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5 Shouse Interior Ideas To Transform Your Home

Building a shouse is a great way to get all the custom touches you want for a fraction of the cost. A shouse is a combination of a shop and a house that is built using a metal pole barn structure. While these buildings are generally used for industrial or agricultural purposes, they can be turned into amazing homes. That’s why it’s important to get some shouse interior ideas that can take yours to the next level. 

The best way to make a shouse interior great is to make it your own. A shouse interior can be a blank canvas upon which you paint your own style and aesthetic choices. In this article, we have put together a few beautiful shouse interior ideas to get you inspired. Knowing what is possible with a setup like this will help you come up with something truly amazing. 

What to Look for in a Shouse Interior 

When putting together a shouse interior, there are a lot of things you have to consider. One of the most important is the fact that there really are no rules. However, if you are going to be comfortable, you should do your best to make sure the shouse is insulated. This can be done with traditional insulation as well as heavy curtains and furniture to make everything extremely plush. 

You should also keep in mind the fact that you most likely want to modify a shouse interior as much as possible. For most shouses, you can’t even tell that the structure is built using a metal pole barn. By really making things your own and putting your own unique twist on your shouse interior, you can create something beautiful. With the right design elements, it will be like walking into a whole different world.  

Rustic Louisiana Shouse by Nikki Gaspard

shouse interior

One of the downsides of building a home with metal and concrete is the fact that it can feel somewhat cold. The designers of this shouse interior have rectified that by using soft, organic wood everywhere. The wood paneling in this shouse interior makes it feel like home and offsets some of the less natural materials of the exterior. This, combined with the wooden pillars, makes for an extremely cozy look. 

shouse interior

The wood continues into the kitchen with this shouse interior and is dotted throughout the entire space. However, there is a slight nod to the metal building with the stainless steel appliances. This adds a nice modern touch to everything and breaks up the organic look. Having these little modern accent pieces can be incredibly effective. 

99 McCown St, Port O Connor, TX 77982

shouse interior

The designers of this shouse interior have taken the soft, homey look and made it much more contemporary. By using earth tones but in a lighter shade, this shouse interior really feels clean and comfortable. Plus, the rustic touches like the taxidermy and wood furnishings add an excellent feel. The beautiful hardwood floors and high ceilings also make for a spacious look that really breathes. 

shouse interior

The kitchen is where the personality of the owners really starts to come through. The combination of the live edge table and the rich leather stools warms up the space nicely. It also brings the slightly nautical theme into focus without being overwhelming. These kinds of subtle touches can go a long way when designing your shouse interior. 

714 County Road 4775, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482

shouse interior

Whereas some of the other shouse interior ideas in this piece direct away from the industrial feel, this one doesn’t. It still has some of the organic wood paneling that is incredibly beautiful. However, it also uses polished concrete as a nod to the modern, clean lines of the shouse itself. Polished concrete is a great, low-maintenance option for anyone who wants something different for their floors. 

shouse interior

The kitchen in this shouse interior is also incredibly modern but still maintains a rustic feel. The black countertops are an excellent touch and bring a contemporary, dark feel to everything. Perhaps the most clever addition, though, is the corrugated metal shade over the sink. This is a fantastic nod to the shouse exterior and also makes for a nice combination of rustic and contemporary, which this shouse interior does so well.  

Hunting Lodge Shouse by Tay Baronowski (Eastern Tennessee)

shouse interior

The clean, modern cabin look is incredibly popular when it comes to shouse interior ideas. This shouse interior is an excellent example with the stone fireplace and the high ceilings. Plus, the bare metal ceilings make them look even higher, which adds a lot of space and breathing room to the shouse interior. The large windows are also a great idea and bring in the natural light that is very much needed in every home. 

shouse interior

One of the most interesting things about this shouse interior is its contradictions. It combines modern and country so well, and this is very apparent with the heavy wooden pillars. These kinds of bare wood touches can make everything feel warm and homey without feeling cluttered. The antique displays are also an excellent touch and feel so welcoming and organic in this shouse interior. 

B&W Metal Shouse by Mr. Space Makers LLC (Northeast Texas)

shouse interior

An open floor plan is one of the best things you can do with your shouse interior. This shouse interior in particular is very well done and feels so roomy and inviting. It is a perfect way to make space for people when they come over and to connect the two rooms seamlessly. The dark wooden floors throughout also help to connect the spaces and make them look completely cohesive. 

shouse interior

The kitchen in this shouse interior makes great use of patterns and materials. It includes everything from wood to granite to glass and everything works to complement everything else. The variety of earth-tone colors are another excellent touch. Plus, it is all topped off with those amazing light fixtures which feel both vintage and contemporary. 


Designing your shouse interior can be an absolute joy if you know what you want. With a solid understanding of what is possible with a shouse interior, you can create an amazing look. Getting some good ideas and running with them can help you design the perfect space for you and your family. 

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