitchen where the staircase to the upper story is located. There is a solid wood shelf over the fireplace and space in front of it for knick-knacks or pictures. 

A second-story hallway is visible from the ground floor living area and is lined with wood that matches the shelf on the fireplace mantel and lined with graceful iron bars. The high roof of the ground floor features exposed wooden beams that strike a lovely matching effect with the wooden floors. A high window lets in the light while maintaining privacy. The open staircase is also composed of very sturdy wooden beams that look very appropriate set into the stone wall. 


The spacious living area moves smoothly into an attractive kitchen with knotty alder cabinets. A large island in the center of the kitchen provides plenty of room for workspace and also has an area for bar stools for other seating. 

A cute window over the kitchen sink lets in the light and a gorgeous tile backsplash and marble countertops bring elegance to this kitchen space. The extensive cabinetry provides plenty of room for storage. Recessed lighting is built into the roof of the kitchen to provide gentle, cozy lighting. 

A sturdy gas grill is neatly hidden behind matching cabinetry and also has a matching hood. The sink is designed for efficiency, with one large sink space set into the lovely white marble countertop that has several features set into it to use as needed including a cutting board, soaking area, and drying rack. A back door is situated right next to the kitchen to allow easy access to the back of the property. 

Downstairs Bathroom

Charming sliding doors open to the ground floor bathroom. A huge shower in the bathroom has two separate shower heads coming from opposing directions and features natural tiles on the walls and ceiling and beautiful pebble-shaped tiles on the floor and in the accents. 

There are two sinks set into a spacious marble countertop with a convenient cabinet in between them and lots of storage below as well. The bathroom transitions smoothly into a walk-in closet with plenty of room for storage. The back shelf is actually a false shelf that can be opened to reveal a separate storage area. 

Upper Floor Living Area

Once you ascend the beautiful open staircase, you will find yourself on a landing that gives you a great view of the living room and kitchen. Ductwork is hidden by a charmingwooden structure that looks like exposed beams. A closet is hidden by the same slider doors that are used to hide the downstairs bathroom. 

Bedrooms are spacious, with high ceilings, interesting irregular-shaped windows, ceiling fans, and the same wooden floor extending from below. An upper-floor bathroom features an attractive angled ceiling, a good size tub, and marble countertops. A second half-bath offers a wide sink in marble countertops as well as the toilet. 

A small kitchenette area has a sink and a bar space with charming contrasting red that pulls in color from the outside. 

Garage Space

This Quigley Builders Barndominium in Amarillo, TX is clearly designed with somebody who loves their vehicles or storage space in mind. The garage area is extremely extensive, with two large doors and a high ceiling to accommodate any amount of equipment. It is brightly lit with heavy-duty light fixtures hanging down from the ceiling. Polished concrete floors are both sturdy and attractive. 

Beautiful Quigley Builders Barndominium in Amarillo, TX

This lovely Quigley Builders Barndominium in Amarillo, TX has a simple design that is attractive and unassuming and blends perfectly with the wide-open grassy area on which it is built. On the inside, however, it is very elegant, spacious, and manages to be both comfortable and impressive at the same time.

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