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South Mississippi Barndominium by Wendell Pruitt

Are you tired of the ever-increasing cost of traditional homes? It’s time to consider barndominiums

These barn-style homes offer spacious, customizable living spaces with a touch of country charm. And with the rising cost of homes in Mississippi, building a barndominium in Mississippi provides an affordable alternative without sacrificing style or comfort.

The average home price in Mississippi has risen annually by around 3.4%, reaching $156,113 today. This can make homeownership seem out of reach for many. But with barndominiums, homeowners can have their cake and eat it too. 

These homes offer a cost-effective and practical solution for those looking to own a home without breaking the bank.

To showcase the beauty and versatility of barndominiums, we’re thrilled to feature this South Mississippi Barndominium by Wendell Pruitt. This stunning classic gable roof barn home shows how barndominiums can offer functionality and style. 

South Mississippi Barndominium by Wendell Pruitt


Today’s feature explores the South Mississippi Barndominium by homeowner Wendell Pruitt. Even though Mississippi has extreme weather, barndos are durable structures that can last long if built correctly.

The classic gable roof evokes a rustic feel. This style of barndominium exterior, with its iconic triangular top and country charm, evokes images of sprawling farmland and wide-open spaces.

Opting for wood siding is an excellent option if you want to add a touch of warmth and a natural feel to your barndominium. With its ability to soften the industrial look of steel buildings, wooden siding is an excellent choice to make your living space feel more welcoming.

Wood, in general, is also easy to work with and can be shaped into virtually any form or size, allowing for the create distinctive patterns and designs with ease.  

The South Mississippi Barndominium features expansive decks on all sides, providing an oasis up above that offers an escape from the daily grind. 

But it’s not just about the stunning views – an upper deck space is also the idyllic place to host a summer barbecue, enjoy a quiet morning coffee, or simply soak up the sun in your private sanctuary.

Compared to traditional building methods, post-frame construction is a cost-effective building technique. Simpler designs using fewer materials reduce construction time but still create a sturdy structure.

By elevating your living space, you can protect your home from potential water damage, enjoy stunning views, create a more comfortable and healthy living environment, increase privacy, and potentially increase the value of your property. 


A classic gable barn home is not just about aesthetics – it also offers practical and functional living space. Inside, the high ceilings and open layout create a sense of spaciousness and freedom that is unmatched by traditional homes.

With its versatile design, homeowners can customize their living space to suit their needs, whether creating an open-concept living area, adding loft space for additional storage or bedrooms, or incorporating energy-efficient features to reduce utility costs.

As we explore this South Mississippi barndominium, you will notice that most of its traditional features blend seamlessly with modern amenities, creating the ideal balance between classic and contemporary living.

This combination ensures that you can experience the charm of the past while enjoying all the conveniences of modern-day living.

Living Room

With its open floor plan, high ceilings, and exposed beams, Wendell Pruitt’s South Mississippi Barndominium interior design is a signature style for most barndominiums. We understand why, as it creates an airy, spacious feel reminiscent of the building’s agricultural origins.

The design choices that make Wendell Pruitt’s home unique, however, are the details that give it its personal touches, such as the colors and patterns, rustic decor, comfortable furnishings, and placement of features that suit their style.

At the end of the day, a house is primarily a canvas, and how you design it is what gives it its individuality.

Adding a mezzanine balcony to your living area can transform your living space, significantly increasing its height and adding a sense of scale.

The natural beauty of wood instantly adds character and depth to this home’s interior, providing a rustic and cozy feel that is perfect for a country-style home.

Not only is wood aesthetically pleasing, but it is also a durable and long-lasting material that can withstand the wear and tear of daily living. 

A well-designed wooden fireplace will keep you warm on chilly nights. A fireplace isn’t just a source of warmth – it’s a gathering place for family and friends, a stylish centerpiece for your living area, and a surefire way to make your barndominium feel like a home.


Your hallways should be more than just a pathway from one room to the next. They’re an opportunity to make a stunning impression and showcase your home’s unique interior design.

Using the design elements in your interior can provide a cohesive look to even a simple hallway.

Dining Area

In its own right, the dining area is functional, which is in line with the home’s overall design. We also absolutely love the way the wooden columns enhance the raw natural beauty of the trees used.

The home is still in the construction phase, so we look forward to seeing how it turns out.


A rustic bathroom is the perfect blend of old-world charm and modern convenience. With its vintage-inspired fixtures, wood paneling, and charming barn-inspired accents, it’s like stepping into a cozy country retreat.

Tin is also a trendy barndominium design element that can provide distinctive texture and personality to your bathroom or any living space, for that matter. Used as a feature wall or a simple partition, the shiny and smooth surface of tin reflects light to create a stunning impact that is visually appealing and functional. 

Final Thoughts

The South Mississippi Barndominium by Wendell Pruitt features a classic gable barn design that provides a timeless and rustic feel that transports you to a simpler time. At the same time, the modern amenities and comforts make it a practical and comfortable living space. 

This unique combination of old and new creates a charming, inviting home that impresses everyone.

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